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    • It will never be forgotten. 
    • I think the hiring of Baker is really just a bit of a PR spin. They clearly wanted an older manager who would give the appearance of some stability and Baker was the lesser of the two or three evils. I doubt he's with the team for more than two seasons. Just long enough for everyone to forget trashcangate. 
    • You guys can be super frustrating.  Corn: You're not hearing me. Yes, Mullins lost the job, but your point was that it was worse that he lost it to Wilkerson. Wilkerson was just the guy they chose. They could have gone with Williams or McKenna or Hays, actual CFs, but for whatever reason didn't. What I'm saying is that the lack of depth in the organization is not Mullins' fault. Elias wanted to avoid going to those guys just yet, so the only other guy was Wilkerson. They felt they NEEDED to send Mullins out or his confidence/development would be in jeopardy. Weams: You spent most of the thread asking questions that made it seem like you thought Mullins had enough value to both 1) be on the 40-man and 2) be a trade candidate for Pittsburgh. Then you say, nah, he can't throw and he's just a waiver wire guy. Which is it? And can you not see how this is confusing?
    • Manny was flashy, but I never got the sense that he was much of a talker. And even if he was unless Buck spoke Spanish he probably didn't understand half of what he said. Bregman has one of the worst cases of little man complex I've seen in a baseball player in quite awhile. My main point though was that Baker was a better fit than Buck because he's a much more easy going personality. As we know, Buck has a tendency / track record of eventually wearing out his welcome. 
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