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  2. I don’t know why you’d say it’s safe to say Mountcastle will beat .799. Players have their ups and downs and there’s no telling where Mountcastle will land. He’d need to put up almost an .850 OPS the rest of the way to end up over .799 on the year. I’m not saying he can’t do it, but I sure wouldn’t say it’s “safe” that he will. To my point,Nick had an .860 OPS at the end of August of his rookie year, had been scorching hot for 2.5 months (1.140 OPS in August) and then OPS’d .599 in September/October to get to his .799 overall number.
  3. It's good to see him hitting well. IIRC this is around the same time last year that he was brought up and started mashing, maybe he performs well in August and September. I would like to see an increased walk rate, though.
  4. Went back to check out Markakis’ first year stats. Mountcastle will end up doing better due to the power. Markakis ended year with .799 OPS. Think it’s safe to say Mountcastle bests that. He has already out homered Nick and is 2 doubles away from Nicks freshman year tally. Interesting note: Markakis walked 43 times rookie year for a 7.9% of PA.
  5. Manny Machado has been very hot lately. He’s leading the National League in RBI with 75, while currently posting an .884 OPS (145 OPS+). He has a 1.183 OPS over his last 25 games.
  6. He almost did that last month (9.5%), when he had a .656 OPS for the month. I’d prefer he just hit well.
  7. Seems incredible his OPS is closing in on .800 despite the putrid start.
  8. Let's see him have a 10% walk rate for a month.
  9. Grow the bats buy the arms.
  10. Good question. Eddie didn’t. Cal didn’t. Not sure who else would even be a candidate. Edit: Jim Gentile did it in 1960, leading the team with 98 RBI and finishing second in the rookie of the year voting. His teammate, Ron Hansen, won Rookie of the Year and finished third on the Orioles with 86 RBI, behind Gentile and Brooks Robinson.
  11. Lost in last night’s debacle was a pretty decent long relief job by Akin: 3 shutout innings allowing only one hit. He only threw 35 pitches, 26 for strikes. Maybe the Yankees were just coasting by then, but the minutes Akin departed, they ambushed Anderson for four runs in an inning. So, I’m inclined to give Akin credit for his successful outing.
  12. And he’s been far from perfect in his time here. He’s only throwing 60% strikes which is not high enough for a guy like him. He’s only throwing a first pitch strike 55.7% of the time. I’m seeing way too many pitches that are too high to tempt a matter to chase, or otherwise too far out of the strike zone. This is not the Alex Well who had a lot of success in the minors. Another big problem I see is that his change-up is only 5 mph slower than his fastball. Not enough there to throw off a batter’s timing, especially when the batter isn’t gearing up for premium heat in the first p
  13. I believe he leads the team in RBIs now. Antiquated stat I know, but I do wonder how many rookies have ever lead an O's team.
  14. I fully expect him to hit like Markakis did the last two months of his rookie season. At least, that was my hope for him going into year. Take some knocks first half of year or so then go off the last couple months showing that he is a legit middle of the order MLB bat.
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  16. Ryan Mountcastle appears to be heating up, hitting .359/.405/.744 over his last ten games. He’s had four consecutive multi-hit games, going 10 for 17 in that stretch. Overall, his OPS is back up to .775 after slipping as low as .724 on July 20. I’m hoping he can finish the season strong and give us something to look forward to in 2022.
  17. Pinto with some video from The Verge:
  18. All in good time. They will need a spot for Zimmerman at some point and if Baumann has a couple more good starts at AAA he could be called up.
  19. O's don't need a 5th staters until August 14th. And they need to open a spot for Tyler Wells to be activated fro the IL.
  20. Is he cromulent? Perhaps a "Natural"? We love the flow and the use of "Mountcastle" as a verb! @OrioleDog
  21. Wells has to be perfect. That is and always has been the case with him. If he isn’t going to have pinpoint command and control, he will get hit hard.
  22. Very possible. I know Jon acts connected but I don’t know if he is or not. Either way, I can see this being true. And this is the exact stuff that would make me say the deal was terrible. I don’t feel DD did a bad job at all with the Manny trade, it just hasn’t worked out because of the Diaz and Pop injuries and the Kremer set back. That being said, if you let higher ceiling prospects go for quantity, that’s where I have an issue.
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