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  1. Good for him. He'll get his well-deserved payday and get to play in an awesome city (though with a questionable franchise). And I'm thrilled because I was utterly convinced he'd somehow end up in New York and we'd have to watch him play us 20 times a year and resent him. Now I get to fondly remember his time here and continue to cheer his success.
  2. Yeah...that was odd to read this morning. Love Caleb, but thankful that one fell through.
  3. Very sad to hear this news. Clearly part of the fabric of Baltimore baseball, and the game writ large. He'll be missed. Thoughts and prayer are with his family and friends.
  4. I only went to about 5 of my 13 game plan last year for a variety of reasons. Usually I’ve gotten to at least 10-12. On the fence about renewing my plan because it’s really difficult to reliably make it up there from DC on a regular basis. Regardless, this year I intend to make at least 6-8, with or without the mini-plan. Also, I always take a trip to an away series with my dad (Minnesota last year), where we always get to two games. Thinking Arizona or Colorado this time around, so that’ll be a couple more games.
  5. I'd really rather not... 😪
  6. A really moving tribute, and a terrific reminder to hug our loved ones and always let them know how important they are to us. Roch - know that my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
  7. Thanks for crunching the numbers, but that’s actually pretty remarkably close...
  8. Maybe this is why we gave them all that slot money... 😂
  9. This. Was the first place my mind went to when we made this hire. (Obviously not that Sisco was the reason we hired this guy, but where we could hopefully see an impact). Hope he can coach up Chance quite a bit, as well.
  10. How much int’l money do the Phillies have left? Can is making the point that the Phillies think it has value; perhaps some does, but I can’t imagine there is value in all $6 million we have sitting around. Thus, maybe they want to spend a little money, and don’t have it available. We still have more money than we can almost certainly dream of spending in this timeframe. The money has different present values to each organization. This is a silly thread.
  11. Lot of great discussion on the topic from his prospect profile on the main board. Bottom line, if I can try to summarize and echo Frobby, is that most think it’s doubtful he can be a major league 3B.
  12. I think this is a really important point - I love the Elias hire and certainly understand the optimism about what some analytic information can do to help some of our ballplayers. But he and the new management team is not going to be able to come in and magically fix everybody. I think yours is a great point about hopefully seeing impact in the minors, as kids develop, more so than flicking a switch with some of our perennial underperformers. Bottom line: hopefully the new team is able to get the most out of guys...that clearly wasn't happening often enough under previous management.
  13. ReclaimTheCrown


    Fair enough, I appreciate the additional insight. As I said, I’m intrigued enough to see if he’s found his way and track him this year. I don’t have a ton of hope, but we’ll find out this year for sure, as another poster stated. You think they start him at AA?
  14. So with all this slot money burning a hole in our pockets, I’ve got a question for those knowledgeable of the international markets (acknowledging that there probably aren’t many of us given the Orioles neglect over the years!). So in college basketball, for example, players occasionally “re-classify”, moving up (or back) a year in eligibility to enter college. Often it is done for academic reasons, but sometimes for guys with the flexibility to do so (for example, ability to graduate early), they’ll change classes to maximize an opportunity to go somewhere they want. Is there any parallel for
  15. ReclaimTheCrown


    Thanks for the insights. And I have never seen these guys play, so you’re certainly more knowledgeable than I, but I do wonder if you aren’t writing off Reyes too soon. He continued struggling in Frederick early, but OPSed .862 and .962 in the final two full months of the season. And he played the whole season there (I get it, his third there) at age 21. He has had injuries and some alleged attitude problems, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable that he could re-emerge. Obviously he’s been stuck at Frederick forever, but I think he showed enough promise to be interesting. At least, I don’
  16. In light of how the Mesa thing played out, I think it's hard to NOT give this a resounding F, even if they sign Gaston (since, as Wildcard pointed out, they shouldn't have needed the extra cash to do that). Just a really painful missed opportunity to get greater return for one of our better assets.
  17. Hah you’re right, I was talking about Torrey. I should’ve specified that I was being picky and needed a Smith #82.
  18. I’d appreciate it so I can still wear my jersey. Never works though....I’ve been waiting on the Ravens to sign a WR/TE named Smith for years...
  19. I will miss Buck. He is intelligent and engaging. He is a decent man. He was old school, which was fun. He had shortcomings (plenty, like any of us), and made some bad decisions, some utterly critical and a few even indefensible. But he was critical in bringing winning, respectability, and general order back to baseball in Baltimore. And I’ll always remember him fondly for that. Thank you, Buck, and best of luck in your next endeavors.
  20. Opinions on Dan were certainly split here, especially toward the end of his tenure here, but I really think he did a nice job with the constraints put upon him by the organization. I’ll always appreciate the role he played in bringing winning baseball back to this organization. I would’ve liked to have seen what he could’ve done, unfettered and truly in charge, to rebuild this team. Best of luck, Dan.
  21. Thanks for posting; good write-up and will be interesting to see how he progresses.
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