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  1. It was my understanding that during the year it goes by overall record but after the season ends. It’s quite possible that I am mistaken, and happy to be corrected
  2. Rewarding to learn from these comments and from various reports and articles. So Henderson is younger but farther along and more successful. this report is only one, but it tipped the scales to Gunnar for me. I had Hall at 3, but it seems his injury is holding him back. https://prospectsworldwide.com/2021/04/17/colton-cowser-of-scouting-report-2021-mlb-draft-prospect/amp/
  3. Fair enough, given your comments I misunderstood you. There is the question of whether a quicker arrival has any bearing at all on prospect placement. After all, prospecting is just a potential, however great the potential it’s just that. Actually arriving and meaningfully producing is the goal, and the guy who can arrive sooner and meaningfully produce, Might have an edge over greater potential that is as yet unproven. Edit: that would only be a factor when two guys are very close, of course.
  4. This was shared by @Frobby Posted October 9 “Westburg is ahead of Gunnar, having had 130 PA in AA compared to Gunnar’s 17. Westburg also had the stronger performance at all three levels. I think both players start next year back in AA, but Westburg could move quickly to AAA after 1-2 months if he has a good start at Bowie. Henderson I think will spend most of the year in AA but could spend the last 1/3 season in AAA if things go well.” I was surprised too, given the enthusiasm about Gunnar.
  5. I’m doing some serious research before voting. ATM, I have Westburg over Gunnar, but haven’t decided on this choice yet.
  6. Rats. I had good reasons for Hall, and they were all wrong.
  7. At the moment the waiver order still goes by league, so the Diamondbacks had priority. After the season waiver priority no longer goes by league but record, So we will have first crack. Regardless there’s probably going to be 20 worthwhile guys made available. And we will have first crack at all of them, so don’t worry about losing any one guy
  8. Of course. I’m surprised he hasn’t already.
  9. OK, well concerns about his strike out rate been dealt with For the time being, and He’s not going to be Marks Trumbo or Reynolds. Now let’s work on his defense…
  10. Well they extrapolated out to 156 Strikeouts in 162Games and I just figured what percentage of 600 is 156, assuming 600 at bats in 162 games
  11. “The report says Mayo struggles with consistent contact and is a big swinger that strikes out a good amount, and the statistics suggest as much. Playing 27 games - exactly one-sixth of a big-league season - Mayo struck out 26 times, a 156-whiff pace for 162 games. Considering that that came against Single-A pitching, contact will assuredly be a point the Orioles stress in his development.” Math isn’t my strong point but figuring 600 ABs, that’s about 25% K rate.
  12. I just read the CC write up on Mayo, and although it was enthusiastic, it complained about a high K-rate and lousy defense… so I’m back to Hall. Probably wrong, though…
  13. I don’t know enough about Mayo but now I want to change my vote. poop.
  14. I went with Hall. He’s had some problems but they aren’t dealbreakers, and who doesn’t want a fantastic pitcher? And who needs one more than we do? however, I think Tony will have Cowser at 3 ans Gunnar at 4
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