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  1. Only and only if his defense is good. Only if...
  2. Well I was actually joking when I made me comment, but your response is completely on point. But defense is a good thing for me, and Valaika doesn’t offer outstanding defense. I’m happy to keep him at this low price but I hope the Os are still looking
  3. Ask @Frobby. If he doesn’t already know, he will ten seconds after you pose the question to him.
  4. They said it was about money, so the coaches wouldn’t have to say it was because they had sucked when they were looking for other work. One guy was let go because his position was being eliminated, so whether he sucked or not was moot. But no, it wasn’t about money, at least money was a peripheral benefit.
  5. Three syllables! Points for you! But still wrong...
  6. Maybe they tried and we said no?
  7. All right, I will explain in words of few syllables: If the team is terrible there’s no reason to bring him up.
  8. In that case, yes I would agree, if he’s ready bring him up. But that would require several meaningful milestones to be met. First, our pitching has to be good, secondly our defense, regardless of how we assemble it, has to be good. Next, we have to be doing well relative to the competition. Finally, AR himself has to be wildly surpassing anything expected of him to this point. If he is merely “making progress as expected” that’s not a reason to bring him up If those things are true, then sure, bring him up. I am pretty optimistic about our pitching, but much less so about our defense, and even less so about our offense, and if one of the three things is present, that still leaves a lot that remains
  9. I hardly think 300,000 here and there is going to make any kind of dent in the budget restrictions. I don’t know why they gave Sevi 1.4, but the money difference between him and his Minimum wage alternative is peanuts.
  10. Why waste a pre-arb season on a non-contending team? Even if the Orioles are 50-30 at the half way point, do you think they’d bring him up? MAYBE. After all, Manny was brought up quite young in ‘12, but things were completely different then.
  11. On the other hand, how much trade value will Iglesias have next June? Also, the angels farm system is not loaded with prospects, I question whether any acquisitions would even break our top 30. Also, my God, we just ruined our middle infield defense again. The people on this site got to spend four or five happy hours contemplating a solid defensive in the field for next season. Now, not so much.
  12. Oh, I did not mean to suggest that we could get an elite defender for $1 million, but I do think we can get a better defender than Severino is, for less than he is getting. His defense is bad, it appears that he’s being paid for his office, and I think that is a poor purchase.
  13. I’m not sure I understand your comment. Severino is not a gold glove anything. He’s terrible. He can hit a little bit, but we need somebody with good defense for our catcher. I would happily pay $1 million for a good defensive catcher who could not hit. Severino is a bad defensive catcher who hits ok
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