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  2. No one's is. I'm pretty sure I remember the line drive at people thing, but it might not have been all the time.
  3. I don't remember that. I remember him pulling a lot of foul line drives. Not that my memory is always accurate.
  4. I think last straws are irrelevant. I think it is all down to if ownership will OK cutting Davis with the money owed and I don't think things like that are going to influence their decision. The evidence has been overwhelming for some time that the Davis contract is a total loss.
  5. I have a feeling you’re reading the tea leaves correctly. Also, as much as I have no disdain for Davis I do think that he’ll be elsewhere somehow some way at the season’s outset and the fans clamoring for that roster weight to be gone can exhale. It’s difficult to see him having any role in any way with this administration and changing roster. If true, the refusal to fix the swing could be the nail in his O’s coffin. I hope it both ends well and opens a door for someone else to excel. Fingers crossed for another step forward for Trey Mancini!
  6. I remember the announcers constantly saying that Rick Dempsey hit more line drives right at fielders than anyone ever. Today we'd just look at his batting average on line drives and we'd know for sure. I have my doubts.
  7. Yes, I was wondering how much was taken from the playbook of Spock, who once said, “I’m going to guess.” And guessing is great. It makes it so much easier to while away the idle moments between the final out of the World Series and the first pitch of spring training. But it does have its drawbacks…
  8. There's a lot more to it than that. Iceland made the last World Cup and did quite well in the prior European Championships. They have as many people, and presumably similar numbers of elite athletes, as Southern Maryland (Charles, Calvert, and St. Mary's Counties). US Soccer could be quite competitive with the talent pool they currently have, but the development system and culture and management of US soccer is somewhat lacking. Iceland has 3000 people with their A license, which is what's required to be a professional-level soccer coach, in a population of about 300k. I don't know, but the US might not have many more than 3000 people with an A license and we have 300 million people. Kind of like the Dominican and baseball. San Pedro de Macoris is famous for producing players and it has about as many people as Harrisburg. I doubt it's because they have an unusual number of exceptionally elite athletes. But having said all that, it wouldn't hurt US soccer if all the best athletes stopped playing football and other sports and moved to soccer. Although Le Bron would be an unusual soccer player at 6' 9". Peter Crouch looks like a giraffe on a soccer pitch and he's 6' 7".
  9. Some use the term wishful thinking. It is more art than science.
  10. I don’t know how to make projections. Is it just a linear prediction based on past performance? If not, then how is a performance that doesn’t fit a linear projection calculated? Do we predict offensive improvement from Sisco because his walk rate increased and his K rate went down? If so, how much? Do we predict Hays to be injured “this long” because he was injured “that long” in the past? I have no idea. I agree that our offense will be OK( but not from catcher) and our defense will be improved, and that the facepalms will mainly be cause by pitching, But I can’t get beyond that.
  11. I'd like to think Davis rejecting the suggestions to work with someone and work on swing changes over the offseason was the last straw, realizing he'll have a chance in ST to prove otherwise. Even with decision makers wanting to give him every opportunity given the size of the contract, refusing suggestions and refusing the plan for improvement might have done the trick.
  12. I’m glad to help and do the looking for O’s fans down here in Sarasota. I’ll take all the questions that fans like us can think of. Firstly it’s important to realize that the administration is still new so some of the things we’ve been accustomed to are quite different. I think that looking at age level you can take a look at levels of amateur experience first. If a player has performed in college then they may not need as much rookie league seasoning after being drafted so start their career in short season A. Maybe we’re talking about 21-22 years old here-post college. If less college experience and perhaps a younger age, then that’s what the rookie league is for. Also, there are international players who have signed even younger (15,16,17) and their clock could be different. The age of the GCL’s pitchers was older relative to their league so their solid performance was somewhat expected. They averaged 22 years and others were in the 20 range. As an aside, there were several Dominican Rookie League guys added to the GCL O’s in-season and none made an impact although Ricky Castro got some playing time and lead off ABs. Regarding the players’ chances of making the bigs or closing in on it my thought is this. If you look at the previous decade of O’s rookie league teams they’d have one or maybe two guys that stand out but really lots of players who did not maximize their pro opportunity. The two who stand out are Schoop and Eduardo Rodríguez. I think it’s reasonable to think that there will be years where there will be more and I was particularly impressed with this group. That’s a very intelligent question and for me, the fun of baseball is in watching the answer happen. Also, I mentioned the need to squint. From the guys I mentioned, it would not shock me to see Nick Roth or Mason Janvrin use what they’ve got to move up and deserve some closer looks. Finally, to speculate on a level jump or call-up is hard to do because so many people have some influence over the decision. I’m thinking that this regime has only on-field performance and necessary experience as their valuations instead of arbitrary AB thresholds, service clock, expectations etc. I’m hoping to learn a lot about Elias’ style and methods this season.
