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O's Caravan, Turf Valley and Mike Elias

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I went to the Orioles Caravan in Frederick Maryland in Carroll Creek Park today. If you are interested in seeing pictures, I posted them on the Orioles Hangout Page on Facebook.

Just like yesterday it was a few giveaways, and autographs only. The signers were Sig Mejdal, Austin Hayes, Grayson Rodriguez and Ryan Mountcastle. Mountcastle is a big guy. So is Rodriguez, and for that matter, Sig Mejdal. Austin Hayes is small. He is short, and not all that thick.

They were giving away O's crab caps, which are great, by the way. They also were selling a six game ticket plan I hadn't heard about. You get Opening Day and 5 other games you get to pick, unlike the 5 game plan, which is Opening Day and 4 other fixed dates.

The place where we stood in line was an outdoor park (good thing it was sunny with no wind) that was terraced with short brick walls. You actually had to climb up them and jump down from them while the line moved. I saw one older lady fall and roll on the grass. Also there was a lack of information available. I asked 2 guys holding "End of the Line" signs who was coming and which line was for whom, and they said "We're with the Frederick Keys. We don't know anything".

I asked Austin Hayes if the old adage about the second deck in baseball stadiums making the transition from the minors to the majors difficult was true, and he said yes. That in the minors all balls hit in the air to the outfield are seen against the sky, but in the majors all line drives hit to the outfield are hidden in the seats of the second deck. 

I asked Sig Mejdal why it is that all new administrations, when they come to a major league club, say that they are going to implement teaching the same things at all levels, and that the prior administrations taught differing ways to do things at different levels. How could that happen every time. He said that over time, with the difficulties of running a whole organization, it is easy to let teaching the same things the same ways at all levels slide, and that it gets away from administrations. I asked Grayson Rodriguez if, as a player, he notices it when the organization teaches different ways to do the same thing at different levels. He said yes, and that when everyone is teaching the same thing at all levels it is better.

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On 2/8/2020 at 8:13 PM, ChosenOne21 said:

Being an analytical person, I've always wondered how the athletes manage to keep what seems like a self-delusional outlook from the outside. Like, does Mason McCoy wake up and truly believe in his heart of hearts he's going to have a long, storied Major League career? Because objectively that's a longshot

Ryan Flaherty made a couple million in his career, traveled the country and now parlayed that into the start of a coaching career.  Even the bullpen catchers make high five/low six figures and have the same travel perks.  

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1 hour ago, Eric-OH said:



33 was a favorite for a ton of Oriole lifers.  I met him only once and my story is identical.  It was hard not to cry in his face and I’m not an emotional guy but so many moments and clutch run production came to mind.  He was a man at the plate!

I hope I get that experience with Adam Jones as an older man. I would like him to be a Baltimore presence in retirement.

I am not old enough to appreciate Eddie.

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The Caravan is Good. Mancini really liked it (Melewski article). I think it makes sense to tell fans they don't have to come into Baltimore City in the dead of winter. 

FanFest was whack and tired. It took them awhile, but I think Elias and the PR team came up with something good here. 

Plus the more you can piss off whiny adult autograph hounds, the more I like whatever it is you're doing.

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17 hours ago, SteveA said:

Eddie Murray just poured my beer.  It's the first time I ever had a chance to speak to him.  I told him he was a childhood hero of mine and I used to have his poster on my wall.

I'm feeling surprisingly emotional about this moment.  The combination of aging, nostalgia for youth and better days, and great memories.  I took my beer outside to drink where it was less crowded and for some reason I actually find myself fighting back tearsas I sit here drinking it


Six year old me is extremely jealous. Never had the pleasure of meeting Eddie, but he was always my favorite. It's great to see the organization embrace and include some of the greats in promotions like this. If I were the Orioles my marketing would focus on the legends and up and coming minor leaguers. 

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    • Marte, who may considered the best CF option via FA, was just signed by the Mets.
    • On the contrary, it is completely true. The team will have ebbs and flows, based on random chance And misfortune such as is happening to Kjested right now, But if you avoid long-term contracts, all of which are stupid, trade your guys at peak value and restock the farm, and there’s no reason why you can’t continually be a positive team. The Cardinals do it and they never have a single digit draft choice they always draft in the high teens, and yet they still have a good team over and over.
    • Going into 2009, Tillman was BA’s no. 22 prospect, Matusz no. 25, Arrieta no. 67.   Britton wasn’t ranked yet but was no. 63 the next year.  Brad Bergesen was the reigning Eastern League pitcher of the year.   David Hernandez had led the league. In strikeouts.   So, it was a more impressive group than your post suggests.   
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    • Nothing happens til it happens, but can we glean anything meaningful from what the insiders say?   ”Listening to offers” means nothing. Does anyone NOT listen to offers? However, that’s probably indicates less interest than a term like… ”Dangling.” What does that mean? Is GM A calling up GM B and saying,” hey, I got this hot guy, and he can be yours! All I need is XX.” Is GM A being coy and hitting that MAAAAAAYBE he’ll listen…? Regardless, it probably indicates more desire to trade, but maybe not as much as… “Eager to deal” or “seeking the best matchup” which is where GM A is calling up everyone in the Rolodex and saying,” Have I got a deal for you! AND if you ACT NOW…no? Well, how about……etc etc” All  those terms indicate at least partially dealing from a position of “I don’t have to” “I’m in no hurry” “if you don’t, someone else will,” and so on. But pity the guys who… ”Are willing to eat most of the contract…” the fools who rush in, and then find it veeeeery expensive to rush back out.. poor San Diego would be less poor if they hadn’t flung all that cash at Mr Hosmer, but they did, and he has been smiling ever since…and they..” are willing to eat most of his contract” Anyway, where does that leave the Orioles? We’re listening. Sure we are. Everyone listens except your cat in the backyard who doesn’t want to come in yet. We are “dangling”…. That means we’re listening a bit more earnestly, but still it’s our call. Nothing will happen unless it’s very good for the Bmore boys. So let’s see what kind of horse trader Mike is, and what can he bring home in return for the shiny bauble he is dangling…
    • I think we are going to have to get some favorable results from our own young pitchers to improve significantly in 2022. Last year was a bottom 20% outcome in that regard compared to the range of possible outcomes from that group.    If things break the other way in 2022 we could see a lot more wins.   But you can’t just expect that to happen given their performance to date.   
    • I’m happy they’re open to listening to offers.   Obviously, you don’t trade him unless there’s a lot coming back.  
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