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  1. I found it most enjoyable about then 😂
  2. It also mentioned that Akin is up to 70 pitches.
  3. Is this what it was like to watch Honus Wagner?
  4. Once again an impressively meager pitching matchup. 😬
  5. I think he would like Paradise. You can get the O's games on TV and radio, it's close to Philly and Lancaster and an easy drive to Baltimore.
  6. I was thinking that it was nice that he was hitting the ball somewhere.
  7. Diaz in RF, Hays CF, Santander LF, Núñez DH, Mountcastle 1B
  8. Maybe it’s metric time?
  9. These are guys hurt most by not playing, IMO. I hope they are able to play somewhere in the fall or winter.
  10. As the season goes on I assume some of the older less good players probably will be seen as unnecessary to the front office.
  11. Of course, you are running out of time if if you are 24 and in AAA.
  12. Probably a few. BTW a lot of all stars and at least one HOF guy are on that list.
  13. Another to keep on your pocket could be: All of the infielders were on on side of the field and he hit a dribbler just over the base into the outfield. By the time the fielders got to the ball he just squeaked in to second by running hard out of the box.
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