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Beltran Gift Giving

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I will post this again since seems relevant. Svrugla from the Post.


But there is a disturbing account of the wink-wink level of how elements of the Astros’ system spread. Before the 2019 season, the New York Yankees hired Beltran as a special assistant to General Manager Brian Cashman. Last June, Boston gave up 29 runs in a two-game series sweep at the hands of the Yankees in London. Afterward, Cora addressed the sweep, and brought up Beltran — unsolicited.

“I was joking with somebody that their biggest free agent acquisition was Carlos Beltran,” Cora said just before providing an exaggerated wink. “I know how he works. He’s helping a lot … I’m not saying ‘devices,’ all that stuff. It’s just stuff that the game will dictate, and we’ll scream at people and it’s right there. Throughout the evening, I was looking and I saw it.”

In the moment, huh? But nearly seven months later, there’s new context to what Cora was talking about. And yet Cora is out of a job, and Beltran is about to start his.



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2 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

Altuve is so little, I can't imagine him cheating.

Tiny Little Guy. Tinier than Brian. Cuddly too!

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2 hours ago, atomic said:

I am sure as soon as the next press conference happens he will be asked about it.  He should be working on a better response to it than his last one.  

How does cheating affect analytics??

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2 hours ago, Moose Milligan said:

Disgusting, really?

Yes, really.

He’s a cheater, and now a notorious one. Letting him depart on his own terms, with a “severance” package is disgusting. Maybe you’d use a different adjective, but mine is fitting.

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This has been a wild day.

Dirty laundry is being aired.  Heavy accusations.  Burner accounts.  Check out what Scott Brosius’ son is claiming.

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