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  2. Alberto will make the most of those arbitration eligible guys at maybe $3 million next year. Those other guys made $10+ million. Nunez and Valaika could be non-tendered, but not because of their exorbitant salaries. I don't think Armstrong will get non-tendered because he might make $800K rather than $600K. Santander, Severino and Alberto aren't getting non-tendered this year and none of them have enough surplus value to merit trading. Maybe Santander if he has a great 2021 is a trade chip, but he needs to show it for a full season to be a valuable trade chip. Trading Alberto or Severino would just be shuffling deck chairs and my guess is it would look bad if they traded EVERYONE that made over the minimum. Cobb could be traded but they probably get a better return at the trade deadline, and my guess is that they would end up having to pick up the same amount of salary if they traded him in July as they would if they traded him in the offseason.
  3. o Between 1954 and 1957, each of the MVO's for those seasons are not in the Orioles Hall-of-Fame ...... they are Chuck Diering (1954), Dave Philley (1955), Bob Nieman (1956), and Billy Gardner (1957.) The other MVO's since then whom are not in the Orioles Hall-of-Fame are Don Aase (1986), Larry Sheets (1987), Mike Devereaux (1992), Rafael Palmeiro (1995, 1996, and 1998), Randy Myers (1997), Delino DeShields Sr. (2000), Jeff Conine (2001), Rodrigo Lopez (2002), Jay Gibbons (2003), Miguel Tejada (2004 and 2006), Aubrey Huff (2008), Luke Scott (2010), and Nelson Cruz (2014.) More recent MVO's whom are not yet in the Orioles Hall-of-Fame but who may be inducted in the future upon eligibility are Nick Markakis (2007), Adam Jones (2011, 2012, and 2018), Chris Davis (2013 and 2015), Manny Machado (2016), Jonathan Schoop (2017), Trey Mancini (2019), and Anthony Santander (2020) ...... Nelson Cruz was only with the Orioles for one season (2014), but oh what a season it was (both for Cruz individually, and for the Orioles as a team.) M.V.O. ) (1954 - Present) 1954 – Chuck Diering 1955 – Dave Philley 1956 – Bob Nieman 1957 – Billy Gardner 1958 – Gus Triandos 1959 – Gene Woodling 1960 – Brooks Robinson 1961 – Jim Gentile 1962 – Brooks Robinson 1963 – Stu Miller 1964 – Brooks Robinson 1965 – Stu Miller 1966 – Frank Robinson 1967 – Frank Robinson 1968 – Dave McNally 1969 – Boog Powell 1970 – Boog Powell 1971 – Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson 1972 – Jim Palmer 1973 – Jim Palmer 1974 – Paul Blair, Mike Cuellar 1975 – Ken Singleton 1976 – Lee May 1977 – Ken Singleton 1978 – Eddie Murray 1979 – Ken Singleton 1980 – Al Bumbry 1981 – Eddie Murray 1982 – Eddie Murray 1983 – Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken Jr. 1984 – Eddie Murray 1985 – Eddie Murray 1986 – Don Aase 1987 – Larry Sheets 1988 – Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken Jr. 1989 – Gregg Olson 1990 – Cal Ripken Jr. 1991 – Cal Ripken Jr. 1992 – Mike Devereaux 1993 – Chris Hoiles 1994 – No Award Given 1995 – Rafael Palmeiro 1996 – Rafael Palmeiro 1997 – Randy Myers 1998 – Rafael Palmeiro 1999 – B.J. Surhoff 2000 – Delino DeShields Sr. 2001 – Jeff Conine 2002 – Rodrigo Lopez 2003 – Jay Gibbons 2004 – Miguel Tejada 2005 – Brian Roberts 2006 – Miguel Tedada 2007 – Nick Markakis 2008 – Aubrey Huff 2009 – Brian Roberts 2010 – Luke Scott 2011 – Adam Jones 2012 – Adam Jones 2013 – Chris Davis 2014 – Nelson Cruz 2015 – Chris Davis 2016 – Manny Machado 2017 – Jonathan Schoop 2018 – Adam Jones 2019 - Trey Mancini 2020 - Anthony Santander https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Baltimore_Orioles_awards#Most_Vaulable_Oriole https://www.mlb.com/orioles/history/orioles-hall-of-fame o
  4. I have thought Iglesias could be a prime trade target. It could come this offseason or perhaps we (and an acquiring team) would want to see him off to a good start offensively - even 775 OPS should generate a quality return. Depending on how Iggy is doing would impact the prospect I want back. Top 15ish sounds about right, but maybe more if Iggy does well in April and May ahead of a deal. Iggy should have won the MVP. Crazy to lineup Mountcastle's stats with Santander's and give it to Santander. Anyone voting for Alberto, Nunez or Severino in their top 3 should be disqualified from ever watching baseball again.
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  6. Elias has made moves to save money. Traded Villar, Bundy, Cashner. This off season Cobb is in the last year of his contract. Alberto has his 2nd salary arbitration year. Santander, Severino, Armstrong, Valaika and Nunez are all arbitration eligible for the first time. Will Elias make moves to keep the team cheap?
