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  2. Mountcastle played 21 of his last 30 games in LF, despite the Tides having no true 1B on the team. Of the 9 games he played other positions, he DHed more than he played 1B. Generally DHing day games after night games and in the second game of doubleheaders.
  3. The O's used 15 starters this season. Seven had more than 10 starts. The O's can use all the starter depth they can find. Cobb is a big question mark coming off hip surgery. And if he is good he will be traded in July. Bundy's arbritration cost will go up in 2021 so he also may be available at the deadline in July. Akins as never pitched in the majors so we do not know how effective he will be. And Wojo and Brooks are no sure thing. So signing additional starters is a necessity IMO.
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  5. Didn't know anyone remembered "Rocky"!! Had a couple of seasons where he was also a top notch pinch hitter. Good call.
  6. Defense didn't look to bad, giving up 10 points. Had a few bonehead penalties at the end of the game (That last drive from the Bengals was BRUTAL by the Ravens) Special teams was fine outside of the opening kickoff. Offense needs to stall less in the red zone, and I think Brown being out had something to do with that. Tried to get to cute and overthought things.
  7. I think it is going to be more like Stewart, sent down early so the fringe guys can get a better look.
  8. I expect him to stay in camp the full time before he's sent down. The Hays plan.
  9. If Elias stays the way he was last spring Mountcastle will be sent down after the second week.
  10. If Hyde stay with the way he has been managing Mountcastle will play LF/RF/1B/DH in ST.
  11. o Paxton had to alter his delivery after the Astros picked up on a "tell" earlier this season ........ we saw the Astros take advantage of Tyler Glasnow tipping his pitches in the 5th and deciding game of the ALCS on Thursday night. Astros, Who Picked Up on tipped Pitches in ALDS Game 5, Have a Similar History with Yankees' James Paxton (By R.J. Anderson) https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/astros-who-picked-up-on-tipped-pitches-in-alds-game-5-have-a-similar-history-with-yankees-james-paxton/ o
  12. He’s a better hitter for average than Trumbo.
  13. I don’t think so. He’s helped in the past with BA’s Orioles top 30 lists but not the league wide lists.
  14. o (ALCS, Game Two) ***************** Justin Verlander is pitching this game of 4 days' rest, after having a bad game on 3 days' rest when manager AJ Hinch went for the kill against the D-Rays in Game 4 of the ALDS. In 4 consecutive starts down the stretch between September 3rd and September 21st, James Paxton had an 0.36 ERA with an 0.689 WHIP, wracking up 29 Strikeouts with only 6 Walks over 24.67 Innings Pitched. ) ) He did give up 2 Runs in only 1 Inning Pitched in his final start of the regular season after that on September 27th, but that was after the Yankees had already locked up the #2 overall seed and were setting their pitching rotation up for the upcoming post-season. NEW YORK YANKEES David John "A.J." LeMahieu - 1B Aaron James "A.J." Judge - RF Gleyber David Torres Castro - 2B Edwin Encarnacion - DH Brett Gardner - CF Gary Sanchez - C Giovanny Urshela - 3B Cameron Maybin - LF Mariekson Gregorius - SS James Alston Paxton - LHP )) (15-6, 3.82 ERA) HOUSTON ASTROS George Chelston Springer III - RF Michael Charles Brantley, Jr. - LF Jose Altuve - 2B Alexander Davis "A.D." Bregman - 3B Yordan Alvarez - DH Yuliesky Gurriel Castillo - 1B Carlos Javier Correa Oppenheimer - SS Robinson David Chirinos Gonzalez - C Jacob Marisnick - CF Justin Brooks "J.B." Verlander - RHP )) (21-6, 2.58 ERA) ) * * )) Led the Major Leagues in Wins (21), WHIP (0.803), Innings Pitched (223), Hits Ceded Per 9 Innings (5.529), and Games Started (34), and Led the National League in WHIP (7.143) https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups o
  15. JR Oriole

    2019 New York Yankees

    What worries me is the Yankees were hammering Grienke before the game even got out of hand. They were hitting everything hard even when it was only 1-0. We will see how they do tonight against Verlander but that lineup is very healthy and very well rested bc of their scrimmage against the Twins. And Astros offense has not been great this month.
  16. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27838489/ravens-quarterback-lamar-jackson-makes-dual-threat-history-win
  17. I don't know how the Ravens manage to turn a 500-yard offense day into an ugly win, but they somehow managed. I'll take it. Still thankful that the rest of the division is filled with trash cans this season.
  18. He's old enough. He also had an ERA over 8 last year so I'm not sure he qualifies as dependable.
  19. I wouldn't mind a dependable bullpen arm. Maybe an old guy who could be had on a 1 year deal and flipped at the deadline. Kick the tires with a spring training invite for David Hernandez?
  20. Good thing Lamar is coach-proof. Also good thing Cincy fired Marvin Lewis, this is a game he would've figured out a way to steal.
  21. OFFNY

    2019 New York Yankees

    o All of that said, they had BETTER win tonight with Verlander going against Paxton. ) o
  22. OFFNY

    2019 New York Yankees

    o I'm not going to be overly concerned (unless and until) the Astros are down 3 games to 0 ........ maybe I'll be concerned if it is 3 games to 1. Houston's pitching is that good, that even if they lose a game or 2 early in the series, they are strong enough to still be favored (and expected to) to win the next game and get right back into the series. One reason why I like Best-of-7 series better than Best-of-5 series is that a team is less likely to win via a large dose of luck ........ not that the Yankees are/were necessarily lucky (they are VERY good, and they are the biggest threat to keeping the Astros out of another World Series appearance), but I do believe that the Astros are better, and hence I still believe that it is more likely that they will wind up on top as American League champions when all is said and done. I would still put the odds at about 57% - 43% that the Astros will win this ALCS series. If the Yankees win tonight to go up 2 games to 0, I still won't be panicked, but I would then switch the odds of winning the series to them (probably something like 60% to 40% in favor of the Yankees.) o
  23. ^^^exactly. I mean, do we not know how stats work? This isn’t a predictive stat, it reflects what had happened to that point, which was highly influenced by Miami. I’m sure the stat would reflect very differently after these last three games.
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