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  2. Well, he did win MLB’s international scout of the year award in 2012 with us. And, he did hold the title Executive Director of International Recruiting, which to me sounds at least as lofty as Perez’s Senior Director of International Scouting. But obviously, the O’s did not commit many resources to the main markets in the Dominican and Venezuela while Ferreira was here.
  3. Maybe Elias doesn't like talking to fans. DD didn't have any issues doing the fan Q and A's. There goes the narrative that he is more outgoing than DD.
  4. Great post ... I agree with you. And the Nationals TV rights upheld this summer are about $60 million per season. So the Orioles allocation is certainly more if just slightly
  5. Just like ex-Oriole Gregg Olson intentionally walking Barry Bonds with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth when the D-backs were up by 2 runs with 2 outs. Uncle Buck told him to do it.
  6. Tony-OH


    I really think this is where it's going.
  7. Philip


    He will be designated as soon as someone better is available, but that can be literally said of everybody on our roster. Everybody on anybody’s roster, for that matter.
  8. Taking a pick from the team that signs a player away from another would be doing that. The “good teams” never or rarely pick at the top of round 1. No comp pick is better than a 3rd rounder.
  9. Philip


    No matter how modern the game, It remains funny when the catcher sets his glove down and away, and the picture throws up and in.
  10. Elias did trade away millions in slots last signing period.
  11. According to baseball reference, each team is guaranteed just over $200 million from revenue sharing + national revenue share (TV contract, merchandising, etc.). https://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Revenue_sharing And that doesn't include local revenue (of which they would get 52%) I know they are other expenses besides just player salaries, but I'm not sure why every teams can't afford a minimum $150 million player payroll. I bet this comes up at the next CBA.
  12. Fred I think we understand now was not the big deal he was touted to be. He threw Dan a couple bones, and then disappeared. He did not have nearly the title nor stature within the Orioles organization nor recent track record that Perez had with the Indians. But nevertheless, both of the bolded above were during the time when the O's very clearly stated they would not really be participating internationally outside of the Pacific and Cuba. And they did just that with Chen, Uehara, Urrutia, and Alvarez. Gonzalez was a nice bonus pluck out of the Mexican league that required no real international scouting effort like Moose's 17 year olds do. That all changed at the end of last year during the ownership handoff to John and Lou. They stated it changed very clearly, then followed up in a big way. There just isn't much to go on other than pure skepticism, which again, I do get.
  13. I think there are some pretty harmful bacteria breeding in that particular culture.
  14. https://www.progressiveboink.com/2012/5/31/2995814/yankeesfans-gif-animated-yankee-enthusiasts-story
  15. Elias, take a look at what you've done. baby, now we got bad Blood!
  16. Today
  17. Just need to hire Sweat and Tears and we're on our way. Reminds me of the beginnings of the Oriole Way.....back in the day.
  18. What a great thread. And this time I voted.
  19. So is Dan Duquette smiling or not? hmmmmmm
  20. I don't think Elias has much say, if any, on who the Orioles hire to run their business operations.
  21. I looked through the position players and pitchers that because FAs listed on MLBTR today. I see nothing that will help the O's.
  22. Fred Ferreira was a very big deal and him joining Dan didn't change things. The way they handled their International pool last year, specifically allowing themselves to be outbid substantially on the Cubans, is what led me to believe that it was possible that ownership wasn't willing to fully fund the International market. That and how pleased ownership was with the Gausman trade (which was mostly about shedding payroll). When ownership is obviously concerned with lowering costs and at the same time they are not spending what they could on players, I think it is fair to question finances.
  23. As a long time season ticket holder who has paid a lot of money over the years to watch an often miserable team, fanfest was one event I could look forward to with pleasure. My family and I attend and enjoy it. We don't care about autographs, but always enjoy the sessions where the GM and Manager can be optimistic, some players appear, etc. To me, it makes up for a little rebuilding pain. I will be very disappointed if they don't have it. I know a lot of what is said is too optimistic, but it's nice to see people on a nearby stage instead of a bunch of uniforms at a distance.
  24. It’s funny how Gerardo Parra is now something of a cult hero among Nats fans, with his Baby Shark walk-up song and people wearing shark costumes in the crowd. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/10/21/how-baby-shark-became-anthem-nationals-season-world-series-run/%3foutputType=amp Parra is being given a lot of credit for loosening up the Nats’ clubhouse. His arrival preceded the Nats’ turnaround by just a couple of weeks.
  25. But why wouldn't it be? Before Elias was even hired, we heard from ownership that they were reversing course on the international market and that tied into the Duquette trades. Then we heard that again from ownership and Elias during his initial press conference. Then Elias hired Perez. Since the Duquette trades, there's never been one shred of evidence pointing to the fact that ownership was going to put a lid on spending those funds! Yes, Peter did in the past, but the club has been pretty transparent about that AND about reversing course on it. It's just skepticism for the sake of being pessimistic. Which I definitely get because Orioles. But as soon as Perez was hired - who is a very big deal in his area of expertise - it was obvious the game done changed.
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