  7. The right choice IMO. Congrats to him. I hope his strong performance in a relatively short period this year carries over into 2021. Santander has now played just a little more than a full season’s worth of games (176) and his 162-game average is 29 HR, 91 RBI to go with his career .759 OPS (which includes his two partial Rule 5 seasons).
  8. o Santander won it (thanks for the info, Sports Guy.) This is mildly reminiscent of when Erik Bedard led the American League in Strikeouts-Per-9 Innings (10.929), Hits-Per-9 Innings (6.973), and was among the league leaders in Strikeouts (221) in spite of having missed the final 5 weeks of the season due to injury. o
  9. Yeah, I mean there will be some churn, but starting with the guys currently in the organization is really all you can do in making predictions. I don't see them doing much trading but I could see potentially bringing in guys to challenge Valaika, Nunez, and Ruiz in spring training as well as a few more bullpen arms, but I would be surprised if they signed anyone to a MLB deal that would be immediately penciled into a roster spot. There isn't a glaring hole that needs to be filled like with signing Iglesias, just some potential improvements in the margins. If they wanted to spend money, they could sign a LeMahieu or Justin Turner, but that type of signing feels like a year off to me.
  10. I dont think there is a more overrated Os prospect, amongst fans, than McKenna. He doesn’t hit well. He certainly may be able to carve out a 4th/5th OFer role but that’s not exactly hard to find. He has been rated way too high in many prospect lists.
  11. Although it is way too soon, to absolute definites are that Nunez will be gone and Phillips will be gone. It’s not official yet but I expect that Davis will be gone as well.
  12. The rebuilding phase is basically over if you think about it. You are now handing the keys to the young talent, some of which got real experience this year, even if it was a SSS. Its time to supplement them. But more than that, zero chance they basically bring back the exact same team. Guys will be nontendered, guys will be traded, new players will be brought in. They may not spend real money..I would anticipate they won’t but they should and there are som opportunities there.
  13. I would not count on Phillips. "Elbow inflammation" is never a good sign.
  14. I have major questions over the bat myself.
  15. Understood. I just hope that can be smoothed over with coaching/reps/time/maturity. McKenna looks to have better tools so I remain hopeful, but I also question whether the bat will ever get to the .700-ish OPS level he would need to even be a fourth outfielder.
  16. It is a rebuild, they aren't going to spend any money. Next year, they will go as far as the young pitching can take them. Hopefully better options for 2nd, short and third will emerge via trade, from the farm system (Vavra?, Adam Hall?), or free agency for 2022.
  17. From what I've seen in the past, Mullins is a better defender because he gets betters jumps and takes better routes overall. McKenna suffers from losing focus in the field and on base paths, things you rarely if ever see from Mullins. McKenna will throw to the wrong base on occasion or just be lackadaisical out there at times. Mullins is better hitter overall though McKenna does have some occasional pop that teases scouts sometimes.
  18. If Valaika isn't the backup SS I'm not sure he is worth a spot on the roster, or at least I don't think both he and Nunez are rosterable if you need a backup shortstop.
  19. So, you are basically saying trade Trey for Davis and everyone else stays the same? Lets hope not.
  20. I would probably keep Sulser over Phillips, and would think about DFAing Nunez if Mancini proved healthy in spring training, with his spot going to a placeholder like Velazquez or a minor league free agent until Diaz is ready. With Nunez DFA'd I would have Mountcastle, Santander, Mancini and Stewart rotate in the LF/RF/1B/DH. Once Diaz is up, add him to the mix and one of the five sits every game. Mancini's recovery is obviously the biggest question mark, but I imagine it will be answered one way or another in Spring Training, and if he needs some time in the Minors to get back to speed (or if he physically is unable to play) then we go from there. Would be nice to just plug in Zimmermann (with Lowther and Baumann behind him in the rotation pecking order) if someone would take on some of Cobb's salary, but I think Cobb will most likely be on the team until the trade deadline
  21. Will Cobb and/or Nunez be traded this off season? Who will be the backup SS since Valaika has showed he is not that good there? Will Elias want to go to arbitration with Alberto? Will Elias find a better 3B?
  22. ugly post, sorry it didn't look like that when I submitted it.
  23. Was he wearing an Astros shirt?
  24. The local Os media is so bad
  25. It will be interesting to see who makes the team next year if we are going with 26. Below is my attempt at it. Now there could be trades that open up spots, but this is my best guess at what it will look like next year as I don't think we will try to add or move much over the offseason. There could be a couple tough calls, some young guys that step up in camp, some interesting DFAs, and I also wonder if really have much trade bait right now. What are your thoughts? Do you see us going after a FA? Starting Pitchers Akin Kremer Cobb Means Lopez Relief Pitchers Scott Fry Armstrong Harvey Tate Lakins Phillips Valdez Catchers Severino Sisco Infielders Alberto Mancini Nunez Ruiz Iglesias Valaika Outfield Mountcastle Hays Santandar Mullins Stewart Others to Consider: Sulser, Eshelman, Valezquez, Diaz, Zimmerman, Lowther, Bauman, Holaday, Wynns, Rutchman, Davis, Urias, etc
  26. Not to be glib, but what else is there besides being better at getting the ball and throwing it? Are you saying that McKenna might be faster than Mullins but isn't as good of a fielder?
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