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  14. Die-hard Packers fans have always referred to their arch enemies as the Viqueens.
  15. @Eric-OH Im really happy to have someone at whom to direct questions because I have several. can you explain the proper age range for a level? People talk about young or old for a given level and that’s clear but I don’t know the range. none of these guys is on the top-30. Most are organizational guys but do any of them have a genuine chance for a cup of coffee or more? Finally-for now, haha- what’s the best sign that a guy is about to get promoted? thanks!
  16. Welcome to the site and I look forward to bumping in to you over the next few weeks!
  17. I don't think the goal is to match the O's 2019 offensive numbers. I think the goal is to do much better.
  18. Tony, I’m very glad you were able to add somebody to the staff. You put a lot of effort into this site, and you should be rewarded with skilled assistance and public accolade. By the way, I’m also a former army guy, although nobody ever shot at me, God be praised. I’d be really interested in knowing a little bit more about your army experience?
  19. Glad to provide it. I’d think that both players provide a great deal for the organization to work with. If it’s determined that Gunnar lacks the trunk turn speed to stick in the middle, having his skill set/bat at a corner is not at a problem but an asset as I see it. Hernaiz looks to be more natural around the bag and ranging for grounders but his body has yet to add weight/definition. If I had to bet now I’d say his early movement is slow but the burden to advance faster is on him and his growing skill set. He’s just so young that now I have to speculate despite seeing almost all of his intro to pro ball. Im looking forward to seeing if he bulked up a bit when minor league camp starts and if yes, does it affect his movements in the field.
  20. I'll disagree on the WS, too many teams make the playoffs, it is a very tough run. As for the Rays, I said if the Rays can do it the O's have no excuse. I didn't way the O's are limited to copying the Rays. They should be able to spend more than the Rays are willing to spend.
  21. As someone who's never seen the Orioles reach the World Series in my 29 years of life? No. Also despite that streak, they've also only won 1 AL East championship in the last decade. My main point is that ownership can be frugal and forward thinking like TB but they are going to have to invest way more than the Rays have to take us where we really want to go. The Orioles can't exist as the Rays do and actually compete with NY or Bos.
  22. Welcome aboard! I enjoyed your introductory post very much. Looking forward to more.
  23. I was waiting to see how long it was going to take for someone to post this. Seems like a fun character to follow.
  24. If Henderson rakes, I think there’s a good chance he flirts with the list next year as well.
  25. .238/.269/.340/.609 Hanser Alberto's stat line versus RH PITCHING .241/.307/.414/.721 2019 Orioles stat line against RH PITCHING .255/.289/.361/.651 Hanser Alberto's stat line against RH STARTERS .246.309.418.727 2019 Orioles stat line against RH STARTERS Hanser Alberto did better than team average against RH STARTERS, If he were to improve his walk total by enough to get to .300 OBP only a few players remaining from 2019 would have a better OPS than him and they all bat LH.
  26. Please welcome Eric to the site folks. Eric is a former WBAL sports producer who has also worked for the Sporting News. He'll be giving us lots of information this spring from the major and minor league camps and then will give us our first looks at many of the new GCL players this year. We're glad to have Eric join our team.
  27. Good info. How would you personally operationalize that with respect to theor development plans/tracks?
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