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1st RD - Caps vs. Bruins

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    • He’s been working auto with his nephew and Lamar Jackson. I read that he’s lobbied Lamar and is looking for a chance to play with Hollywood.   Would the Ravens do it?   Could his nephew keep him in check?   Would he agree to a contract with little or no guaranteed money?   Would the NFL allow him back after a short suspension?
    • It's a problem.  You can't flip a switch and suddenly be cool.  The closest I can get my kids to watch a baseball game is Youtube highlights.  Or physically take them to OPACY.  But they won't watch a whole game of anything, even a two-hour soccer match, and they're good soccer players who love to wear their favorite team's gear.
    • Jim Traber had a .949 OPS in his first five weeks in the majors in '86.  Outside of that his MLB OPS was about .550. He hit about .150 in Earl's last forgettable month as a major league manager.
    • Dave Johnson was just good enough at exactly the right moment in '89.  People say Pete Rose got more out of his talent than anyone else.  But Johnson threw about 83 mph.  He had nothin'.  If a 29-year old version of Johnson showed up to Orioles spring training this year you'd check Elias' sanity.  He had 26 strikeouts in 89 innings.  And he started the most important game of the 1989 Major League season and almost won the thing. In his MLB career base stealers were 4-for-17 off him.
    • As I've seen the White House has no plan.  We can't even make a decision on getting an aircraft carrier with 70 sailors onboard that have COVID 19 off a ship with 5,000+ sailors in non-wartime.  Or sending potentially contaminated recruits to boot camp, ala Marines and Army.   Basically, because there is no national leadership, it is state by state which as you pointed out is going to prolong this process.  Seems the doctors want to see a downward movement in cases as concern is overloading hospitals, as we have very little ventilators. 
    • I was speaking more to proximity being for Eastern League as the only two teams further south than Harrisburg is Bowie and Richmond, which is allegedly a reason for downsizing in an effort to decrease travel distances.  Potomac is no more, that team moved to Fredericksburg.  And I'm assuming Wilmington will remain a franchise in Carolina League due to politics, as Frederick is a better stadium IMO and draws better crowds.  Therefore, I expect Aberdeen to be the A franchise in the Carolina league for us if this contraction does actually occur of MiLB.
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