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  1. If we're going to have young pitching, job one in the off season is acquiring players that catch the ball. We gave them five outs.
  2. I thought Eddie hit a Grand Slam in the 8th when I saw it live. I still can't believe we lost that series. I will always cringe when I hear We Are Family.
  3. As it appears that both Davis and Trumbo will be on the opening day roster, would it make sense to option Mancini to AAA? This is not ideal, but the more at bats they get the sooner one or both could be traded (Trumbo only) or released. Just an idea.
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    Top Five

    Palmer is number one. The Orioles as an elite franchise begin and end with his career. He was on all three championship teams. The rest of my list is Brooks, Cal, Eddie, and Frank. Frank was the best player that ever appeared as an Oriole.
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