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Fredi Gonzalez Bench Coach Has Been Huge

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I think the addition of Fredi Gonzalez as bench coach has been huge this year. I hope we can hold onto him. Jose Iglesias singled him out in a postgame interview a week or two ago; When asked how Hyde compares to other managers he said Fredi Gonzalea and him both are good to play for.

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Seems like pretty scant evidence on which to say the addition of a coach has been “huge.”     But I do like having a coach with major league managerial experience.    

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    • I'm not reading anything into what you're saying. You're saying it. Your words are out there for anyone who cares enough to read them. I'm offering you just a little advice. You may have noticed that you find yourself in conflict on this board. I'd suggest that maybe if you approached your discussions a little differently that wouldn't happen. Two relatively modest suggestions...  Don't presume to know the motivations of others. And don't misrepresent the positions of others and then attack your misrepresentations. You'd find yourself in a lot fewer conflicts if you do. Just a suggestion. And I've spent far too much time of this matter already. And the longer I spend the preachier I sound..  I don't want to suggest I'm without faults... I'm clearly not. As for the Orioles and whether they're trying to field the best team in 2021... have you considered the possibility that fielding the best team in 2021 isn't necessarily the compatible with fielding the best team in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025,? And that maybe ownership and management are more interested in sustainability?
    • If they kept winning and were building the organization the right way?  Of course it was.  Why would it be sustainable for those 5 years but not beyond it?  They were able to do it because they were winning...they had more to spend.    Now, they could probably spend it anyway but the increase in revenue is obviously huge for them.  That increase came from winning...just as the decrease comes with losing.
    • How did the Os spend 100-160M on payroll for basically 5 years with down attendance?   And btw, why was that attendance down to begin with? Just to provide you an example..Seattle spent twice the money the Os did in 2019 and only had 400K more fans.  Now, I’m not asking for the team to spend 144 million like Seattle did but 80-100M?  Absolutely and if you don’t think they could handle that, you just aren’t paying attention.
    • How you choose to read into what I’m saying means little to me.  Quite frankly, if you want to misinterpret what I am saying, that’s on you.     That being said, I want to see an argument from you that the Orioles are out there trying their best to field a team that will win games in 2021.
    • Well I have stated that I would definitely sign or trade for a back end of the pen guy.  I think it would be big for this team to have a top vet back there.  Now, im Not willing to go crazy and spend huge money(at least not huge money and long term..1-2 years I don’t mind) but I think there are some quality arms out there in FA and available in trades. I had wanted Stroman but that’s obviously out unless you can trade for him and Cohen isnt exactly hurting for money, so that’s not likely.  But yes, I would add a starter.  FA/traded starter, Means, Cobb, Akin and Kremer is fine for me.  Flying under the disguise of rebuilding is what gets a guy like Lopez several starts when you already know he isn’t good. Third base, as I have said, is a position I would trade for.  You have blocked prospects throughout the league that you likely could get.  I wouldn’t go after a Kris Bryant or spend stupid money on this position because of the players available.  (For example, I’m not spending on Justin Turner)   Second is likely a similar scenario although I honestly haven’t really looked hard into second base.  I don’t mind Sanchez to be honest.  I like the idea of the really good defense there.     So, I’m not talking going crazy here.  I’m not trying to block anyone.  But I do want to see an attempt at getting better.  I do want to see a better product.  I don’t want to continue to see players we know aren’t good get chance after chance.  We don’t need to see Lopez get 20 starts or Valaika get 300+ at bats.  We know what they are and they aren’t good.     I think this team has a chance to have a pretty good overall pitching staff, good up the middle defense and with some development of the young players, they could be decent.  Also, health will be very important. Also, I expect Diaz and Rutschman up this year.
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