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Gunnar Henderson 2021

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I feel like Henderson, Westburg, and Adam Hall should all be ticketed for High-A.  One of them will probably need to start in Double A though due to the log jam.  Who will it be? Delmarva will be full with other SS prospects. 

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31 minutes ago, LTO's said:


Congrats to Gunnar Henderson, who is now on Baseball America's Top-100 list !!!! Checking in at #99.




Welcome to AAA-Norfolk, LTO's.



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Soto 2018: 16 games Sally, 15 games Carolina, 8 games Eastern, Show.   

Just remembering there - nobody's like him, but I do hope for a 3-level season here.    He's a 2020 imaginary Sally All-Star in my mind, and I think he could do the 16 games Sally part.

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9 hours ago, Frobby said:

Another boom-boom for Gunnar tonight.   

Apparently he hit it to opposite field again to LF. No video yet, from what I can see. Just the box score. 

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