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Orioles Win 5-4 (8/12)

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    • I am not sure which way Elias is taking the team as far as winning in 2021.   He left Nunez go because he needed the at bats for others and it made sense to him to save the 2m.    We don't know what he will do tomorrow.  That will give some more insight. He has said he wants to add a pitcher or two. He claimed Sanchez.  If he keeps him he could help the infield defense but probably not the offense. 3B is up in the air right now.  Let see what he does tomorrow.  Its probably the quality of the people he adds that is the question related to winning in 2021.    And we do not know what  is going to happen there.....yet.  
    • I think that's Wright, but I gave up after seeing a few photos and not wanting to play Where's Waldo because of the players wearing masks. 
    • When you say an elite hitter, how are you defining that?  To me, to be an elite hitter he needs to have a slash line of at least 300/375/500. Do you think he can do that or are you defining elite differently than I am?  (Which is fine, just trying to figure out your personal baseline here)
    • I think the question here is different. At the moment Mike is not focusing on winning. He is not, however, focusing on losing. It seems as if you are suggesting he is trying to lose rather than not trying to win. I think it’s best to take him at his word which is that winning is not his focus. The organization so backwards and so not an organization that he has to re-set everything. It’s impossible to do that while you’re going out there and getting mid range free agents on two or three-year contracts. If he can get somebody cheap and they blossom, well, great. I give you Tommy Milone.  And if he can find cheap success on the rule five roster or the waiver wire or whatever that’s great too, but he’s not gonna go out and sign anybody for major money, and he shouldn’t.  We can upgrade at catcher for practically free, because ours is so bad, and I hope he does that. And we can get a better third baseman with our eyes closed, and I hope he does that as well. So he can improve the team without spending money, but the main thing is improving the organization and setting up the conveyor belt. No extensions ever, no big FA signings ever, but a fine team regardless. That’s his goal, and he’s making progress.
    • Yes....what he does in a SSS is of little consequence to me.  I will say that I was surprised by his plate discipline within that small sample size.  Whether he sustains that over a full season or not obviously remains to be seen.
    • Does he try to pull low and away pitches and roll them over?  Or would it be easier for him to take that pitch to the opposite field and that's something he hasn't been able to do?  If he has elite plate coverage, I would assume that going the other way should be something he can do.
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