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  1. You might want to look at his stat line from last year. He did both...so by definition yes he is a 5 WAR + 30 home run player.
  2. If he cuts down on his walks he could be an elite pitcher. Unfortunately, we are not an organization that has any track record of teaching pitchers to do that.
  3. I love the way he plays. Heart and hustle. If he stays healthy next year, it wouldn't surprise me the least if he puts together a season very similar to Mullins had this year.
  4. To be clear, I don't want Frazier. He doesn't add anything to our team. But I do want us to spend money where it is beneficial.
  5. I said "young pitchers". Also, even if Adley turns out to be the second coming of Jesus he still will only catch 50-70% of our games. You don't walk into a Wal-Mart, purchase a package of toilet paper, and say "I hope the Waltons make a lot of profit on this!". Same applies for the Angelos' and the O's. Of all the revenue the O's get from us from ticket sales, merchandise, and watching ads; we want as much as possible to go into making the team on the field better. Putting "whoever signs for the cheapest" on the field not only ignores a critical need, but puts more of our money into t
  6. We need to put our young pitchers in the best position we can to succeed. Spending an extra million or two for a veteran catcher that can at least provide adequate defense (and better yet some mentorship) is worth every penny. Otherwise that million or two would just be sitting in the ol' Peter's bank account.
  7. Why are you so concerned about Peter Angelos' bank account? Our payroll is already stupid low and the Angelos family is putting those profit-sharing checks right in the bank. I'd rather we spend money and get quality players, and couldn't care less about Angelos' profit margins.
  8. Why does it matter if Frazier is cheap or not? Our payroll is already super low.
  9. He seemed like a fun-loving guy, so I appreciate any positive contributions he made to the clubhouse atmoshpere.
  10. I think over time, teams will start employing a pitching staff of mostly middle to long relievers, with few true traditional starters. Basically, most pitchers would be expected to pitch 2-3 innings (essentially one trip through the order). Only geniune aces would ever pitch 6-7 innings.
  11. I'd love for Bundy to come back to us...but from Dylan's perspective, why would he want to sign with us? I would guess onyl if no other team gives him an offer. He had a once-in-a-generation arm when he was younger, which is now a shell of itself because all the injuries. If I were in his shoes, I would probably have some degree of resentment/blame towards the O's for the injuries that ruined his arm. It's human nature.
  12. This fascinates me as well. I have a degree in Exercise Science and am a certified strength & conditioning specialist, so I at least have some knowledge of biomechanics and such. With all the high-speed cameras analyizing every millimeter of body movement, supercomputers performing analytics, advanced nutrition, and year-round periodized strength programs...you would think pitchers would become bulletproof. Exactly the opposite. I love the nerdy stuff that I mentioned above. Do you know what else I love? My 1993 Toyota pickup truck. On paper it is nothing special...actually quit
  13. Why? Angelos was paying the Cobb contract, not you or I.
  14. I like Norby a lot. Was a bit surprised by the K rate at Delmarva, but it was his first season of pro ball. If he gets the K rate down closer to 15% then he will be a consistent .300 hitter with damn good onbase skills. I think that ceiling is not unrealistic. Seems like a mature, patient hitter with some decent tools to go along with it.
  15. Well, nobody wants to be behind a Pinto...
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