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9/1: BoSox at Orioles

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We seem to do better against pitchers that throw strikes (Cliff Lee/Lester) than wild pitchers. We hack away regardless.

You do realize Lester is 13-0 against us, right?

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    • It's a little ironic that Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson both have played for the Ravens because they are the polar opposite players. Joe was frustrating to watch during most of the regular season, but come playoff time became a HoF level QB who won many playoff games.  Jackson of course is a joy to watch for most of the regular season but is 1-3 come playoff time. I guess at the end of the day, what would you rather have? A guy who entertains you for 17 weeks of the year and then you take your chances come playoff time, or the guy who makes you wanna throw things at the TV for most of 17 weeks, then becomes another guy in the playoffs? For me, Jackson is a much more enjoyable QB to watch even though his playoff struggles are a concern at this point.
    • Its pretty telling that I am more upset about the Orioles and MASN getting rid of our favorite announcers than I am about the piss poor teams they have put together over the last 5 years, but alas, this is where we are. I would always have the pre-game show on while I was cleaning up dinner, so now I guess its just MLBN all the time except when our game is actually on. I've always liked Dempsey and Tom Davis and their over the top homerism.  I'm not sure why they get criticized, as I have no problems with local guys supporting the team that we all love. Gary Thorne is the biggest blow here.  Yes, he would make occasional mistakes with names or pitch locations, but unless you are visually impaired, I sure don't need a TV play by play guy to tell me what's happening on my screen.  Gary was an entertainer, pure and simple. He made even the worst Orioles blowouts entertaining to watch, his his stories, humor, and whiskey laugh.  I used to love the 7th inning Jack Daniels break, where he would proudly spout out..."Drink................................................five minutes later........responsibly!"  Made me laugh every time. On a personal note, 7 years ago when my wife and I went to our first (and thus far only) Spring Training trip, my wife ran into Gary at FanFest and was asking him for advice since he lives in the Sarasota area.  He took a good 10-15 minutes of his time to address her questions, make suggestions on where to stay, eat, what to do, etc.  He is a great guy, and I know he doesn't need this job, but I for one will sure miss him.   As for the Orioles.  Their on field product stinks.  They are cutting the shows on MASN.  They've been holding my season ticket money for 2 years without me having any positive to it.  I'd say this might just be the final straw to make me use my season ticket money after 2021 on more "entertaining" products.  
    • "He's got a modest two game hitting streak"
    • I know Tom Davis is a sort of Master at this.  He'll probably pop back up on MASN or WJZ.  He'll just buy his own time from them as he's done with football and baseball shows on WJZ before.  He'll get a sponsor to pay a certain amount for the desk to say "Weis" or "Eskay" or "Utz or all of them.  It'll be enough to pay the on-air fee, plus more to pay himself.  That's what those hilarious Mars fliers and picking your favorite snacks with Dave Johnson were all about that a poster above mentioned... sponsorships.  Programming thru sponsorship using time on the local stations that would otherwise be devoted to infomercials.
    • I love a good MASN pile on but outside of Gary Thorne I can't bring myself to get mad at any of the recent decisions. The streaming ordeal is not any different than the vast majority of other teams' options. Most of them require a cable subscription and aren't offered on Youtube TV, Hulu Tv and Sling. This also isn't really much different than Fox sports go, BTN, ESPN etc. where you still have to pay for a subscription package of some sort. As far as i know, none of these sports streaming services act as a Netflix/HBO model where you just pay a monthly fee for that content and that content alone. I pay for Hulu Tv to be able to watch live sports on all of those apps mentioned above. Even if you purchase ESPN + as a standalone service you don't get access to games not exclusively aired on ESPN+. Meaning you still require a subscription package to watch, say, the NCAA playoff games.  I do wonder if this is out of the Orioles hands in terms of what they are able to offer their fans regarding streaming. Doesn't change the fact that they were still late to offer mobile streaming at all and their programming was badly produced and very boring compared to other networks. Others may disagree, but i'd rather watch paint dry than watch Dave Johnson and Tom Davis on Wall to Wall Baseball. They have an opportunity with this app to have a more modern fan experience and it seems like they are sort of touting that. The devil is in the details though so we'll see.
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