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  2. Not sure if it’s been announced, but G Rod will start Wednesday.
  3. Busy work day, so I’m currently watching the archived game. The great thing about that is after them scoring all the runs that would be scored I can basically ff all the top half of the innings so I can focus on Means’ start. It helps after a long day.
  4. So, he needs to pitch better? 😐
  5. I’m going to the game in Akron. Gotta see the baby birds.
  6. For all the Yankee fans here… http://www.catster.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/grumpy-cat-meme-18.jpg
  7. The above and built in bias against the really poor teams. If they threw strikes they would have won more games???? Most questionable calls go against the really poor teams. Electronic calling of balls and strikes which I have wanted for years would help.
  8. Given the 300 times we’ve seen a pitch squirt out of his mitt, I seriously doubt this was intentional in the slightest.
  9. A couple more nice plays by Gutierrez tonight. This guy makes the sidearm throw coming in with the best of them.
  10. With that almost botched catch at the end? Given what transpired last year ...
  11. Credit where it’s due. Sulser came in with runners on 1st and 3rd and two outs, got the third out and pitched a clean 8th inning. Wells made it interesting with two fly outs to the wall, then got the third out on a “routine” pop out that squirted out of Severino’s glove momentarily before he snagged it. So. 7 outs and no baserunners for the pen, preserving a 2-0 lead. Good job.
  12. Terrific outing by Means tonight. I think he’s especially tough for teams that don’t see him a lot. Glad to see Sulser strand his runners and then have the bullpen close it out without incident. The O’s had lost Means’ last 8 starts even though he pitched pretty well in 6 of them. Nice to see them finally win one for him even though the offense went to sleep after the first inning.
  13. Jeez! Seve almost drops the final out!
  14. Hopefully the D Bags get a win over Atlanta tonight.
  15. Fan was taunting him and he hit a double. On the next batter the ball got past the catcher but hit right back to him off the wall I believe. Means took off and was thrown out at 3rd.
  16. I like Gutierrez. I am much more forgiving of a terrible bat if it comes with an excellent glove
  17. so I scanned what I missed...John Means doubled and got caught stealing??? Getting in the car to drive home, hopefully I will hear an uneventful 9th and a W
  18. Wells is warming up for the 9th it seems.
  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started at Delmarva. 46.2 innings there isn’t much. But they’d move him quickly if he got off to a good start, like they did with a lot of pitchers this year.
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