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  2. I'm also irked (it doesn't take much) by how they manipulated Hays' eligibility.
  3. I don’t disagree. They were each graded at 40, which equates to $2 mm each in surplus value.
  4. School budgets: Baltimore County $2.17 bb Montgomery County $2.68 bb Prince Georges Count $1.8 mm DC $918 mm Howard County $972 mm Ann Arundel $1.27 bb That’s an annual expenditure, not a one-time expenditure on a stadium.
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  6. Not trying to be insulting but I don't consider Stewart or Martin prospects of note.
  7. Maybe not, but if he’s as good as expected, he’ll be worth more than the $180 mm in surplus value. So that’s factored in. I can’t wait to see that guy play — against other teams!
  8. Well, sure. At some point maybe I’ll look at their 2019 list in detail and see what changed. On a quick look, last year we only had 32 players ranked 35+, this year we have 40. Stewart and Martin graduated from last year’s list and Jackson was returned to his team.
  9. Wow, that is insane valuation for Wander. I know he is #1 prospect but is *anyone* that much of a sure thing to be that good?
  10. Until you wrote this, I hadn’t realized how long it had been since anyone hit .350. Last qualifier to do it was Josh Hamilton in 2010.
  11. They added 1-1 and didn't promote anyone of note. Would have been a disaster for them not to have improved at all.
  12. It’s an upgrade over last year but isn’t going to wow anyone. For me it comes down to this: it’s really hard to have an elite farm system unless you are getting your share of the international talent. And that takes time to (1) ramp up to acquire, and (2) bubble up to the stateside teams where they can be evaluated for purposes of a list like this. I figure it’ll be at least 5 years before our MiL teams from the top down include our fair share of players we signed internationally.
  13. Yeah, a lot of it deals with race. And there's a lot of over-romanticizing about the game. A lot of old people saying what the game means and represents. I mean, I'll take anything at this point.
  14. So this guy throws a baseball across a lake and I can't hit a golf ball across a pond to save my life.
  15. I think it's less prevalent but still a thing.
  16. So going by this and CoC top college pitchers are still getting overused. A lot of starters at the MLB level barely top 165 innings pitched now.
  17. Except on his team to lose. (He just doesn't bet if he thinks they will lose)
  18. That isn't exactly promising considering they picked 1-1 last year and recently had a talent sell-off.
  19. LSU played something like 70 games that year. McDonald threw 152 innings and struck out over 200. That seems like a lot of innings for a 21-year-old to throw in three months or so. For a comparison the SEC leader in innings in 2019 had 118. ACC leader had 113. Although some guy named Grant Judkins threw 165 innings for Iowa last year. He started 30 of the team's 55 games.
  20. Fangraphs has now put up its own chart similar to the one I was keeping: https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2020-prospect-list/summary?type=0&filter=&pos=&team=sfg&sort=-1,1 Their numbers vary slightly from mine and they have the Giants ahead of us, moving the Orioles down to 11th of the 20 teams they’ve graded. They also show partial valuations of the 9 teams they haven’t graded, just based on the players those teams placed in their overall top 100 who are on those teams (each of whom was graded in that process). Based on that, the Padres, Dodgers and White Sox are already ahead of us before the rest of their non-top 100 players have been graded. You can’t tell if any other teams are likely to pass us. By their model, our four players ranked 50 or higher are worth $138 mm, whereas the other 36 players that they graded at 35+ or higher are worth $69 mm. Of the other teams that haven’t been fully graded, their grade 50 or higher players are worth less than ours, but some are close. So, whether they pass us depends on how much depth Fangraphs thinks they have. Oh yeah — they put a value on grade 80 Wander Franco — $180 mm. He’s worth more than 7 teams’ entire farm systems all by himself, by this model. No pressure though. Here’s an accompanying article: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/in-progress-farm-system-rankings-are-now-on-the-board/
  21. I'm imagining Pete Rose playing this game with friends and betting on everything.
  22. He's an Oriole prospect. The odds of him tearing something trying that are... 94%?
  23. I can see Wrigley Field. Hit it down the deep RF line, and have it get caught up in the ivy*. But Toronto? The CFer and RFer must have collided and knocked each other out. * Description from AP article 5/25/99 "Millar's fly ball with two outs in the ninth inning off Aguilera went over Sammy Sosa's head, hit the ivy-covered wall and bounced away. When the Cubs right fielder couldn't find the ball, Millar circled the bases for a homer."
  24. So, he had a chance against the recent O's?
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