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  2. Watch MLB go ahead and still use some combo of 2019-20 for the draft after all.
  3. Does EVERYONE play at 3:00 est tomorrow?
  4. This is painful. The good news is that these two clowns have only one more game to announce this season.
  5. Severino makes no attempt to even try and frame.
  6. I just don't trust Tanner yet, no matter what the stats say.
  7. Yeah, we would clinch a worse record than the Nats (or a tie where we take the tie-breaker) with a loss tonight.
  8. Looking again, the Tigers are only going to play 58 games. They are winning 4-3 in the 6th inning. If the Tigers win today and tomorrow they would finish 24-34 and would have a better winning percentage than the Orioles if they lose tonight and tomorrow and finish 24-36. So the O's could still get the #3 pick, although an awful lot of things would have to fall into place.
  9. Still an outside chance to pass Boston, see my ninja edit.
  10. They always give us hell. F-ers! #citosux #citostillsux
  11. #5 works. Pisses me off Boston is still ahead of us tho...
  12. These games vs Toronto have been annoying this year. Would be painful if we were a contender.
  13. Austin Hays is now hitting .351 (27-77) in his last 20 games.
  14. Arizona up 1-0 in the third. An Arizona win and an Orioles loss would clinch at least the #5 draft pick for the Orioles (if they go solely by 2020 records). Red Sox are up 8-1, if they win today and tomorrow and the O's lose today and tomorrow, the Orioles would get the #4 pick.
  15. Gets me drunkers for cheap. Which is the point.
  16. That is an incredible waste of time and calories. I can drink Miller light but otherwise, the real stuff or nothing
  17. When Grichuk goes to the Hall of Fame, I think he should wear our cap.
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