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9-24 Bosox Finale

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I'm here.   Hanser with a steal.  

Can't believe Mountcastle's ball didn't touch the wall.  It was a moon shot and when Chavis caught it his back was pretty much against the monster.  Lower that launch angle 1 degree and we'd have heard that satisfying thud of ball hitting the green monster.

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Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 2B

Jose Antonio Iglesias Aleman - DH

Ryan Mountcastle - LF

Pedro Severino De Leon  - C

Austin Charles Brian "C.B." Hays - RF 

Patrick Valaika - 1B 

Rio Ruiz - 3B

Ramon Urias - SS 

Boyce Cedric "B.C." Mullins II - CF 

Alexander Miller Cobb - RHP )) (1-5, 4.76 ERA)



Alexander Verdugo - RF

Rafael Devers Calcano - 3B

Xander Bogaerts - SS

Julio Daniel "J.D." Martinez - DH

Christian Vazquez - C

Jackie Bradley, Jr. - CF

Robert Dalbec - 1B

Michael Chavis - LF

Christian Arroyo - 2B

Martin Perez Jimenez - LHP )) (3-4, 3.88 ERA)





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Just now, Frobby said:

Ugh.   Great play by Chavis, who’s botched several in this series.   


1 minute ago, SteveA said:

Double play could be a rally killer unless Iggy can get this runner home.

I bet Urias didn’t tag. On one replay he looked like he was barely past the base when Chavis was already up and throwing. 

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1 minute ago, Philip said:

I’ve been on my bike listening, but not watching. I have a question: why didn’t Mullins tag up and go to third on the throw to home?

Could be a couple of things.

Assumed ball wouldn’t be caught or they would cut throw off and he would be easy out at 3rd. 

Urias had to make a mistake to me. He didn’t get back to the bag in time. 

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3 minutes ago, Philip said:

Meanwhile, I’m getting used to Kevin Brown, though I’ll never take him home to meet the ‘rents, but that color guy is awful, and I mean even awful for Baltimore.

It’s Geoff Arnold and Brett Hollander tonight on radio. 

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    • That is just a fancy way of saying, "the reason is money". There isn't a shortage of cows in this country. If MLB wanted to open their own tannery or whatever, they certainly have the resources. Surely fans would pay more to purchase beef made with cows that provided their hides to MLB balls.
    • Interesting that all the promotions announced were pitchers. Also curious what the moves are in Norfolk to open up the 3 spots. 
    • Passing on Rocker may have been a really good decision.  Mets think something up with the elbow, deal in jeopardy:    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/07/mets-agreement-with-draft-pick-kumar-rocker-in-jeopardy.html
    • I am right in line with those who want to see the Orioles win as many games as they can this year, and even better if those wins come with big contributions from those who are counted on to be, or can build a case to be, part if a winning Oriole team a couple of years from now. I don't doubt for a minute that every player who has worn an Orioles uniform in 2021 has tried his best to make the team succeed. I have the same certainty about Hyde and the coaches. The problem I have is with Elias (and, I guess, John Angelos, although I don't know how involved he is in implementing the Orioles' rebuilding strategy, including the extreme stinginess in building this season's roster). Elias is the executive v.p. and general manager of the Baltimore Orioles. It's customary -- insulting to the fans, and probably unwise -- for general managers to say little about the team or their plans, and to let the manager do the talking. Elias largely follows that model; he rarely speaks, and when he does he discloses very little. But it sure seems that he doesn't have any interest in how the team he was hired to lead -- his team -- plays this year. Does he go to Orioles games? Does he watch them on TV? It wouldn't surprise me if he does neither. I suspect that if he worked for me, and the facts were available to me, I would conclude he had badly neglected one part of his job. I don't think Elias gives a damn whether the Orioles win 40 or 50 or 60 games this year, and his actions have given lots of observers reason to believe, or take as a serious possibility, that those moves reflect a goal of having the Orioles win fewer games to get an earlier draft pick. (If that were true, and it's almost inconceivable that we'll ever know, I think Elias should be fired and perhaps barred from baseball.) I sure don't think he cares, if he even knows, about how his rebuilding strategy has discouraged fans and led to terrible attendance (fifth worst in MLB if you ignore Toronto, ahead of only the Florida teams, Oakland and Pittsburgh). I wish he would make some effort to show that he cares about his team's performance as much as the Orioles' players and remaining fans do.
    • From what I’ve read, there are also some issues about whether there’s a sufficient supply of the quality of leather used for major league balls.  
    • 3/4 so far today with a double and another stolen base.  Currently has a .333 average with a .993 OPS. Mayo, and perhaps Baumler to a lesser extent, were always going to be under the microscope with the underslot strategy but it's even more intense now with Kjerstad dealing with his illness. Couldn't ask for a better start so far for Mayo. 
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