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  1. And this unwillingness to take a chance will slow the Orioles down from pulling out of this death spiral rebuild.
  2. I’m pretty sure weren’t in flip mode when signed those guys. But rather overpay to win now mode ( except for Roberts who was an ownership favorite). So let me get this straight CoC, you are against taking on contracts of good players to enjoy now and flip later for prospects when the time is right?
  3. Because he is highly effective late inning lefty and they are hard to find. Why is there something wrong with resigning a really good player that has done a lot for you and has a lot left in the tank?? Would you guys prefer us to purposely field the worst team we can but still reserve the right to complain about it. Building through the draft is very hit or miss and there are many more misses. The international guys won’t be in the MLB for 5 more years or so. So you can sign quality guys enjoy them while you can and then flip them for prospects when their value is high. The Oakland A’s do this all the time and so do the Rays. For whatever reason we are unwilling to do it. I vote for being able to watch a better baseball product while reserving hope for a better trade return when the time is right and not when we are desperate.
  4. It would be filling a hole with a high quality player that you all incessantly complain about while reserving the right to trade him in the future on the high for some real prospects. Sounds like a win for me. Unless you guys like to complain and find ways for the O’s to save $$$$ for nothing.
  5. The fact of matter is there isn’t a lot of pitching talent on the team this year and there probably won’t be much next year either. The O’s have given away far more pitching talent than we have ever acquired via trade or free agency. It has always been and will continue to be very frustrating to me to watch guys that we had in our system punish us for years while we fail to effectively replace them.
  6. Ah Ah of course I do. And we would have one less reason to complain about our poor pitching while still being able to trade him for something more than the non usable players we got from NY. He is worth more than NY is paying him right now so yes it would have been a savings with a potential of a much better trade return.
  7. That’s why you resign him at a savings instead of trading on the low
  8. It’s not that the O’s traded him. It’s that we are talking about finding guys just like him (homegrown reliable pitchers). Yet we gave this one away to a hated division rival for nothing while we still have the endless discussion of “but maybe the answer is hidden in Bowie”.
  9. Doesn’t hurt any less when we are talking how bad and unreliable our current staff is while he beats us up again as a member of the MFNYY.
  10. It would be nice if we could develop a good left hander with a world class sinker we could insert in high leverage situations at the end of games. Oh wait that guy was traded for nothing and pitched against us yesterday 😥
  11. The issue is you have had 14 players test positive in 24 hours. How many more are infected and will test positive in the coming days? The right thing to do is quarantine everyone that was in that clubhouse for 2 weeks. You can’t bring in new guys to a possibly infected clubhouse, it is simply irresponsible. No one wants to admit this because it very possibly spells the end to the season.
  12. I still think we should have traded Means in the offseason when his trade value was highest.
  13. The 2005 nhl draft was a lottery selection based on recent playoff appearances and #1 draft picks. So if you didn’t make the playoffs because you were bad but weren’t so bad to get the #1 pick, you had a good chance at landing #1. I only remember because I can’t stand Crosby or the Penguins and I still feel this system was setup to benefit them as a franchise. (Likewise it wouldn’t surprise me if MLB tried to handicap it towards a team like the red Sox or Yankees). I also believe it was a serpentine draft which means if you picked #1 you wouldn’t get another pick until the end of the second round. For the record this format would almost certainly not work for MLB as #1 picks never immediately make an effect on the MLB team.
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