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    • So the UFC planned to hold something in California on tribal land.  Disney which owns ESPN told them to shut it down.  And that is the end of that.  So I am guessing if baseball is planning on airing their games on ESPN they wont' have much luck.  And they were already planing on paying the players 40 percent of their pay.  If ESPN isn't paying them for games what would players be payed? 10 percent of their pay?
    • It would seem you are perhaps wasting too much energy with common sense. We will find out more about this virus as time goes by. There seems to be more evidence that the 6 foot distancing is a rather arbitrary number without much proof. They are also finding it's viable much longer on surface and in the air than originally thought. Imagine a pitcher, steps off the mound, goes to the rosin bag, then his mouth or blows on his hand...opps, new ball??? And, testing is NOT perfect. I wish some would have as much passion for life as they do for a game....oh, there is that common sense thing again.
    • I don't know... I think he knew his best playing days were behind him when he slipped to a .797 winning percentage in 1876 and could only finish 53 of the 60 games he started.  He could read the handwriting on the wall.  
    • Great to see the intensity that Givens is showing this year.  When he slammed the ball back into his glove I thought, man, this guy really wants it this year!   Are you publishing the cumulative stats anywhere?  What's our record?  Maybe you been posting and I've just missed it... I love following these (simulated) games!  
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