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    • And Goliath with the beard ready to swat the snot out of straight FB's in his wheelhouse.  BELIEVE 
    • You should change your name to Crab Supreme!
    • I bet they do now.  I guess they want as normal as possible situations.  Plus when you usually taking BP the pitcher not throwing that had so little follow through.  If you want normal pitching it makes the screen a bit harder as pitchers come down the mound pretty far on follow through.
    • Most restaurants will answer you honestly when asked where there crab meat comes from. If you are considering opening a restaurant that serves crab, you'll need to understand that some customers can tell the difference between the ill-flavored Phillips garbage of mixed species - primarily Mud Crab (Portunas armatus), the flavorless Venezuelan crab meat (which can be of mixed species also) and fresh, steamed callinectes sapidus, especially from the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries...even when covered up in crabcakes or Crab Imperial!Straight from the container, most can easily tell the difference. People who grew up eating fresh steamed Maryland blue crabs tend to have a more well-hone ability to discriminate between the real deal and the pretenders.  I know about Phillips' farming operations in the Phiilipines, India and Indonesia. They have tons of customers of their crab-product throughout the state and even the country. There's a Bourdain episode where Tony hangs with Detroit firefighters who are purchasing exorbitantly priced, metal cans of pasteurized, Phillips-labeled crab-product. Later, he makes them a delicious and inexpensive beef stew that the entire station house raves about. It's important to understand that Asian and Venezuelan crab meat are treated with the anti-bacterial, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, leaving the meat bleached white, odorless and favorless. That may be preferable to falliing victim to the annual outbreaks of Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacterial infections from Atlantic equatorial crabs. By contrast, steamed, non-pasteurized, non chemically bathed fresh Maryland blue crab meat has a deep, rich aroma, almost musky with small yellow flecks of the epicurean delight, "crab mustard." I guarantee you that if I placed all three meats plain in bowls, you could easily taste the difference. You could smell the difference, even! BTW: all west coast crabs including those from Peru are from other species which are inferior to callinectes sapidus. No "beautiful swimmers" being caught in the Pacific. However, some have crossed the pond via bilge water and have made new homes from the Mediterranean shores of France to Norway. Certain industry secrets are hard to keep. It's not hard to find which restaurants purvey the crap. Sadly, you are more likely to get Asian or Venezuelan crab to U.S.A. -sourced blue crab when ordering a crabcake at Baltimore metro restaurants. If you want to be sure you are buying real fresh steamed blue crab, you can find restaurants who exclusively serve Maryland crab or others who serve Maryland crab in season, only substituting with Louisiana meat during winter months, copy this url: https://seafood.maryland.gov/true-blue-maryland-crab-meat/ Crab Hack: if you boil your crabs in salt water, I have a money saving tip for you -- Microwave a mug of water filled with salty popcorn. You'll never know the difference.
    • David Price of the Dodgers opts out of the 2020 season.
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