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  2. Lyles is pretty clearly better than Harvey. Pitched more innings, lower ERA, higher K/9, lower WHIP. The only category he was really worse is HR/9. That said I do not think he was $6M better.
  3. I think almost certainly yes, barring injury.
  4. I think the rule 5 is a fun, quirky part of baseball. It's obscure and a few teams always manage to steal a few players who have a lot of success. What's not to like? Unless you're really forcing it like we did in a couple Duquette years there.
  5. In no way is Harvey a better pitcher at this point of his career.
  6. Today
  7. Here’s some news that slipped under the radar. No big deal here but the O’s signed former Red Sox farmhand and RHP Denyi Reyes yesterday. Spent last year in AA. Underwhelming stuff, very good control. Here’s a more detailed scouting report: https://soxprospects.com/players/reyes-denyi.htm
  8. Per Baseball Savant, Odor would have hit 17 homers if he’d played all his games at Yankee Stadium, and 17 if he’d played all his games at OPACY. He’s basically gaining nothing by moving from NY to Baltimore. Any statistical improvement is going to have to come from actual improvement, not switching stadiums.
  9. They were comparable five years ago. Not anymore.
  10. Where’s the “cricket chirping” meme when you need it?
  11. I'll repeat myself. It's not pettiness. They don't want to be seen as potentially profiting off the player's image. It's smart.
  12. How about the pettiness of MLB to take away the headshots on the teams MLB.com pages. What a bunch of douches.
  13. You have to be on a 40 man roster to join the Union. I'm not sure if you stay in the Union if you get removed from the 40 man roster. No way the MLBPA is going to put all the minor leaguers in their Union.
  14. Sorry, color me confused. Aren't they all in the union?
  15. I wanted Kim Ng too. You know she would have been amazing and nobody would work harder. Elias still riding on the coattails of a franchise with a culture of cheating. I am often critical of Elias simply because people like all or nothing. Dude isn’t the worst but many huge alarm bells. And this? Honestly this looks borderline nuts. If this is what you wanted, just resign Harvey and save $5 mil+ AND get a better pitcher. Let that sink in as you twist like a pretzel defending this move.
  16. Always such a class act you are…
  17. I wonder what Hyde thinks about the signing.
  18. Odds are fair that service time rules are going to change and change in favor of players. It isn't exactly difficult to find reasons to send starting pitchers down during the season if you decide you need to. "Tampa model" right? Tampa has a history of signing pre-arbitration players to extensions.
  19. So he could be the next Yolmer Sanchez.
  20. I would think that it only applies to members of the Union. I guess that means Seiya Suzuki won't be able to sign a major league deal.
  21. So...can anything at all happen now? Any transactions, waivers, trades, signings, etc...?
  22. I never saw an explanation so I assume people came to their senses.
  23. As for the title of this thread, so is major league baseball apparently.
  24. I think we're all mixed up at this point. lol This is what happens when the Orioles throw us a bone at the last second. I agree with you that Lyles is basically Harvey. I would not surprise me if he puts up similar numbers as Harvey in 2021 though hopefully they won't keep running him out there as long with Rodriguez, Bradish, Baumann and potentially Rom or Brnovich not too far behind.
  25. I like having the #1 farm system, but I'll be more impressed when we have the most young MLB talent.
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