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  1. Would you expect anything less from this regime?
  2. Hoping Druw Jones separates himself and becomes the undeniable pick.
  3. That’s true. Joe Mixon too. It’s all complicated, but my gut feeling is that Bauer is done.
  4. Ray Rice isn’t, and I think the biggest difference is the video. We don’t have as many details about Chapman, Osuna, and Ozuna. I think the extremely graphic nature of the accusations combined with Bauer’s history of anti-social behavior will effectively end his career.
  5. I don’t think any team will touch him. His career is over.
  6. I don’t know anything about what led up to this so out of context it does look dirty albeit badass.
  7. This life ain’t good enough
  8. joelala

    Coby Mayo

    Also true. I certainly wouldn’t disagree with him being on a list or two, and perhaps with the growing reputation of our system amongst the industry, he’ll get on one.
  9. joelala

    Coby Mayo

    I raised that question about a month ago and I think the answer could be he’ll be a similar status as Gunnar was heading into this season. Honorable mention and if he performs he’ll crack some.
  10. joelala

    Coby Mayo

    Indeed. And his hands look extremely quick and direct to the ball, too. I’ll often find myself watching his homerun clips several times in a row. There’s something mesmerizing about a swing like that.
  11. joelala

    Coby Mayo

    It looks that way to me too. He’s got a very impressive swing.
  12. Would I be cool if he becomes a star and Baltimore is the city of Lamars.
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