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    • Its an interesting list but I wonder how many were developed well under Duquette.  The knock on Dan is not the drafting but the development.   Mancini developed under Dan.  Brady gets some credit for working with Trey.  Hader was traded early so not developed with the O's.  Guasman may have been rushed.  Could have been better than he was with the O's. Means wasn't much of a prospect under Dan.  It was Holt that helped him with the change which helped him have a good year in 2019.  They say you can't mess up the good ones but Dan certainly tried. Keeping Mouncastle at SS/3B for too long.    Scott is coming around under Elias' team. I like Dan and love the team he built in a short time after he joined the O's.  But player development of minor leaguers was not his strong suit.   He had a knack for acquiring players at the major league level and making a team into a winner.  And that is not a bad thing.
    • We drafted Donnie Hart? I thought we got him from Ny. Meanwhile, quite a trip down memory lane. Yes, overall not a bad job. Meanwhile, it’s also worth mentioning that Buck/ Dan didn’t consider Yaz worth even a cup of coffee on one of history’s worst teams, and he now has the leading WAR on the Giants, and Walker  was a gift for the D-Backs. That’s ok, though. It will be interesting to see what the others add to the list.
    • Of course they were about money, but that was slightly different. Matusz and Webb were,“Give us a token non-prospect and we’ll give you a draft pick...oh, and a declining player with a small salary, whom you can release the next day.” I think the Webb pick was somewhere in the 70s, but the Matusz pick was ~20 picks sooner. I don’t remember Dans exact comments about the value of the picks, but they were dismissive. At a time when we’d lost several picks because of signing QA guys, those picks had value.
    • Here’s who has made the majors from Duquette’s drafts so far (each year in descending WAR order): 2012: Gausman, Hader, Walker, Kline,  (20.9 WAR) 2013: Mancini, Yaz, D. Hart, Brault, Crichton, Wynns, Harvey, Sisco, Yacabonis, Heim, Tarpley (17.2 WAR) 2014: Means, Scott, Hess, Wilkerson (5.1 WAR) 2015: Stewart, Mountcastle, Meisinger, Mullins (1.3 WAR) 2016: Akin, Hays (0.5 WAR) 2017-18 nobody yet Obviously the later the year, the more incomplete the picture.  But that’s 25 players who’ve produced 45.2 WAR so far. In that same time span: TOR 30 players, 40.1 WAR TBR 29 players, 10.9 WAR NYY 33 players, 22.8 WAR BOS 36 players, 12.4 WAR Not bad by Duq I’d say.     
    • Command and Control are related and overlap, but are different things. If you can throw a breaking pitch for a strike and not walk someone, that is good 'control'. If you leave it belt high in the middle of the plate, jolly good for your control, but not being able to command it in / out / up / down can get you crushed in the big leagues. Cabrera, D. had NEITHER. I did not comment on Zimm's control, but his command, which looked sharp to the first batter, but hell, he's a rookie making his first start. It's not even a very small sample size. The stuff looked good enough.
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