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  2. Hope you're right, but I think his inflated sense of self-importance will have him clutching to any idea that suggests he provides some value.
  3. I'm hoping it is a ploy to make him more amenable to a buyout.
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  5. Sounds like his role will be as an unofficial player-coach. 26th man on the team who pinch-hits and gets an occasional start while serving as assistant infield coach. They could hide him that way next year. 2021 they probably need his spot.
  6. Why isn’t Hays starting 90% of the games?
  7. Ruzious

    Gray Fenter

    He might have meant "Joe Kelly". I know you were kidding... probably.
  8. A simple fit would be the Indians, Kipnis is going to be 33 and will have his 16.5M club option declined. The Indians have limited payroll flexibility it seems so a 1/7M deal for an upgrade at 2B should be enticing.
  9. Realistically, for a winning team, he's a 2nd baseman who can back up the SS. Is there a winning team that needs a second baseman?
  10. Seems like Jim Hunter is probably a sucker for them.
  11. It was interesting to see how few pitches some of the relievers threw: Tanner Scott 12; Tate 15; Bleier 18; Castro 7; Givens 22 (gives up game-tying HR in the 9th); Armstrong 9; Kline 10; Fry 17; Eades 10 (yields game-ending HR). The night before: Armstrong 14; Fry 17; Harvey 11; Givens 19. That leaves Tanner Scott, Tate, Bleier, Castro, and Kline as pitchers Hyde did not feel good about sticking with even though they had not pitched the night before. Pulling Castro was in obeisance to the idea that Givens is a normal closer, which is debatable. But using Kline for only 10 pitches to bring in Fry is interesting. Maybe he was saving Tanner and Tate for today: Phillips 21; Tanner Scott 14; Tate 16; Tay Scott 20. I'm sure Hyde is grateful that Phillips and Tay Scott were ready today. It was a day game after an extra-inning game the night before and Fry, Armstrong, and Givens had pitched two games in a row and Eades was probably still traumatized and we were only a few runs ahead of the Tigers. It would seem that Bleier, Castro, Kline, Harvey (closer-role) is the preferred pack in the Monday game, if needed, with Eades, Armstrong, Fry, and Givens as the next line, and Tate, Phillips, and Tay Scott out.
  12. I just watched a very sad movie on the Kursk, the pride of the Russian submarine fleet at the time.
  13. Eades was our 10th pitcher that night, our 9th reliever. Other relievers available were: Harvey -- had pitched the night before and they said they weren't going to use him back to back Evan Phillips Tayler Scott -- had just been recalled from Bowie after they lost Friday night and had just joined the team in Detroit Both Phillips and Tayler Scott have been pretty bad this year. I bet if either of them had come in and had given up a walk and a grand slam, the complaints would have been there too.
  14. Ken Burns' Country Music Went to the Grand Ole Opry tonight for the kickoff of Ken Burns' new PBS series Country Music. Warmup act before the screening of Episode 1 (2 hours - don't watch it sitting in a church pew even if it is padded) was a 40-minute set by Old Crow Medicine Show. They were great. The show was typical Ken Burns. If you like his work, you will like this series as well. And only 16 hours total! Positively breakneck speed by his standards! Don't pass up an opportunity to see a show at Grand Ole Opry. It's a surprisingly intimate and comfortable venue with some of the best sound ever. Jimmie Rodgers along with the first generation of the Carter Family were the focus of the first episode...
  15. Rolling the dice with Wilkerson would have been interesting.
  16. Inclined to agree here, though I don't know who else he had left instead of Eades. I was late to the game too but didn't understand why he was brought in.
  17. I didn't really see that. I thought the O-line played solidly all day. Cardinals have some big boys up front but the Oline wore them down by the 4th QTR.
  18. Hahah. That's why i was laughing when I heard people saying we had to watch out for Suggs. Even early season Suggs isn't going to have much effect on such a mobile QB as Jackson. Plus, the Oline neutralized him all day anyways.
  19. Asks the question: where’s the line between too good to run on, and bad enough to be run on enough to throw out 44 runners? At some point I’m sure someone says “he has a good arm; don’t run on him”, but that evidently didn’t happen here. But why?
  20. Nick is back playing for the Braves. IIRC, a couple hits in his first game back. Will be rooting for them come playoff time.
  21. Yeah, I remember that, but don’t like it. The reason why would be as I said, the previous night he had a relatively easy outing only throwing 11 pitches. Otoh, it could be Hyde is an evil genius who knew the odds of them winning increased if he used Harvey.
  22. You’re just a hater. Hard to argue against you though.
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