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Who's the best available for #30 right now?

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All the guys I kind of liked were taken- Bitsko, Jarvis, Walker....


I'd take Jared Kelley if he's still around.   I'd take JT Ginn at #39- that would be a total steal and make me feel better about Kjerstad....


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    • Well, last night was fun.  Glad to see Kershaw get a win and dominate.  And to see all of Betts' skills on display was a treat, too. I am loooooooooooooving all the articles/people looking at the SAWX and saying HOW COULD YOU HAVE LET THIS GUY GO?!?!?!  I hope this is the new Curse, that they go another 96 years or whatever without winning a Series. I'm good with either team winning.  I'd like to see the Dodgers win and to see Kershaw get a ring, he deserves one.  And if the Rays win, it's a victory for the little guys everywhere.  
    • Good to know all that about Baumler.   Greinke was a state-ranked tennis player, excellent golfer and also played basketball and volleyball.    And, he played SS when not pitching.   So, they both have a lot going for them.    Let’s just say that Greinke’s athleticism has translated very well to various skills that help him to be a great all-around baseball player.   I’d love it if Baumler’s athleticism translates in a similar way.   
    • Wasn't my intention to suggest otherwise. Just underlining it and pointing out that it's not a negative lest anyone read that and say "well, Jomar never became anything."
    • Manny finished the year with a .304/.370/.580/.950 batting line over 60 games, notching 2.8 rWAR. Would be a 7 WAR season even extrapolated over 150 games. That would be good for his 3rd best year of his career, just behind 2015 (7.5) and 2016 (7.3), years in which he played 162 and 157 games, respectively. If we spread it over 162 games, it would be 7.6, which would be his best of his career.  Obviously, he might not keep up the pace. Alternatively, his pace could have improved. Point is that he had a hell of a year and there's no way the Padres are upset about the deal right now sitting at the end of 2020.
    • It was a serious comp on my part. ChuckS made the comp in the draft thread.
    • Yeah, I thought he might be in the 10-14 range after reading those comments.  Tony may see him as a probable reliever, I'm guessing. 
    • I think it's a very good comp. Jomar didn't work out, but it doesn't mean that the tools aren't still very good / a positive profile athletically. 
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