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vs. RED SOX, 4/17

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Trivia?.name the 4 Orioles who combined for a no-hitter in 1991 (no cheating).

Milacki, Flanagan, ???, and Olson?

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They really want to speed these Red Sox games up don't they.

It's really pathetic how the MLB acted as if it was a league wide issue and no one called them on it. It's the Red Sox and Yankees.

Every. Single. Time.

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The slide looked OK to me. AJ's on the CD double play was almost exactly the same, and I have seen Pearce do much much much much worse.

Yes. Pearce had a dirty slide against the Yankees last year. Jones doesn't do rollout slides. He'll slide straight into the player off the bag, which is find if you can touch the bag. That's not what Sandoval did.

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