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  2. I like this answer because it recognizes that process is important, but luck also plays a part.
  3. We have two rookies in our rotation who are trying to make the move to the majors after spending most of last year at the alternate site not exactly racking up innings. We also have two project arms in the rotation. This was pretty much expected. Hopefully it gets better as the year goes along, but I'm not worried about the short starts so far. We're not competing this year anyway.
  4. Isn't he the guy that has the record for most strikeouts without a walk? I think he's at 40 K's and 0 walks.
  5. Whoa on this stat about Corbin Burnes.
  6. Interesting (to me anyway) on the Hey Bill section (which is public) of Bill James' website: Hey Bill, I always meant to ask you this question. If you were the general manager of a really bad team, say the 1962 Mets: how many years do you think it would take you to build a pennant contender? Thanks Asked by: manhattanhi Answered: 4/21/2021 I don't really have the skill set to be a General Manager, but I would say this: that if it takes longer than 7 years then there is something missing in the process, and if you can do it in less than 4 years then you've had some very good luck as well as a good process.
  7. OsFanSinceThe80s


    Ohtani also leads the American League in walks.... as a pitcher.
  8. I didn't want them to sign Franco either. (Though for $800k, it doesn't much matter who they chose to play 3B.) But that play was not at all his fault. He did exactly what he is trained to do in that situation. So if this thread is really about the bunt, it's not the place to thrash Franco.
  9. Glad to hear Kjerstad has been medically cleared and is healthy enough to start working out with the team. Hopefully we see him at OPACY sometime in 2022 and full-time in 2023.
  10. The Orioles want exciting players, too -- so long as they're cheap and aren't among the Saviors of the Franchise being held back so that team control of them will fall within some imagined flood of talent that's on its way some day. If they can't have all those things, the Orioles will opt for cheap. I'll try to explain in a future post why I think the Orioles may be underestimating the damage they're doing to themselves, but here's the gist of it. By not trying, year after year, to put young, entertaining talent on the field, the Orioles are having their fan base, and attendance, eaten away. That's a manageable problem if you're operating in Houston or Chicago, or in a pre-Nats Baltimore with a stadium that itself is a fan attraction. In Baltimore, in 2017-22, the loss of fans is much more likely to have significant, long-lasting effects.
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  12. I don’t care about inning so much as pitch count. The manager knows a pitchers maximum number of effective pitches, and that number is higher or lower based on effectiveness during that game. We don’t know that number, but Hyde does. When he starts the inning where that effective limit is nigh, get a guy up, because even if the pitcher ends the inning clean he will have reached his maximum, and the new guy will start the next inning anyway. there are always surprises of course but by definition they are unexpected, and shouldn’t drastically alter the basic plan. If the Pitcher has a good five pitch inning, no reason not to let him start the next inning with the same parameters, if he has a 5 pitch inning with three very loud outs, he’s done and the new guy takes the next inning, and so on. so yes, I would have had a guy up in the 5th
  13. I think he may have had him without Galvis. Either way, I’ve been more worried about him getting to balls and his internal clock, and they both looked good on that play.
  14. Something some folks thought they would never see. https://mlb-cuts-diamond.mlb.com/FORGE/2021/2021-04/21/f5024f8f-4d521f5b-fc41581d-csvm-diamondx64-asset_1280x720_59_4000K.mp4 No the runner had no business going and a cut off man was involved but still, it counts.
  15. Tommy Milone could be in line for the W tonight against Boston. He came in after the opener and the Jays are up 4-1 in the 5th.
  16. I'm sick of us crying broke. No excuse. This guy had 3 years a negative WAR and a fourth year where is WAR was 0.2. Not a guy who is going to help you much. I do admit I thought he was older but that changes nothing. I want young exciting players. Maikel Franco is not the kind of guy that you sign.
  17. And IMO, we got worse on offense. We can only hope Hays, Mountcastle and Stewart all get hot and have decent numbers. I have about lost hope in Cisco ever being a productive major leaguer.
  18. Looks like it. Three times already in 18 games. In 2018 we were shut out 15 times.
  19. I think we will get shut out a lot this year.
  20. Yes, if he had thrown a shutout until the O's managed to score a run they would have had a much better chance at winning.
  21. Yeah... I was leaning toward Zimmermann. Cost us the game pretty much.
  22. He does. That should have been Zimmermann’s ball, but he didn’t exactly charge off the mound. And when he let Franco have it, he should have headed to 3B immediately. Overall, one of the more ridiculous looking plays I’ve seen. Three guys all standing near 3B and nobody there on time. The 1B must have been utterly confused as to who to throw to.
  23. I imagine he probably lost a lot of muscle mass from not being able to exercise / workout and will have to build his strength back up.
  24. OFFNY

    2021 Oakland Athletics

    o After starting the season at at a dismal 1-7, the boys from northern California have won 11 straight games. A's Win Streak Reaches 11, as Twins Throw It Away in the 10th Inning (By Jerry McDonald) https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2021/04/21/as-win-streak-reaches-11-as-minnesota-throws-it-away-in-the-10th-inning/ o
  25. Franco is 28. Took less than 2 seconds to google that.
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