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vs. YANKEES, 6/13

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Who are the Yankee's playing tonight? Haven't heard the announcers mention them.....hmmmmm

Yeah it's like these guys have forgotten who won the division last year. I mean I got the lack of respect when we weren't good but we've had a better record the past three years.

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    • Unfortunately we're going through this shakeout period with regards to streaming and everyone thinks you're going to pay $10, $20, $50, $80 a month for their service.  But most people are going to pick a few that best suit them and just say no to all the others.  No, I'm not changing everything around and paying more just to get the one with MASN.  But I would definitely pay $15 or whatever a month to watch just the O's.
    • Some more precise numbers from Jon Meoli at The Sun on the mid-range Dominican players. I believe it is still policy not to announce the signing bonuses of Venezuelan players due to unrest in that country. 
    • That makes sense for all involved. Looking forward to seeing a healthy Trey next season on the field.
    • Orioles sign 17 International Free Agents Per Melewski: https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2021/01/basallo-and-hernandez-head-up-os-international-class.html "The Orioles today announced a signing class of 17 international amateurs, including the club’s first two players signed for seven figures. Per industry sources, the club has contract agreements with catcher Samuel Basallo from the Dominican Republic for $1.3 million and with Venezuelan shortstop Maikol Hernández for $1.2 million. The Orioles announced that 11 more from this group are six-figure agreements. Of the 17 agreements, 13 are from the Dominican Republic and four are from Venezuela   Catcher Samuel Basallo, L/R, 16, Dominican Republic Basallo, once linked to the New York Yankees, got the largest signing bonus ever given to an international amateur by the Orioles. Basallo, who turned 16 on Aug. 13, has plus arm strength and some solid raw power. Some scouts have put a 60 grade on his arm. At 6-foot-3 and 198 lbs., it’s possible he could outgrow the catcher position. Shortstop Maikol Hernández, R/R, 17, Venezuela At 6-foot-4 and 175 lbs., Hernández has several impressive tools with a strong arm and power. He’s drawn some comparisons to bigger shortstops at young ages like Carlos Correa and Manny Machado. He was previously linked to St. Louis and Pittsburgh. Six players, per industry sources, signed with the Orioles for bonuses between $300,000 and $400,000. Here is that group: Outfielder Wilmer Feliciano, L/R, 16, Dominican Republic He is a lefty batter with some solid raw power and it is believed got the third-highest bonus among this group. Shortstop Victor Celedonio, S/R, 17, Dominican Republic A switch-hitter, it is believed he got the fourth-highest signing bonus in this class. Outfielder Teudis Cortorreal, L/L, 17, Dominican Republic A lefty batter who is a center field prospect. Shortstop Eruviel Castillo, R/R, 17 Dominican Republic Shortstop Anderson De Los Santos, R/R, 17, Dominican Republic Catcher Yasmil Bucce, L/R, 16, Venezuela The following players signed six-figure bonuses, believed to range between $100,000 and $225,000. Catcher Aneudis Mordán, R/R, 16, Dominican Republic Shortstop Angel Tejada, R/R, 16, Dominican Republic Center fielder Junior Lara, L/L, 16, Dominican Republic Left-hander Deivy Cruz, L/L, 16, Dominican Republic Center fielder Ángel Peña, L/R, 16, Dominican Republic These four signings round out this class. Outfielder Héctor Jiménez, R/R, 16, Dominican Republic Left-hander Elvis Polanco, L/L, 17, Dominican Republic Catcher Carlos Rodríguez, R/R, 17, Venezuela Outfielder Grabiel Salazar, R/R, 19, Venezuela"
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