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Another National Championship or bust?

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    • o   Astros Players say that Yankees Fans Crossed a Line with Zack Greinke Heckling (By Deesha Thosar) https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/ny-zack-greinke-roberto-osuna-fans-hecking-houston-astros-alcs-game-4-20191018-kv6qb6s32ngzdmg6tyubdhsd34-story.html   o
    • Encarnacion definitely looks the part, you see him on a good day and I wouldn't blame anyone thinking he's a top 10 prospect in the system. There are a bunch of above average tools and good bat speed. It's the skills part of baseball that is holding him back. His footwork can get wonky at 3B and is the cause of most of his errors, but it is improved and I think he'll be an average glove there eventually. The big issue is a poor approach and terrible pitch recognition. He's a total guess hitter, he can hit spin if he's sitting on it, but it's a total guess style, he doesn't adjust or waste pitches and sometimes he gets caught in between which is even worse. I'm concerned that those are things that don't usually improve out of nowhere. But the ceiling is still average to above average regular, but it's a really low probability outcome and the floor is not making it out of AA.  Carmona looked good at 2B the few games I watched and he still has quick hands and good bat speed, but the swing mechanics are still a mess. He's rarely loaded and ready to attack on time which leads to weak contact and rolling over on pitches frequently. I'm not sure why he played so sparingly, so it's possible an injury hindered his performance. The ceiling isn't quite as high as Encarnacion, but his issues are more fixable IMO.  These guys have pretty serious flaws and neither fits the definition of hitterish, so they'll be a good test of the Orioles new player development machine, it'd be a good sign if they could get one of these two straightened out. 
    • Akin, Hays, and Harvey on OD roster.  Mountcastle after the service clock issues.  Tate as an up/down guy till he pitches well enough to stick. I think that’s it in terms of “prospects”.  Diaz might get a Sept callup but most likely the Mountcastle treatment.  If Akin didn’t get a call up last year then I don’t see any of the SP prospects getting called up either.   No point to rush to start service clocks in a 100 loss season.  
    • @Luke-OH or anyone else, what’s your take on these two guys, 3B Encarnacion(21) .648 OPS in Delmarva https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=encarn000jea SS Jean Carmona(19) .561 OPS in Aberdeen in only 25 games.  https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=carmon000jea  
    • Zero. Waiver claims if we do. We’re staring at, Means, Bundy, Cobb, Wojo, Akin for next year. With Brooks and Ynoa as depth in the MLB bullpen. We’ll likely see a 14 man pitching staff(if allowed). Also keep in mind that players must be in the minors for 15 days and not 10 once they get optioned. Plus position players can only pitch if their team is losing or winning by 6+ runs.  With all that being said, I think we’re going to see us be forced to carry arms in the pen that can go multiple IP. Basically SP. Especially considering we do not want to touch the prospects in AAA next year at all. See Akin this year.  It would be a little crazy for us to not start the year with Ynoa, Brooks, and two others like them in the bullpen. 
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