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  2. It is plate appearances. 3.1*60 = 186. He isn't close.
  3. I thought that was decided and announced. That being said... adding in last year's record can only HELP us.
  4. Yes. It's wrong. Unless we get somebody real good in the draft.
  5. Another great outing. Seriously, a one hitter with 1.5 K/inning. He’s had a couple of bad innings but overall he looks even more “for real” than he did last year.
  6. It just ticks me off if Boston is ahead of us.
  7. How many AB’s does Iglesias need to qualify for the batting title? He’s only 6 AB’s behind Soto who they show in the lead.
  8. I agree. He was a little deliberate but play needs to be made.
  9. Happy to see Means end on a high note, fairly neutral as to whether we come back.
  10. I admit I am same way. Really let’s be honest. Root for the guys who have a chance to be here long term. Mountcastle, Means and Hays. That said like I said watch them not use only this years record....
  11. Contrary to Bordick, I thought Scott played it OK. He just took his time, still put the ball where Severino could make he tag with time to spare. Severino is not a major league-quality catcher.
  12. Is it wrong that I'm 60% rooting we lose this game? Draft pick...
  13. The official scorer correctly gave the error to Severino.
  14. At bat app says fielders choice only. That is an error. This isn’t Little League.
  15. Why is Bordick getting on Scott? The throw was there. I guess he could have been quicker.
  16. He often looks to me like he's too focused on trying to catch the ball to do anything more than that.
  17. GOD DAMMIT!!!!!! Pedro just catch the damn ball!!!!
  18. Severino has got to make that catch. Terrible.
  19. If they did we would seemingly be #2 behind Detroit, or #3 behind Detroit and Pittsburgh, depending on how much they were to weight this season.
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