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  2. There's really no where else for Mountcastle to play this season. Mancini will be the likely 1B as long as health permits, and unfortunately Davis is going to take some AB's at first. Hopefully at some point this season this will clear up some and Mountcastle can play first effectively.
  3. There are a lot of good, unproven young arms in the division.
  4. Those Bieber overlay's are ridiculous. No change in arm angle, delivery or release. Absolutely filthy.
  5. You sound like me.... Hate the price tag for both, but no other viable options
  6. Today
  7. Truthfully, how long does it say - "Welp, another L!".
  8. Lol, you gotta wait until spring training for those gems.
  9. Well, now we know why Jim Hunter became redundant.
  10. Brob was one of those let go. I will miss him! But he remains as an "ambassador" as does Demper.
  11. I must have missed it, but I haven't seen anyone mention B-rob. Is he gone? I thought I heard him on some broadcasts last summer.
  12. All this scientific analysis is getting pretty overwhelming. Whatever happened to “the ball comes out of his hand well”? That’s all I need to know! 😎
  13. I consider Dan Snyder to be pretty lawless. Perhaps you’d like to try him? Being a lawyer, I don’t like it when all lawyers are lumped together. I’ve been practicing law for 38 years and have managed to make very few enemies and to treat people decently. Generally, I do think lawyers have some typical traits that probably don’t lend themselves well to owning a sports franchise in most cases.
  14. One of the first reports I read mentioned cable or streaming services like Hulu but that was used as an example so.....
  15. What keeps Stewart at DH is that 4 or 5 of the O's outfielders are better defensively than him and Elias seem focused on making Mountcastle a leftfielder.
  16. Sorry, forgot the colored font.
  17. Yea, like if Mancini started the game with 22 homers, then hits another in the 4th inning, the app will show he has 23.
  18. Billy the Kid. After 20 some years of Mr. Angelos I'd be okay with a few years of Mr. The Kid.
  19. I'm maybe the only person NOT on twitter, but when I read that it made me laugh. Bring back Brother Lowe!
  20. Yesterday
  21. At least Chuck and Joe ended their careers with the Orioles. I always liked Gary and enjoyed his camaraderie with Palmer, but Jon was my man, and I wish Miller could have finished his career here, too. But there’s nothing so vindictive and unpredictable as a thin-skinned billionaire.
  22. It’s obvious moving forward all sports will have more in game options going on. These sports after years of being anti gambling now know how beneficial it is for them to allow in game betting. Younger generation loves this stuff.
  23. This is all definitely a positive. They need to partner with a streaming service now unless Roku is the answer.
  24. Looks like from the link you provided earlier no team offers a separate app. That makes sense. If teams did that they would tick off satellite/cable companies who have customers leave. The teams want as much money and access to their games as possible. They have to please both sides here. They aren’t saying to me Roku customers have access to the games but those with cable/satellite service can access it through their Roku device. Maybe I’m wrong here. The Roku issue is the key part of this whole deal for anyone who wants to stream.
  25. Ohh real time player statistics? Pretty sweet.
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