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  1. We shall seeStay safe everyone and hope all goes well.Bye.
  2. I agree but you can't only draw for Yankee, Red Sox and giveaways. With mostly Yankee and Red Sox fans.In 2019 only three games over 25,000,not against Yankees or Red Sox and all giveaways.
  3. Like 1,000.Not sure if they are drawing like this next year that baseball in Baltimore is sustainable. 2023 lease is up.
  4. That is a touching and great post from the heart. The Orioles look better from way above.Again a fine person. Thoughts to all his family and many friends. God bless.
  5. 70 pitches in less then four innings.
  6. Ben McDonald and Scott G. are the second worst announcers I have heard this year.Nats are one.Ben McDonald has turned into Mike Bordick.See no evil,speak no evil.Also Orioles and coaches are hard working.Hurts my intelligence, the little I have
  7. Have not been on for awhile but my thoughts are with Weams.A nice person in a crazy world.
  8. And back off the internet I go.No honest discussions about things anymore.People don't even use factual data.Good luck everyone.
  9. I think I might get rid of my rotary phone by then.Maybe? Will probably still be debating.
  10. 25% of Wendy's are supposedly out of beef ,but they still have chili.Could be an old Wendy's commercial .
  11. Do you know if they are going to rebroadcast the games at a more favorable time in the EST zone? I am looking for Mr.Wright.Mike Wright.
  12. Looks like you won't see a credit for about two to four weeks on your account.
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