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The Akron Rubber Ducks

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September at-bat leaders:

74, SS Brayan Rocchio  (#7 prospect, per MLB.com)

62, CF Will Brennan   (#29 prospect)

59, RF George Valera   (#2 prospect)

59, LF Victor Nova

50, C Bo Naylor

47, 3B Marcos Gonzalez

44, SS Jose Fermin

43, SS Ike Freeman

September Games Started leaders:

3, Peyton Battenfield  (#17 prospect)

3, Konnor Pilkington

3, Thomas Ponticelli

2, Adam Scott

2, the 9.5.1998 Logan Allen (#10 prospect).   Not to be confused with the 5.23.1997 Logan Allen, the Cleveland cousin of slow throwing Oriole left-handers.

For Somerset week, Akron's rotation was Allen/Battenfield/Curry/Pilkington/Ponticelli/Allen (following Bieber spectacularly yesterday).

So their hottest SP prospect did Tuesday/Sunday work, but should be ready to run anchor in Game 4 or 5 if it goes that far.    Bieber hit around a little bit yesterday, so may or may not need "one more rehab game".

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Fangraphs has 4 RubberDucks in their top 104 prospects:

61.  Brayan Rocchio SS 

64. Tyler Freeman 2B (injured)

93. George Valera RF

104. Bo Naylor C

All four with a FV 50 grade. That’s a pretty stacked team.  Rocchio and Valera spent more time in HiA than AA this year.   Naylor and Freeman spent the year in AA but Freeman has been out since late July with an injury.

For us, they have Grayson at 12, the absent Hall at 18, and Gunnar at 88.

The RubberDucks led the AA Northeast in runs/game at 5.28; Bowie was 2nd at 5.23.   Bowie was 3rd in OPS and Akron 5th.  Akron’s a bit more of an OBP team, Bowie an SLG team.   Akron was 2nd in the league with a 3.78 ERA, Bowie 6th at 4.28.   

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