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  2. I hope Buck gets the Phillies job.
  3. They moved him to 3B first. It wasn't SS to COF/1B. The reason the old player development team moved him to 3B instead of 2B according to one person who was in the meetings about it was to try and replace Manny. I know that's an absurd statement, but that was a good portion of the thought process.
  4. Eduardo Rodriguez was signed rather than drafted, so he doesn’t literally fit Frobby’s list. However the spirit of this thread (uncovering young talent) does include ERod. Probably in the top ten. Schoop as well.
  5. I read that Della Donne was supposed to throw out the first pitch, but it was Parker Staples, a Make-a-Wish child. Maybe she throws it out tomorrow night.
  6. o This is the late George Scott, chasing down Dennis Martinez before being intercepted by Doug DeCinces in 1977. o
  7. I feel they will make a move to improve the defense in some way. DeCosta has seemed like a fairly aggressive GM thus far. Lots of guys to be interested in, I'd check on Yannick Ngakoue as pass rush help. Jags have already shown a willingness to trade and Ngakoue is a Maryland guy.
  8. Barring a miracle comeback by the Cardinals the Nationals are headed to their first World Series appearance.
  9. Lol, ooh so scary he was hit by 2 defenders. It’s football. He was fighting for a TD, not like Andrews stupidly hurdling for a 1 YD gain. He hasn’t taken a single high impact hit, due in large part to Ronnie Stanley being a beast on his blind side combined with his ability to avoid hits in the pocket. Most importantly, he is respected around the league, so guys won’t be looking for cheap shots and the like on him. Unlike someone like Baker Mayfield who people are licking their chops to hit.
  10. Too bad we can’t trade Correia back for Myles Jack since he’s no longer with us.
  11. Not as many, IMO. But I’m an optimist who tends to like almost everyone.
  12. I would not judge an adult based on what they were like in middle school. There are a lot of jerks at that age who mature into reasonable people.
  13. St. Louis is always consistently good. Remains to be seen if Houston can do the same. I can see reasons for and against. Just win. I don't care what "model" is followed. And I doubt that Elias would NOT make a move he saw as a potentially good fit because it's not part of a "model."
  14. I don't think DJ Stewart is good enough to make any real impact. He will be on the team and in the lineup, but won't make an impact.
  15. Good points. Just seems unusual to go from SS to corner OF without giving 2B a shot. Like I said, maybe he is "that bad".
  16. St Louis has been better at developing [their own] pitchers than Houston has.
  17. Different stadium. Different effect.
  18. Heard similar stuff second hand bout him. Changing school district lines meant that some people who went to WLMS with him wound up at CHS where I went instead of WLHS, and those I knew didn't have much positive to say about middle school Jim Traber. You can take that 40 year old gossip for whatever it is worth!
  19. To the situation. What relevance do you think it has? You send a guy down because he isn't "ready" then you call him up before playing an inning of minor league ball. How is what he did in 2019 relevant? Ooh I got it, we didn't notice he played a full year at AAA when we sent him down! That could work.
  20. I don't think that the International league ST schedule has been released yet. But I would think they will play ST games until a day or two before Norfolk's opening day.
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