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  2. Of guys throwing 100+ innings, yes.
  3. You don’t win many games when you shoot 33% from the floor and 25% from 3. MD was very lucky tonight. Their defense was great the last 10 minutes of the game and Cowen obviously made a huge shot, but they need to learn from tonight. Good quote from Turgeon after the game: "The basketball gods were obviously on our side," Turgeon said. "It was kind of a miracle win. We weren't very good. I wasn't very good. And we weren't ready to play, and they were."
  4. I read that Newsome led all MiLB pitchers in strike throwing percentage at 73% as well as lowest walk percentage at 2.7% in 2019.
  5. There's a lot of good stuff in your post. I'll look forward to the rest. Thanks.
  6. I'll get to the other questions when I get a chance. I appreciate good questions, I have done so much research that it's good to get some of that info out.
  7. Excellent. Thanks for the detailed response.
  8. Good question, the main reason to pick Alemais rather than Hechevarria is you have nothing to lose and Alemais will cost 655K (100K Rule 5 fee + league min) and is controllable for 6 years if he works out while Hechevarria might get similar to the 3M he got last year and if he's good, he's either more expensive or gone. That said Alemais isn't at the top of my list or particularly close, I just think he's worth thinking about and I haven't heard him mentioned anywhere else. For the Holt question, it could either be guys that fit the same profile that I mentioned earlier. So vertical spin angle, hop on the fastball, high 3/4 arm slot, above average spin. Or it could be guys that have some fixable pitch arsenal things, like a guy whose curveball and slider are too similar, or whose curveball doesn't mirror fastball spin, or who unintentionally cuts his fastball. Guys that fit the profile include Joe Barlow, Trevor Megill, Brandon Bailey, Hever Bueno, Jordan Sheffield, Bryan Baker, Wladimir Pinto, Scott Engler, Kevin McCanna in a rough order of preference. Some of these guys aren't legit options, I'm just pulling all the guys I have notes on fitting that profile. Guys that have some correctable flaws include (this is a limited list because I don't have time to extensively study video on every player) in no particular order Luke Bachar (more seperation of breaking balls), Daniel Alvarez (fastball spin angle), Cam Hill (spin efficiency of the fastball), Eric Marinez (release consistency), Andrew Lee (cuts his fastball), Kurt Hoekstra (cuts his fastball).
  9. I know. I was joking. I appreciated him asking for questions. It just struck me as funny that he asked for questions over an hour ago and he hasn't posted since. Maybe I asked bad questions.
  10. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/fredi-gonzalez-orioles-coaching-staff
  11. Maybe he isn't on call 24 hours a day.
  12. @Luke-OHSo when you said you'd be happy to answer any questions.....
  13. I don't see how beating the Cowboys is impressive. The Cowboys lost to the Jets and are 6-7. Two wins against the Giants, One against the Dolphins, one against the Redskins and one against the Lions. The Cowboys are a terrible team. I would say the Bills have only beat the Titans among quality teams. While the Ravens have beaten the Patriots, Texans, 49ers, Steelers and Seahawks. I would say all of those teams were better than the Titans. For games played this season The Bills have the 32nd hardest schedule, the Cowboys the 30th hardest. The Titans the 26th. Ravens have the 7th hardest.
  14. I have a feeling he's more of a guy we'd move come deadline time to a team with no offense.
  15. A fair percentage of this board last winter predicted Trey to do poorly in 2019 and that his 2018 season was basically who he was. In 2020, I think Trey will exceed his 2019 stats in every major category both offensively and defensively. Mark it down....December 2019 prediction...lol.
  16. Expound on the electric Wandisson Charles. What holds Hever Bueno back? If Cody Thomas and Buddy Reed haven't figured it out by now, why should we be able to fix them? Steven Fuentes is described as "statistically dominant" and blah stuff. Not likely to translate at MLB?? Trevor Megill seems like a safe add but with limited ceiling?? Is it likely the O's are looking for 2-3 inning relievers? Not quite a starter profile but a guy who can hold stuff for 3 innings at a time? Maybe with the idea of using an opener?
  17. You've mentioned the difference in taking a guy who can fill in for the time being as opposed to a guy who has ceiling, a developmental guy. There's talk on the board about Hechevarria. You've described Alemais as an outstanding glove who isn't likely to hit much. Without knowing, they seem pretty similar, Alemais likely to be a superior defender. You're inviting questions about specific prospects and I appreciate that. But my questions, for now, are: 1- are Hechevarria and Alemais pretty similar and if so 2- why use a Rule 5 pick on Alemais if you can get basically the same guy (Hech) on the open market? It seems likely there will be a bullpen guy available that might help the O's in 2020 but isn't a long term difference maker. And in the same vein as above, there should be some free agents that do the same. I'm looking forward to your list and will have questions then but I'd guess my focus is on who has value over and above available free agents. Going one step further, you've talked about the Angels 4 return as guys with tools for the Holt staff to develop. Would you think those tools likely telegraph who the O's focus on in the Rule 5?
  18. Yeah, just not a quick twitch athlete, not very fast, stocky build.
  19. Also, my full Rule 5 thoughts will be clear in a couple days, I'm hard at work putting together my list of the Top 50 eligible players. Until then, I'm more than willing to answer any questions about certain players or suggest interesting names that fit certain profiles.
  20. He only has 10 errors in 550 innings....is range his problem?
  21. I said this about Rojas on the other Rule 5 thread (minor league discussion) a while back. "He’s hit at every level, he’s also been 2 years older than most prospects at each level. I think he’ll hit some in the majors. I just don’t know if he plays passable defense at 3B or 2B. There are better bats out there IMO if you want a 1B/DH type. Huge power types like Ramos, Gittens, etc. or bat control/approach types like Nogowski or Filia." He's definitely a name that's out there and he may get picked. He's going to be close but probably not in my top 10. Those names you quoted aren't my necessarily my top choices to be clear, just obscure names that people wouldn't hear about much from anywhere else. I shared my initial top 10 earlier in this thread (which included Barlow and Gomez), although my thoughts have changed some with the 20-30 hours of game video I've watched since then.
  22. Like many of us have reiterated, it's still early in the process (heck, it's in the thread title ). We'll start a new thread in the Spring as the HS and college seasons get underway and we'll be excited to see how things unfold.
  23. Luke, I notice you didn’t mention Rojas in your post. The guy looks ready to go and looks like he could be a steal. Unless the Tigers take him he’d be my 1st pick.
  24. I thought the game was called evenly but they were letting stuff go on both ends of the court in a manner that favored Illinois because they were more willing to scrap. The ND game imo was called unfairly against MD but we won by 19 so it didn’t matter. To clarify: I don’t fault MD for being unwilling to play dirty/foul,that’s just how it goes sometimes.
  25. I think you could be right. As I recall every time somebody worth while was available all you would hear is how weak our system was and there was no way we could outbid this team or that team
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