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  1. Still second is pretty damn good for ppl hating on guys who don't play defense. And how did you capture that as a vid. That was pretty cool.
  2. That's going to be because Manny Perry's great D. Ppl can keep hating on Cruz for not playing the field. But Ortiz, a career DHer, won a MVP
  3. Weams. Mannny has had two gruesome injuries, one to each knee. You seen the plays. He did nothing unordinary. Yes to me he is more of a risk of enduring a career ending knee injury than cruz. Ppls bodies are different. Manny could have bad cartridge. Just because he's younger means nothing.
  4. And if you want that to be the point Cruz had a better year at 33 and currently at 34 than Manny has ever put together in a single season even though some think he's a MVP caliber player. Cruz ismore of the MVP caliber player at the age of 34 than Manny is at 22
  5. That's not the point. The point was anyone could endure a season ending injury and that's not an excuse to not sign someone.
  6. Given what he did in preseason, buck would have found a way.
  7. And one was with the Os when he was on the wrong side of thirty since some of you think once someone turns thirty that they are on the decline.
  8. Why would one have to replaced? You actually think Paredes would be DH if we had Cruz. He can play second. Guess what we have two 2B on DL. Paredes could play LF or RF. Why exactly would wr not have Paredes if we still had Cruz?
  9. You asked me if it was worth the risk. And I said to me it would be if I was in that position. Obviously they didn't feel the same way.
  10. AJ could endure a career ending injury to. Why'd they pay him a handsome contract worth, what, six years. Possible injuries is not a valid argument when it could happen to anyone. When had Cruz even shown he is a possible injury waiting to happen? Manny is more of a risk and I bet they are willing to pay him big dollars when it's time.
  11. That's straight from the horse's mouth not mine. They didn't think he was worth a fourth year. Os said that not me, I'm just reiterating that.
  12. I would think having Cruz gives this team a better chance at making the playoffs than not having him. You make more money when you make the playoffs, so that to me is worth the risk of losing 14 mill on one year when I stand to gain a lot than not having him and possibly not making the playoffs.
  13. Because they are typically the ones with the highest payroll and just used to it. Like, I couldn't careless if the Yankees or anyone else's payroll was 100mil+ more than the Os. That alone wouldn't make me think they're cheap. The fact that they have the ability to get a player that definitely makes them better and they choose not to sign him because he might not be worth the final year of that contract. That's absurd to me.
  14. What makes me think they are cheap is that they didn't think a player is worth x amount of dollars for one year when he outplayed his contract before. Everyone here knows Cruz was underpaid considering what he did for the team last year. So what's wrong with POSSIBLY overpaying on one year of a 4 year deal? That makes me think they are cheap because they would rather get more out of a "cheap" player or contract rather than them being the ones that say damn, we over paid a little. Sometimes I can agree with that philosophy, others I can't. For example I would rather have gave Cruz that contr
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