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  1. This. I can think of 100s of times last winter and spring when people on this board said exactly what Adam just said, and they would be met by a group of 5 or 6 elders on this board who basically told them they were dead wrong and they needed to stop 'trolling'. In fact I believe there was one poster who was banned (or at least he doesn't post here anymore) who talked about how the tone and momo for the upcoming season is actually set during the winter months and off season (like Adam just did). I believed he actually made an analogy to something Peyton Manning said about that, and he was called an idiot for lack of a better word. Almost all of those who talked about the bad offseason leading to a bad season have turned out to be correct. While those that talked endlessly about fangraphs, WAR, stats, etc and that Dan and the offseason was fine, were 100% wrong. Funny how that worked out.
  2. Blow the entire team up, starting with DD. What he did to this team, starting in the farm system and lasting into last off season, was a travesty. He has FAILED to restock the farm system. He has failed the entire organization with his bid to be the Pres of the Blue Jays. And he FAILED FAILED FAILED when he did not go for it this past off season and instead played Mr Cheapie (and yes a lot of that was on PA). If anyone has faith in this guy to retool this winter, when losing guys like Davis, Chen, and others is all but a certainty, after his pathetic attempt last off season? I don't know what to tell you. Get ready for some bad BAD baseball the next few years.
  3. Is it just me or does anyone else cringe when they see the words 'throwing program' or 'arm soreness' when it relates to an O's pitcher? I have next to no faith in the Os to develop a pitcher to the big league level, and even less faith in bringing a pitcher back from an injury. There is a major disconnect going on in the O's that is the cause of all this. Of that I am certain.
  4. I am not sure how or why living legend started this thread, but you have to admit, he was dead on. Psychic? Soothesayer? Amazing Kreskin?
  5. You don't half azz it like DD tried to do this year. You just don't. Last offseason this team was 4 games away from the WS. At that point you either go all in as most teams would have, and have done....(especially knowing so many players would leave after this year) or you sell your impending FA's for good value and restock. What DD chose to do was illogical. Not only did he allow the team to be weakened by not signing any of the 3 guys who left, not only did he not sign those 3 AND improve the team by going out and signing some big name guys (and yes I realize that costs money and would have required PA's blessing-but the cost of that would only have been for this year and been offset by the increased fan attendance and hopefully extended playoff run), but then he failed to realize that this team COULD NOT WIN in the playoffs and traded one of our few legit prospects for another impending FA. It made no sense. Honestly? I don't feel DD has done that much for him to be able to stay past this coming year if nothing improves. Most of the core was already here when he arrived. He did not do much there. And the farm system is imo much worse off than 3 years ago. You add in what he did last offseason with Toronto? And I would have him on a very very short leash.
  6. I think we are saying the same thing, or at least what happened this off season led us to the same conclusion-that this team may very well suffer a downturn. You say because of stats that say the players have not performed this year, and I say that those stats, that the players still on the team knew would probably not be good enough to win long term with due to the losses of key players, have led to a decrease in confidence and a down turn. I would say it's a combo of both our theories. A what came first, the chicken or the egg scenario.
  7. It's all about inner mindset. Not what you are consciously thinking at that exact moment, but your state of being. Your energy flow, either positive or negative. I cannot believe anyone who has ever played sports, serious sports, could make the statement you made above.
  8. I am absolutely convinced that many, if not most, of the people on this site who downplay chemistry, confidence, and that "it' factor, have never played organized sports of any kind. If they had, they could not possibly make those kinds of statements.
  9. Yes. Baltimore was not 12 games better than the rest of their division last year. However the very same thing that led them to a 12 game division lead is the exact same thing that is happening now, just in reverse. Baltimore had all the confidence in the world last year, and when the other teams in the East saw this, especially in Sept, they more or less gave up, while Baltimore blew up with confidence like a 14 year old boy after his first kiss. They were on top of the world. Nothing could stop them. Now? They know, deep down, that they do not have the tools to win. And they have known this since spring training. So when the heat gets turned on in late Aug and Sept, when the foot is applied to their throats by teams like Toronto and others, they caved in like a sack of potatoes. Why? Because that inner strength, the inner where with all to know that YOU ARE THE BEST TEAM OUT THERE, is not there. Some can sit here and say these are professionals, they should over come that. If anything these guys are even more prone to swings in confidence. They are playing the best of the best, and even a slight change in their belief in their own ability can have major implications. Major swings. As we are seeing this year.
  10. This is exactly, Exactly, EXACTLY what others (me?) talked about last winter. It was said that losing Miller, Cruz, and Markakis, and doing nothing to replace them, went far beyond just the numbers. It went to the swagger, the confidence, the very core of the team and it's belief that they were the best team out there. It gave hitters extreme confidence knowing that Cruz was there, ready to hit one out at anytime. No pressure. It gave pitchers confidence knowing that all they had to do was get to the 6th inning or so and the bullpen, led by Miller, was there to shut the door. No pressure. As an athlete, confidence is EVERYTHING. Not replacing these guys? It basically told the players that no matter how much they try, the FO was not going to support them in their quest for a WS title. It placed a HUGE black cloud over the season before it even began. People were poo poo'd by some on this site for suggesting such a thing. People were bashed, made to feel ingnorant. Some were even banned. Who's right now?
  11. Unless the FO does a complete 180, next year could be brutal. We are talking Phillies brutal. I don't see us signing any of our FA's, and to be honest, if you were an impending FA and saw what the FO did last winter (gave up), would you be in a hurry to sign here? I know I wouldn't. Get ready for some bad baseball. Because other than Machado and Jones, is there anyone who will be left on this team to get excited about? I sure don't see it.
  12. Sadly this is not a surprise to some. You can't lose your MVP caliber LF, your best reliever, and your steady RF and replace them with nothing and expect to be anything more than average. This is 75% on DD and 25% on PA. I give DD more of the blame because of the Toronto fiasco and his seeming inability or lack of effort in finding replacements for all that was lost over the offseason. What makes it even worse is the FO knew that this was the last year that this group of players would all be together, and instead of going for it, like 99% of most sports teams would do, they went ultra conservative. Now we are what we are. An average team at best. The fan base, and the core group of players like Jones, Wieters, Davis and others deserved better. Anyone that can possibly justify what the FO did this past off season is not living in reality imo.
  13. Boom. You nailed it. First time I can remember where a sports team of any sport or league actually regressed in the offseason after coming so close the season before. What they did this off season, KNOWING what was to take place this coming off season, was a complete and utter travesty. And anyone who tries to justify it, and their are plenty here, are imo not living in what the sports world is today.
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