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  1. Santander would be a really fun trade piece. Up in the air if it'd be the best move for the Orioles, but i'd certainly consider moving him to Cleveland for Plesac or a similar pitcher
  2. I'd move what I can from expiring FA"s for any form of young talent. For players like relievers (i.e Givens) i'm cool with rolling dices on high school players. For someone like Severino, I want A/AA/AAA guys with a future (even if it's not the brightest)
  3. Sure, why not? Swap one of our guys that isn't working well at all for him. I don't mind shuffling the chairs like this if it's for someone who has exhibited strength with the bat previously.
  4. Anthony Santander- 25 years old, not a free agent until 2025, leading the AL in RBIs while playing +defense. (in a tiny sample size) Renato Nunez- 26 years old, not a free agent until 2025, coming off a 31-homer season, currently has a 133 OPS+ (in a small sample size, OPS'ed .771 last season and was worth less than 1 win despite 31 HR and 91 RBI's) Austin Hays I just don't think is the best possible outcome for the field, but i'll happily be proven wrong. Mancini likely gets moved.
  5. DH not in org 1B Mountcastle LF not in org CF not in org RF Diaz Hope this helps
  6. Our guys suck and have no value..... but also this team can be really surprising and make the playoffs!
  7. Elias is supposed to do as such (this was one of the main appeals to him as a GM) but whenever a decent gamble comes up (such as Foltynewicz even with an abysmal drop in velo) the topic of the thread will be if the 2.3 million spent on him could cause severe issues for the organization, or something.
  8. If there wasn't a market for him, just..... keep him? You have control for that year? Move him to a team in the next season when spaces open up due to injury/regression/further trades. It's better than trading away anyone with a pulse to avoid paying the heavy weight of a 8.2 million dollar contract. I have no issue with the reality of baseball teams: they are here to make money. I have a severe issue when it's believed that making money means maximizing profits at every turn. The justification of trading Villar, their best player, who was slated to make less than 9 million, as a money m
  9. When you get a pitcher playing in the GCL at 22 years of age for a 3.9 WAR infielder im tempted to say without needing results that it's a bad trade, for example. I get that he was projected to make a lot in arb (and by a lot a whole 8.2 million, crazy!) but I find it tough to believe the market was that cold.
  10. The idea isn't that they can't eat it, it's that it's much more appealing to not add a contract of that magnitude. I'd pay it in full if it meant getting a top-5 in the pool prospect
  11. Because Elias's return on trades so far at the moment has not been the most spectacular (not saying that we had a lot of value either) so it's quite possible we just traded Bleier for absolutely nothing
  12. Sure, why not? I'd prefer picking him up over another mid 30's who tops out 89
  13. I hope that when they get absolutely shit all for Bleier we revisit this to note that we made an already shit team worse for no real reason
  14. If you wait for every player to have no discernible issues whatsoever the Orioles may be ready come 2030. This is also invalidated by every player above him arguably being no better.
  15. This is true, completely disregarded pitchers. He'd still be the second best player by a preeeeety large margin.
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