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  2. Thanks Pandora! Almost Friday... Nice fan made vid! And like the youboob description says, I am in NO WAY advocating the use of cocaine! The WORST drug I ever tried. Nasty stuff.
  3. Offhand I’m not inclined to buy this logic without seeing some detailed evidence. I don’t see why power pitchers would flame out in a hot humid climate more than other types of pitchers. Ryan, Gibson, Richard, Scherzer, Strasburg, Smoltz, and Darvish all topped 250 strikeouts in locales that were at least as hot and humid as Baltimore. You’ve been listening to Rick Dempsey make excuses for our pitchers for too long.
  4. That's one of my Ryan Mountcastle risk factors. Can you trust anyone's 2019 AAA numbers? Jace Peterson is still a guy who'll OPS .674 in the majors.
  5. In all of MLB history there have only been five seasons where a 1B/LF/DH with less than 30 walks and less than 10 steals had a 5+ WAR. And only 13 with four+ wins. Rk Player WAR/pos BB SB Year Age Tm Lg G PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI IBB SO HBP SH SF GDP CS BA OBP SLG OPS Pos 1 Felipe Alou 6.3 24 5 1966 31 ATL NL 154 706 666 122 218 32 6 31 74 6 51 12 2 2 11 7 .327 .361 .533 .894 *378/956 2 Joe Medwick 6.0 30 4 1935 23 STL NL 154 670 634 132 224 46 13 23 126 59 4 2 15 .353 .386 .576 .962 *7 3 George Burns 5.9 23 8 1918 25 PHA AL 130 545 505 61 178 22 9 6 70 25 8 8 .352 .390 .467 .857 *3/79 4 Garret Anderson 5.1 30 6 2002 30 ANA AL 158 678 638 93 195 56 3 29 123 11 80 0 0 10 11 4 .306 .332 .539 .871 *78D/H 5 Charlie Hickman 5.1 15 9 1902 26 TOT AL 130 564 534 74 193 36 13 11 110 15 7 8 .361 .387 .539 .926 *37/41 To be a 5 or 6 win player In today's offensive environment Mountcastle is going to have to OPS something like .950 (which will require hitting well over .300) unless he unexpectedly is a really good LFer.
  6. As long as it climbs faster than the innings expected from a starter falls. To get to 250 strikeouts in 170 innings a pitcher has to be around peak Randy Johnson strikeout rates. I think even MLB will make some changes if the average starter is getting 12 or 13 K/9.
  7. Just noticed. The Baltimore Orioles youboob channel avatar, the Bird has a mask "ON". 😛
  8. That's an interesting thought, but don't know if I've ever seen any evidence that points in that direction. I really don't know if it has any credence. The hardest part about getting 250 Ks today is pitching 200+ innings.
  9. Here's some video, and more importantly some SOUNDS.
  10. #50THANNIVERSARY On this day in 1970 the Orioles lost to the Detroit Tigers 4-2 in Tiger Stadium. Winning pitcher Les Cain held the Birds to just 4 hits on the day by Don Buford (2), Davey Johnson and Andy Etchebarren. Jim Palmer took the loss, his sixth, with a 6.0 inning effort in which he surrendered 3 runs on 9 hits and struck out 2. Palmer also surrendered a homerun to Don Wert. BOX SCORE
  11. How much did a September call-up help Schoop? He made the OD roster the next year and put up a mighty .598 OPS. Of course, his 4th year of Arb wouldn’t have mattered, the way things worked out. But I’d still say he would have had more trade value in July 2018 if teams had an extra year of potential control to play with. I don’t want to belabor the point. I’m sure with some thought I could come up with 25 examples of players who struggled the year after a September call-up but turned out to be good players, and 25 examples of guys who did really well after a September call-up. None of that is going to change anyone’s mind. At the end of the day, it’s unprovable whether a call-up would have benefited Mountcastle, and we won’t know for 6 years whether an extra year of control would have been important or not. At some point we just need to move on and stop obsessing with this point.
  12. If he isn’t a major league player then none of this matters anyway. Great point. Obviously I agree he could benefit from seeing pitching and learning from it. I said as much in my post. Selfishly I wanted Mountcastle up sometime in the middle of the year last year. I thought he was ready. I think the odds are more remote the O’s see harm down the line, meanwhile, the potential benefit that you can effectively extend your competitive window by a year is signficant.
  13. It isn’t about salary as much as it is about control. So it does matter.
  14. The argument is, if you are a service time manipulated guy, you are definitely a super 2 guy. So you are going to be one of the relatively rare guys who is under arbitration for 4 years. So, in the worst case scenario where you don’t end up that good, you aren’t tendered that long, so it never mattered. In the best case scenario, guys who are actually good enough to be tendered that long are essentially being paid free agent prices in their 4th year of arbitration anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. At least it doesn’t matter enough to hold a guy back.
  15. How much did it help Means? I think Mountcastle could have benefited from facing major league pitching, perhaps it would have helped him realize that just because you can make contact with a pitch it doesn't mean you should swing at it. He also could have used more reps in the field. Going into the offseason with that kind of experience to build off of couldn't have hurt. As for the extra control? Will he: Still be a major league player? Still an Oriole? Worth paying Arb 4? Not playing under an extension? All of the above assume no changes in the CBA. I think the odds are pretty remote the O's see any benefit down the line.
  16. Ah, well if that’s your argument, I think you’re wrong. I’m generally in the camp that players need time to acclimate to each level. Mountcastle might end up being a good+ player but he likely won’t approach that level for a year or two. Fortunately the team’s best chance to be good won’t happen for three or so years, which would mean Mountcastle has a chance to be on a competitive team under control for 4 years. Sure there is a chance the CBA changes, but I doubt it would immediately eliminate this manipulation and even so you may as well play under the rules as the exist.
  17. Updates initial post again with intrasquad game info, including a couple potential injuries.
  18. It’s similar to Posey. Both have stuff outside of baseball they are dealing with and taking this time off to deal with it is a better decision.
  19. Yea, for a top prospect. I'm making the argument that the team would have benefited more from having Mountcastle up last September than will occur from him perhaps becoming a Arb 4 player.
  20. For sure. I think most here agree that gaming service time is not a great look and maybe shouldn’t be allowed but it is and it would be silly to not take advantage of it (assuming that’s what is going on).
  21. It’s all Dungeness crab out here on the left coast. There is a culture built around it. Crab is a Christmas tradition. But it doesn’t taste nearly as good. A friend of mine, born and raised in LA, still randomly brings up the time...twenty years or so ago...that I took him to a Baltimore diner and he had a soft shell crab sandwich.
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