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    • The main thing that would speed the game up would be a pitch clock and batters stepping out at their own risk. No calling time except for after a foul ball off the leg.  That could knock 20-30 minutes off a game although I think pitchers would have to get used to working faster starting in the minors.  Three batter minimum won’t shave off a bunch of time but it will still improve my personal enjoyment of the game. I don’t know anyone who enjoys constant pitching changes and commercials. 
    • When I was an intern in college I worked for the state.  I was shocked that half of the civil engineers did nothing all day.  I would see them reading novels each day.  I chalked it up to government workers.    But as I went into the private workforce I have seen the pattern among professional employees.  Half the employees do all the work while the rest effectively do nothing.  They aren’t reading novels these days but it comes down to zero real work being done.  I am not sure why this occurs but it seems to be the norm wherever I have worked.  It used to bother me the first few years but then I realized it is just easier to do things myself and ignore them.     In baseball there is no place to hide. If you don’t pull your weight the world knows it.  
    • That’s definitely not true, he was a perfectly good 4th starter on a playoff team in 2019. He projects statistically to be a solid 2 WAR in 2019 and at 27 the aging curve isn’t that harsh yet. He’ll make something like 14M over the two seasons. I think Bundy would likely get something like 3/36 on the open market. There is at least 10M of surplus there, probably a bit more. Especially with teams trying to conserve money, getting a guy who projects as a #4/5 SP for about 5M is a desirable thing. Also, literally the only thing between Bundy and being a #2/3 pitcher is HR rate. He’s a league wide outlier in that respect. So he’s kind of a guy a team acquiring him can dream of upside. 
    • Hit the nail on the head. If game times were guaranteed to jump from three hours to two hours per game, I would at least have to consider the proposal. This is going to have zero affect on average game time. Like you said saving 5 minutes from a three hour game isn't going to make a difference or be noticeable.  
    • The length of the game is a myth, nobody cares how long the game is if the game is interesting. Saving two minutes a game is not going to change anything the problem is nothing to do with the length of the game. manfred Is an idiot, he’s on this stupid campaign to  have a lot of rules that have nothing to do with improving the game. This pitching rule is incredibly stupid. It will accomplish nothing. Banning the shift is stupid, it will accomplish nothing. As I said, a highlight of a homerun is the most boring highlight in all of sports. We need fewer homeruns, because then they will Regain their importance, and we need more base runners. There’s a tremendous amount of drama when there’s a runner on third, there’s drama when there’s bases-loaded, or one guy who runs really fast on second. This rule is stupid. It’s not just stupid in itself, it’s stupid because it will accomplish nothing towards making the game more enjoyable, and if the game is enjoyable, it doesn’t matter how long it is.
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