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  1. Just saw that he has minor league options left. Could be insurance for Fry/Scott but could also just be a replacement for Armstrong in Norfolk.
  2. Just claimed LH reliever Ryan Hartman from Houston. Originally drafted by Elias and co. Seems pretty obvious that they are expecting one of Fry and Scott to be gone.
  3. Blue Jays must not be nearly as high on Martin which is very interesting. He has practically no power and his terrible at short but still has elite discipline and good bat to ball skills. This is very shocking. Woods-Richardson would've been a fantastic get on his own.
  4. Well they also decided to give Corbin a big deal. Have no idea why they wanted him over Turner if they indeed do not re-sign him.
  5. Letting Turner go to LA is a huge risk imo. That's a guy they should be planning to break the bank for. Now that he's showing more power I think it's fair to say he's a 5 tool player.
  6. Griffin Conine is in no way an "elite" prospect but the fact that they gave him up for Villar is insane. They've been so good at drafting/signing international players recently but some trades have been questionable for sure.
  7. I'd like to see them more modeled after the Cardinals which Elias has mentioned in the past. I don't think they'll operate with that payroll year in year out, but I think it will be higher than Oakland and Tampa's.
  8. Do you think the front office believed they weren't taking their top available player? I don't. I also don't think what's happening with Lawlar and Watson and even House right now should be discounted.
  9. Guy is almost identical to Fry and brought back the Sox #23 prospect. However, Tepera is a rental and Fry obviously is not. Given the White Sox were in on Fry, we can safely assume the Os are asking for more than what the Cubs got. And rightfully so
  10. I wonder what the Orioles would be able to get for Sulser. Aside from his walk rate, advanced metrics are very kind to him. Mancini getting hot right now probably complicates things as does Mullins not slowing down. I know those who would be very critical about trading Mullins would not be so kind to the FO if he never reaches this level again. Bottom line, being a GM is very, very hard.
  11. Bingo. They definitely aren't done and the best thing for us is to have them do all of this to fail in October again. I'd like to see Tampa get Scherzer for a big haul but it doesn't seem like that will happen even if they were willing.
  12. TBH, you hardly ever hear these guys talk badly about any of these deals. The only one I can remember being a consensus bad deal was the Arenado trade. The Yankees arguably have the best player development team in the league. This season their org ranked jumped solely because there was actually a season to showcase their guys. I think they have a very good read on their prospects and I'd bank on none of these guys being more than average/slightly above average regulars when they reach the bigs. That being said, as CoC mentioned, this is a move that doesn't push them over the edge imo. Giving
  13. They were either screwing with Boston or saw tools they could work with. The guy is totally helpless against breaking balls.
  14. They've had the hardest schedule in baseball so far. I think if they had more stretches like this one their record would be a few games better.
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