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  2. I think as more people are tested daily, is pushing the mortality rate down.
  3. Is the "Fighting Irish" really derogatory? I think you are stretching on that one. Seems that it came from the third president of the University of Notre Dame who fought in the Civil War in the Irish brigade.
  4. Maybe you could request the moderators to change your user name. That would be a start.
  5. I watched a lot of video of him this year and I didn't see a 40 plodder. I don't have times for him, but I think he's probably a 45-50 runner currently.
  6. If you are outdoors and 20 feet away from someone you should be fine. People aren't getting this outdoors twenty feet away from others. Even if it travels 20 feet it would be so dissipated you would get such a small part of the virus you aren't going to be harmed.
  7. I think you have a wildly inaccurate/misguided view of the Angelos brothers so far. Just my opinion.
  8. Very dismayed to read this. Average age out there must be older, relatively speaking, and so quite concerning. Since I will be in Miami, I am encouraged to see that its mayor is reclosing to a certain extent. Superficially, the mortality rate (deaths / total confirmed infected) has been decreasing, but this is deceptive; it's due to the rapid increase in the number of cases outrunning the increase (not decrease) in number of deaths.
  9. This all plays right into the hands of the Angelos family.
  10. I dislike the thread title. This team was in the process of a major rebuild, there was no need to high dollar payroll. This was long before COVID hit.
  11. I didnt know the common cold was a considered a respiratory illness? I thought the problem with some of the tests was due to improper handling procedures at the test facility or the lab where the tests where processed.
  12. I have family in Florida and its a real mess, they reopened too soon, and now flaring back up and closing beaches and bars back down. They do not respect the mask thing at all. I think its pretty easy to tell the states with lower covid cases are taking the mask more seriously.
  13. So, by that logic, a negative is very reliably negative.
  14. orof t Thank you for the good wishes. I took a Covid antigens test at my PCP on Thursday and the results came back negative. I trust that office in Queens a lot--they may have saved my life from a very rare disease about five years ago--and so I'm reassured by their stating that the test is very reliable. In any case, I'll know pretty clearly now that if I contract the virus it was because of reentering Florida (I'll be there for an unfortunately extensive 3-4 weeks). Rather alarmed to hear from acquaintances there about how little masks are being used--for example, even during neighborhood basketball games.
  15. Price has made a ton of money, and will make more money. Wasnt he nicked up? As a lefty, if he can breathe and get it over the plate, he will have a spot somewhere. He will be 48 and like Jamie Moyer pitching somewhere.
  16. Today
  17. They claim you can still catch it with contact less delivery items. I read a new study, that said droplets can carry 20 feet in the outdoors, given the wind and other conditions.
  18. Maybe they should shut the comments section down entirely. Seems a lot of stuff in the comments in that post that are offensive in nature that have nothing to do with covid.
  19. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/07/regarding-the-mlbtr-comment-section.html
  20. I am sure a lot of people in Texas are trying to get tested right now. Perhaps they should have picked a different state to train in. Seems the places where players have a hard time getting tested are places with high rates of new infections. Not sure why you would want your players to travel to Texas, Florida or California right now. Should have picked minor league stadiums in areas with low infection rates to train. Seems like Houston is about the worst area in the country right now. So Astro''s decide to have their training camp there?
  21. Maybe combine the ideas? Perhaps later I will look to see if it's possible these expansion teams embraced an offensive philosophy that reduced strikeouts. 20 -> 24 teams isn't nothing, by the way, it's an additional 20%.
  22. Well we were scheduled to play the Braves as they are in NL East so that is a negative to Markakis opting out. Markakis has made over $120 million in his career and would only make $1.48 million this year if the whole 60 games get played. Seems to be a trend that the guys who have made a ton of money in their career but not making much this year opt out. Other than Price who has made more than a ton of money and will have a ton more money coming the next couple of seasons.
  23. LOL the Orioles are going to be trying to save money. They are going to have very low revenue this year. More likely the big market teams with their big television contracts are the ones that get teams to trade them great players while only taking on part of the players salaries and give nothing much in return.
  24. I don't think Price costs them anything although losing him may hurt their chances. Arguably Betts is still worth it if you believe that a WS this year is just as meaningful as any other year.
  25. It seems to me that these are among the incentives to play, other than the pro-rated salary: the extra income from making the playoffs, having a shot at a pennant or WS title, the chance for borderline/aging players to show they belong in the majors in 2021, the possibility that in the future some owners or GMs will take a dim view of healthy players who opt out, and (for a few) the enhanced opportunity to reach career milestones. Players are likely guessing, and talking to one another, about how winning the 2020 WS will be regarded and about the likelihood of going through the risks of pre-season training and then not getting in many games before the season implodes (along with the related uncertainty of the owners' interest in pulling the plug if a full playoff schedule looks unlikely). Judging from the comments I see on this board and elsewhere, I am guessing players will be all over the place as to how they value these incentives, as well as the health risks. BTW, I assume that once a player opts out, he's not eligible to return later in the season. Is that correct?
  26. Also, he has been with players and staff for over a week.
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