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    • Personal choice and freedom are great concepts. Imagine if the government had a state-run religion or lack thereof. Imagine private schooling and homeschooling being banned.  What you wrote would be like saying, "We can't have free speech because someone will go into a movie theater and yell, 'Fire,' and say they had free speech." I don't believe Tony supports a concrete form of personal choice and freedom. Reading his posts here, I don't believe he is against COVID vaccinations on those grounds or says it's up to a person. The key is that there are limits. Obviously, you can't hide behind free speech in the oft-cited movie theater fire example. With personal choice and freedom,  there are limits as well. You can't go driving 100/mph an hour on 95 and say it's your personal choice and freedom and that others have the personal choice and freedom not to go. No sane person would let a suicidal person say, "It's my personal choice whether to live or not."  I'm not going to get into the COVID vaccination aspect because that's  a rabbit hole I don't want to go down, and I have a feeling that if this thread goes that way, it's going to end up locked. What I will say is that it is a matter of figuring out where the limits are.    
    • Probably Zimmermann coming back.
    • They need to work on stretching out Valaika for the rotation.
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