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What do you want from this rebuild?

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4 minutes ago, Redskins Rick said:

If we had a winning team, then what would people in OH have to gripe and complain about? :)

It took too long

If the front office wasn't stupid, we'd be even better

If the front office would spend money, we'd have won it all

Ownership is more worried about their yacht payments than my fan enjoyment

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4 hours ago, DrungoHazewood said:

A self-sustaining competitor. A team that most years has the pipeline of talent to contend without having to sign a bunch of free agents.  

This.  Plus, I want to like the team.  I want the team to treat players, fans and staff well, when possible and when they deserve it. 

Okay, I want to win, forget the be decent to people part.

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55 minutes ago, NCRaven said:

This.  Plus, I want to like the team.  I want the team to treat players, fans and staff well, when possible and when they deserve it. 

Okay, I want to win, forget the be decent to people part.

I'm a fan of English soccer team Tottenham Hotspur.  Until two weeks ago they were managed by Mauricio Pochettino, who had an almost cult-like following among the players and fans.  They loved him.  Multiple players publicly said they'd spurn $100M deals from the biggest clubs in the world to stay for The Gaffer.  He's just a really good guy, and attracted really good people for the team. 

They had a bad run.  The team fired Pochettino.  They replaced him with kind of a suave Billy Martin, in José Mourinho.  He speaks in the third person. He blames all failings on his players or the refs or the gods or something.  When he managed other clubs you'd root against him just because.  You know that within a couple years something will go terribly wrong and he'll get the axe.  But they might win two or three trophies before he burns it all down.

I'm still rooting for the team.  It's fine.

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An organization that drafts well and signs quality international free agents.

An organization with top 5-10 player development.

People I genuinely like, who are in it for each other and for the fans.

A willingness to re-sign our expensive players and attract others, through trade or FA.

The winning will follow.

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36 minutes ago, DrungoHazewood said:

I'm a fan of English soccer team Tottenham Hotspur. 

Why were the Tottenham Hotspurs so hot?  Courage!

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4 hours ago, Larry18 said:

World Series victory 

I'm 48.  Let's say I have 30 years left, for the sake of argument.  If the Orioles have a 1/30 shot at winning it all each year (if I picked the correct probability calculator) that means there's about a 64% chance of the Orioles winning the World Series in my lifetime.  Or a 36% chance that they don't.

If you think their annual shot is only half that, or 1/60, then the chances fall to 40/60 against.

Reality will be more complicated, because there will probably be at least a few years where their odds are 10% or 15% or even higher.  And years like 2020 where the odds are essentially zero.

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    • Just to add a few more data points to the discussion... Britton was nearly as good in 2014 as he was in 2016. Again he was used in different situations against KC, with mixed results... ACLS Game 1 away Britton pitches 9th of a 5-5 tie. O'Day enters to finish 9th and loses game in the 10th. Game 2 Away Tied 4-4 in the 8th, Miller faces two and O'Day one. O'Day gives up a single to start the ninth. Britton relieves and gives up two hits, allowing the two winning (losing) runs. Season totals: Britton 37 saves, 1.65 ERA. Miller 1.35 as an Oriole. O'Day 1.70. S**t happens. And as an Oriole fan, more times than is pleasant to remember. But hey, with time on our hands... Here's another from the archives: 1989, Sept. 29 in Toronto. O's need to win the next 2 games. Closer Gregg Olson (27 saves, 1.69) relieves Ballard in bottom of the 8th to protect a 1-0 lead, yields a steal, advance to third, and tying run on wild pitch. Olson stays in for the 9th and 10th. Williamson comes on in the 11th and loses the game. 1973 Bob Reynolds 9 Sv, 1.95, Grant Jackson 9 Sv, 1.90 ACLS game 3 in Oakland. Weaver leaves in Cuellar, despite yielding tying run in 8th, into the 11th when Campeneris homers to win it for the A's. Unused in the bullpen are Reynolds (1.95) and Jackson (1.90). But I guess Weaver was saving them for the next game, when the duo combined for 7.1 innings of 1-run relief in a 5-4 Orioles comeback win. (In between, though, with the score tied 4-4 in the 7th, Weaver risked Eddie Watt for two batters). (BTW I was at that game, and predicted the heroics by Etchebarren and Jackson, though I thought it would be Reggie, LOL).
    • I would just like to go to the store without worrying that everyone there is a potential person who will kill me.  
    • Kinda strange to say one of the least frequent posters on this board overvalues baseball. Did I suggest schools and restaurants are less important than baseball? No, that was your embellishment. We’re going to see tens of thousands of Americans die in the next two months. It’s going to be brutal. When we’re on the other side, the country will need to heal. Baseball has a part to play and in order to do that they need to make preparations. I don’t think it’s out of touch to care about and plan for what happens after the worst is behind us. I don’t expect that anyone is going to be particularly excited about playing games in empty stadiums. But it’s a first step. And it allows the game to be fully ready when medical advances allow the crowds to return. And that goes for the minor leagues too. On the other side of the surge the country will desperately need to get back to work. And that includes professional baseball. And eventually all the jobs it supports. And we’ll need the diversion. It’s a lousy plan, but I think better than the alternative, which is no plan. Just waiting, hoping, and losing time. I’m not surprised that people disagree. Particularly at this point in time. 
    • I’ve read most of the article, and it seems that there’s a desire to contract the minor league teams and remove the total number of players a team has in the system. The team likes it because it’s cheaper, and the players like it because older guys won’t be pressured by up-and-coming prospects, and can last an extra year or two in the majors. That implies overall quality will go down because there just won’t be as many prospects pushing for spots. I dislike all of this.
    • From what I read before they reached the accord they were talking about only giving undrafted guys a max of 10K.  That would pretty much force kids to college.
    • Presumably they would become non-drafted free agents and might be able to sign for more money than they would have gotten as a fifth round pick--unless MLB puts some restriction on how much teams can spend to sign non-drafted free agents.    Maybe there is a restriction on such spending already in place, but we never think about it because with 40 rounds it's not like there are many high-quality non-drafted players.   If there is no restriction then I would think that the teams with deep pockets could have a field day signing good prospects.  
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