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  2. I make under 30K, so I get all the money i put in sans SS back. I normally wait because the community college by my house offers a free tax program so I can file my taxes and get my refund without having to pay for anything. I'll be checking to see if ODU has something similar to that, but if I can get all the $ I can back, then that's more beneficial in the long run rather than throwing 20-30 dollars to H&R Block.
  3. At least one written rule was broken. That's why the Astros were punished. Sandy Alderson, then baseball’s executive vice president of baseball operations, sent the following memo to clubs in 2001: Please be reminded that the use of electronic equipment during a game is restricted. No club shall use electronic equipment, including walkie-talkies and cellular telephones, to communicate to, or with, any on-field personnel, including those in the dugout, bullpen, field and – during the game – the clubhouse. Such equipment may not be used for the purpose of stealing signs or conveying information designed to give a club an advantage. Commissioner Rob Manfred, said it was too difficult to punish the players because it was impractical given the number involved and their degrees of participation. Further, player punishment could have prompted an appeal or grievance from the players union. In other words, Manfred never said he couldn't punish the players. If that were true, Manfred would have covered his ass with it: "Boy, I'd sure like to suspend these shameful perpetrators but unfortunately my hands are really tied by these danged inadequate MLB laws." He could have and should have punished the players but he's a coward when it comes to the union.
  4. I think they should make everything based on age. It would totally end manipulation.
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  6. I agree - I'm thinking Hess breaks spring with a rotation spot.
  7. I think where he is now, he's worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He's that interesting with the bat.
  8. Jordon is currently in the #30-ish range for the 2020 draft. My guess is that he’ll drop down a bit further in favor of college players who have a good year. As things stand right now I can’t imagine the Orioles taking him with the 30th or 39th pick unless he shows improvement to his defense. He strikes me as a guy who’s top potential is Pete Incaviglia.
  9. Well he -spent off-season working with guys that helped Means (make a difference...tbd) -has starter experience and can at go a few innings -We have 2.5 spots spots depending on how you see Cobb, so certainly availability for a few guys to step in/up It's clearly not a lock, but I would imagine they will try him in the rotation at least until he proves he can't. Time will tell, but we're not rolling in SP, and I think he is among the guys that gets a chance.
  10. I don't think he gets called up 2020 either way. But they wouldn't keep him down for the whole of 2021. It would stop holding guys back for an extra year and it would stop keeping guys down to avoid super 2. Standardizing payroll would probably increase service time manipulation as a Super 2 would be overly expensive for every team.
  11. Because the O's would still send Rutschman to the minors for a year so the O's could promote the pitching they need in the majors at the same time Rutschman was called up. If all teams had the same revenue from all sources they would all compete on the same level. All be able to afford the same free agents and draft choice and international signing. It might take a year or two to stabilize but there would be no tanking.
  12. Considering he’s been appalling, why does Hess get a shot? Maybe, MAYBE, he makes it as a reliever, but how can he be considered for the rotation?
  13. That won't stop teams from wanting more cost controlled control. Why wouldn't my idea work?
  14. I don't think that does it. All they have to do in make every teams revenue equal. Easy.
  15. (I agree that without a written list of punishments for players, there is probably nothing more they can do beyond the actions they have taken against the teams.)
  16. But they were stuffing Henry around the LOS often. Something we couldn’t do with the 5th ranked defense.
  17. There are two differences. One, there was an MLB directive specifically prohibiting the use of electronic equipment. There is no actual rule against stealing signs with the naked eye, it is just an "unwritten rule". Two, it was apparently limited to two teams that went to such length, not a case of "everybody is doing it." It so happens that the two implicated teams won the World Series so it is a very bad look.
  18. One day in the majors (outside of September) = one year service time. Super 2 would also go away.
  19. How would such a thing be "addressed"?
  20. I’m guessing a rotation of Means, Cobb, Wojo, Bailey, and Stewart. I suspect Akin comes up to replace someone. Then Hess. Rucker also gets a try. Cesar Valdez seems like a guy who gets a shot.
  21. Did you toss it 60' 6"? btw - they used that very ball for nine innings! ⚾ I'm just imagining the effect on the OAA - sheesh! And the white tie and raised collar on Kennie! Impressive! 😎. Style points! I had another ironic thought about sign stealing, in general. It is an "accepted practice" in that both teams are always actively trying to steal the other team's signals. But if an offender is "caught relaying signs to his teammate", he is subject to being thrown at. Both teams do it, but both teams throw at the offender because it's "against the unwritten rules" which they are both breaking. wtf????
  22. I'm not even in favor of him making the team out of spring training. As a catcher he needs some time to learn how to call pitches. If the O's had ended up with Andrew Vaughn I could see a case for making the team out of camp.
  23. Even if Rutschman balls out during ST, proving he's the best major league catcher the Os currently have, he's not going to make the team because the Os are rebuilding. Situations like this should be addressed at the next CBA
  24. They weren’t really stopping Henry in the first half. He had 60+ yards and a TD with about 6 minutes left. They went up 17-7. The key for KC was they had a quick three and out late in the first half and got the ball back to take the lead. Tennessee only had the ball for one possession which stalled on that holding penalty that was thrown as soon as the ball was snapped. KC went up two scores in the 4th and Tennessee couldn’t run. I haven’t seen anyone criticize Reid for going for it on 4th down trailing by 10.
  25. Is she a teacher? Just curious as there are not too many places that offer pensions anymore. And those that do teach, the structure of those pensions have changed from when my mother taught.
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