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  1. Lets shut the barn doors, all the animals have already left. Should have done this in the first place.
  2. So Scott, did you analyze her eyes yet?
  3. Yeah, I agree, I got a feeling that thread starter is an Alt. Back to the subject. Im old school, I do not care for the dump blondes that get hired to report the sports, or do in game interviews with the coaches and fans, because they do not know the game. If I wanted eye candy, then there are plenty of other places to archive that. But, if the female is somebody like Britt that understands the game, better than some of the males here, then she has my respect.
  4. Go to Longhorn and ask for an old fashion. LOL I use honey bourbon at home, tastes really good.
  5. I wonder if he is an alt, instead of really a new bee. Not sure, I like seeing her old job in Boston red.
  6. I agree, some just wash out, because they suck when exposed to high quality batters.
  7. Verlander was a huge risk for them. He wasnt pitching well, on a fat contract. They had an idea of what his problem was and felt they could fix him. Hindsight shows they were right, and it paid off well for them. I suspect there are many cases where this didnt happen like a team thought it would.
  8. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/08/minor-league-baseball-changes-negotiating-teams.html MLB sounds like they have won on the 120 team number.
  9. Nah, anybody worth while, they will just promote to their parent club.
  10. I wasnt even good enough for my HS team, did pretty well in rec league, but oh well. lol
  11. Personally, I didnt think too much of the 10 pitch rule. As a hitter, you are taught to keep working the pitcher and count, it tires out the pitcher and sometimes after 8-10 pitches, they make a mistake and leave one over the plate. Not every batter is able to work the count and do this, but why limited the good ones, because the bad ones, can't? Im sorry, if my smart arse response offended you.
  12. Redskins Rick


    My doctors have limited office visits for non COVID issues, but they are also doing tele doctor visits via zoom, which works pretty week. I went into and did my echo, instead of visiting the doctor directly, we zoomed the next day and he told me the results. I twisted my ankle and ended up going to Patient First, which worked out well, they x-ray the thing, and wrapped it up with an small aircast that allows me to walk.
  13. A novel approach, but almost reminds me of girls rec league softball rules. lol
  14. Im not too sold on the coaching staff. The key will be remaining healthy, and that takes on even new meaning for this season, and some players are already rumored to be opting out (not Ravens).
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