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  1. Hopefully they develop some way to fix the check swing calls. Seems to be one of, if not the most, inconsistently called things in baseball. I personally don't think this being called correctly would've changed the outcome of the game though I'm sure Giants fans are going to convince themselves otherwise as all fans would.
  2. Has Blood been wrong about any of the players he's gushed about? Seems like he was right on at every step of the way this year in terms of how they performed. Now, he's probably just relaying information that he's been given by the actual scouts and coaches in the organization, but they've been right. It's not like he's sitting there saying Caydn Grenier is going to be an above average everyday SS. Most of what he's said is these guys that we drafted high and are pretty highly regarded nationally are great and keep an eye out for these more unheralded guys (Ortiz, Stowers, Mayo etc) even thoug
  3. Ok, I'll bite....What makes a young SS firmly in his prime, coming off a 7 WAR season more of a risk than a 30 year old corner OF? Even if you could give a satisfactory answer to that, you also aren't looking at the current situation with this roster. The Orioles actually have the 5th highest OF/DH wRC+ in all of baseball. They also have the third most OF/DH HR in all of baseball. They have another potential 20-30 HR OF knocking on the door as well as two other blue chip OF prospects who could move fast. They need to be prioritizing above average defensive infielders with pop. Bryant isn't tha
  4. Carlos Correa is younger and is having his best season in five years. If the Orioles are throwing around money he is the only player that makes sense. That's an assumption. Not even close to a certainty. He's not even that player this year and he's about to be 30. His defensive capabilities are declining and him moving to corner OF, which is where he belongs at this point, is going to put immense pressure on his bat to reach a 3.5-4 WAR level. That's a huge gamble and one that makes literally no sense for the O's to make.
  5. Kris Bryant would be the worst signing out of any of them big names out there. Why on Earth would the O's commit 150+ mil to a guy who already has practically no defensive value and is declining at the plate as well? The O's should be targeting guys who can play SS for the near future and who will have the bat/athleticism to play third as they age. Bryant is already a corner OF.....
  6. Well that's because they want to have as many cheap, controllable options as possible to suppress their payroll. The Orioles will want that as well but I think they will have much more flexibility there. The key for Elias will be deciding what prospects he trades. Houston gave up what looked like a haul for Verlander but at this point it looks like a steal.
  7. They can be combined. The Rays do everything they can to keep their player's salaries as low as possible. I think the Orioles may trade some players as their salaries rise but they can also support a payroll that's higher than 26th in baseball when the talent arrives.
  8. This is the first good one I've seen in a while. Would be an upgrade and will be cheap. Could do better/could do worse.
  9. The O's had no business losing that game Friday night and it may have saved their shot at the #1 pick. Texas may actually be worse than the Orioles so today's game is big. Arizona picked up a huge unexpected W last night but will probably drop one day and get swept @ SF. With the injuries we've picked up recently I don't see how we win more than 1 of the final 6 games. Could come down to how Arizona does against a mediocre Rockies team. With all that being said, I'd much prefer to ruin Boston or Toronto's chances.
  10. I tend to think the FO is not overly concerned with what they see in the first 30ish games from their new draftees. Many of the 2019 draft picks had pretty mediocre to poor debuts and have dramatically improved at the higher levels. All of the healthy 2020 draft picks had good showings in 2021 too. Not to say Cowser had a bad debut in any way but I trust the FO to put him in a position to maximize his power potential as he progresses.
  11. Most likely still won't be the last Rays pitcher we claim.
  12. Get used to this. The O's are going to keep roster spots open to pick up these type of guys that are cut sooner than an average team probably would. Looking at Tampa specifically. A rule 5 guy or two is all but guaranteed as well.
  13. The O's OF/DH have the 4th highest wRC+ and the most home runs in all of baseball. Hays' second half is a huge part of that. Add Adley and Stowers and any sort of upgrade to the infield and the O's offense may surprise next year. Just ignore the pitching...... https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders/splits-leaderboards?splitArr=40,39,38,41&splitArrPitch=&position=B&autoPt=false&splitTeams=false&statType=team&statgroup=2&startDate=2021-03-01&endDate=2021-11-01&players=&filter=&groupBy=season&sort=15,1
  14. Did the alternate site? Seems like you can interpret it however you'd like. The prevailing opinion from those in the industry was that the alt site was better than nothing but in no way was a substitute for a 100+ game season against your peers.
  15. In what way are any of those things "dangerous"? You don't explain at all. If anything, the talent gap between established ML players and younger guys in the minors has never been larger. I highly, highly doubt we'll see contenders/hopeful contenders start to aggressively promote 19-20 year olds with little upper minors experience. Those teams are competing for playoff spots and a large chunk of those prospects will be below replacement level at those ages.
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