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vs. MARINERS, 9/21

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1 minute ago, scOtt said:

Seems like all the Orioles pitchers can't throw strikes tonight. Especially strike ONE.

It just occurred to me that it would speed up baseball games a lot and encourage a return to more manufactured runs (as opposed to homers) if they allowed only two strikes instead of three.

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Every inning now, top or bottom, there are lots of baserunners and a SNAIL'S pace to the game.



Still can say pitcher's duel, my FAVORITE! "EVERY pitch matters."

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    • I am working, but I sneak a look, and things are not getting any better. I think I’m gonna focus on work for a little while.
    • Would be nice to see him finish on a high note.  He has great stuff.  I think we will see a good bit of him next year.  
    • Aand already 1-0 Toronto. I think the folks who had Lopez pegged for next year’s Five may want to hold their horses a bit.
    • I hope Hays can learn to stop diving a balls 2-3' away from him that he has no chance of catching.  Its great he plays all out, but hes a liability to his own future. 
    • I appreciate you filling in the lineups, the only reason I posted the game thread was because nobody else had, And after a few minutes on my iPhone the site freezes and I have to reload and I lose everything I’ve typed, so I have to be quick. If you’re old enough to remember the bird, and you are very old indeed, I remember him too. One of those one-year wonders like Joe Charboneau.
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