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Opening day in Detroit. Funny Stuff

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Game Three 4/08/12


Nick Punto - 3B

Jacoby Ellsbury - CF

Dustin Pedroia - 2B

Adrian Gonzalez - 1B

David Ortiz - DH

Darnell McDonald - LF

Ryan Sweeney - RF

Mike Aviles - SS

Kelly Shoppach - C

Clay Buchholz - RHP (6-3, 3.48 ERA)


Austin Jackson - CF

2. Brennan Boesch - RF

3. Miguel Cabrera - 3B

Prince Fielder - 1B

Delmon Young - DH

Alex Avila - C

Jhonny Peralta - SS

Andy Dirks - LF

Ryan Raburn - 2B

Max Scherzer - RHP (15-9, 4.43 ERA)

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I was following the game during dinner much to my Wife's frustration and burst out laughing in the restaurant when I saw Avila hit the HR

I turned the game off when the Red Sox went up 12-10 in the top pf the 11th.

I totally suck.

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Nothing would be better than to see this whole season blow up on the Sox, their fans, and Valentine. It couldn't happen to better people.

Well...if Valentine keeps "managing" like he has been, then I'm sure it will. The Red Sox are up 2 runs in the top of the 9th, runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs, and his idiocy kills the team. You do not bunt Aviles with Shoppach and Punto coming up. Mind you, they did get a run on a 2-out infield single, but that does not excuse that decision. That NL mindset is going to be the downfall of that team. Well...that and the pitching.

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    • It’s pretty hard to find good comps for Mancini, and I’d say his offensive performance in 2022 will have a lot of influence on his future value.   Mancini has a career OPS+ of 115.  Last year Kyle Schwarber was coming off a very bad 2020 (88 OPS+) but got a 1/$10 mm contract based on his career 113 OPS+.   This year he put up 148 OPS+ but in 113 games.   I’m hearing he may get 3/$60 mm.    David Peralta had a 115 OPS+ through 2019, when he signed an extension for 3/$22 mm.   He was a little older than Mancini; the extension covered his ages 32-34 seasons.  Mancini will be 30 this year.    Then you have a guy like Wil Myers who had a 110 OPS+ through 2016 including 115 OPS+ that year, and signed for 6/$83 mm including $22.5 mm/yr for three FA years.    Mark Trumbo had a career 113 OPS+ and was coming off his 47 homer, 122 OPS+ campaign when he signed for 3/$37.5 mm with the O’s.   Not clear he could have got close to that elsewhere.   Long and short, Mancini is in a sort of in-betweenish spot, and how he does in 2022 will matter a lot to his FA value.       
    • I honestly don't think the ravens win another game this season. Cleveland is coming off a bye and hasn't had to watch film on another team in three weeks. The Packers are on bye this week, will be well rested and will be seeing a secondary without 3 of its top 4 players. The Bengals barring a serious Burrow injury are playing well, with an elite level of offense, loss this week not withstanding. The Rams are pretty stacked and healthy. Maybe the ravens can get the steelers at home but I seriously doubt it.  At the end of the season they may be running out some players who weren't even in the league last week with the rate of their injuries.
    • It’s really hard for me to see a path to the playoffs right now.     I know things happen and they probably only need 2 more wins but no Humphrey vs what we have left is devastating.  I know it seems like he has been down this year but he really has played well overall and the secondary depth is just decimated.
    • It is hard to believe that Lamar was being talked about as an MVP candidate for a few weeks this season. He is playing terrible right now and has been for awhile, his numbers on the season as a whole aren't impressive either. He's only thrown for more than 1 TD in 2 games. I think if it weren't for that huge 2nd half against the Colts backup DBs the storyline for most of the season would've been whats wrong with Lamar? Take out the Colts game and these are some of his stats for the season, pretty bad. 11 TDs 12 INTs 61.07% completion  
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