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    • He wasn’t seen today by me, but that doesn’t mean he definitely didn’t show up.  At least for the early part of Sunday it appears you got your wish.  I’d say it’s day-to-day
    • Last years rotation in spring training was  Bundy, Cobb, Cashner, Hess, and Karns (opener) Means, Straily, J. Rogers, Y. Ramirez, Wright, and Ynoa were long relief and SP depth. This year's rotation in spring training is something like Means, Cobb, Wojo, LeBlanc, Milone Stewart, Akin, Bailey, Rucker, Kremer, Zimmermann, and Hess are long relief and SP depth options.  Just a couple months into the 2019 season, 8 of those 11 spring training arms were done for the year or getting consistently shelled. The Orioles had 3 decent SPs and no viable options behind them. Just like last year, the rotation is thin and the depth options are young and unproven. But I think we'd all agree that the depth options have more potential than last year's group. What do you think? Is the SP situation improved or will the warehouse be scrambling around the waiver wire for Tom Eshelmans and Tayler Scotts this summer?
    • From what I hear, the Orioles staff is rated among the best and most consistent.  They have a very dedicated and diligent staff and they’re mostly vets but their program puts out talent and promotes like the baseball team should.  I see some serious sweat put in to some very shiny orange and black equipment.  These guys are pros, and skilled at a profession.  The players can’t fix the equipment issues as well as them and yes, they’re taken care of by some very appreciative O’s.
    • Not today, I left a while ago.  The commissioner is giving a presentation a few exits down the highway at the Braves newish facility, so the assembled media left and I have a dog to play with. Just because he wasn’t seen doesn’t mean he wasn’t present.   Also, I won’t discount any of your theories until I see him and they are proven incorrect!  I have a healthy confidence that’ll be tomorrow morning.  If not, speculate away.....
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