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    • ESPN's post for the AL is up. And the pick is...Wally Bunker. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28941911/the-biggest-one-hit-wonders-every-american-league-team
    • Yeah and were born into the great depression. My mom here meal 6 days a week growing up was a baked potato.  Hitler demanded everyone turn in their butter churns so as to not waste milk on butter but their neighbor gave them an old one to turn in so they could at least have butter on it.  But I think we take for granted how good we have it these days.  But I doubt that is the reason. Probably more likely their children are all in middle age and are doing well and they don't need them to take care of grandchildren anymore.  They have had a good life and are content. 
    • I think that's the key. With the 26th man already, not sure they need to add another slot.
    • Fangraphs has now graded 20 teams, including the entire AL East.    By their valuation system from last year, we rank 10th out of 20 so far.     As I expected, Tampa is off-the-charts good.    They have 55 prospects ranked 35+ or higher, most of any team graded so far (we have 40, which is still above average).    The dollar value of their system by last year's method is $329 mm if you exclude Wander Franco.       And the reason I excluded him is Fangraphs graded him an 80, the first time they have done that, and so I don't know what an 80 is supposed to be worth.    Last year they valued a 70 grade batter (Vlad Jr.) at $112 mm, so Franco will be valued higher than that. Toronto graded better than I expected, slightly behind us at $200.5 mm.   We are at $206 mm; the mean valuation for all 20 teams graded so far is $209 mm, excluding 1/20th of whatever Franco is worth. So far the top teams by this methodology are: TBR $329mm+ (55 prospects 35+ or better) PIT $282.5 mm (42) MIA $281.5 mm (41) ARI $277.5 mm (47) DET $260.5 mm (39) NYY $250.5 mm (54) ATL $250 mm (27) SEA $237 mm (38) MIN $228 mm (42) BAL $206 mm (40)
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