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    • Don't mean to throw it in the face of a new guy, but we acquired Rucker because of the Rule V draft and not any inefficiency in the market.  We had space in the Rule V draft because of a lack of high quality depth in our minor leagues that would have been subject to the Rule V draft.  
    • I think the shorter DL is a factor, but long DL stints seem to me up as well.    I thought about trying to break down how many stints there were of different lengths, but perhaps that’s a project for another day.
    • MLB Network seems to show it every week if you want to watch it again. I recorded it on my DVR last month. After going to Japan a few times, Mr. Baseball intrigues me now and I want to watch it at least once.
    • Still costs $60 to park at the stadium and the traffic getting in and out is about as fun as getting a road spike driven through your skull. 
    • Imagine back a few years ago, as a "black" season ticket holder (29 games) I was guaranteed my seats for OD, as well as the chance to buy the same number after the full-season ticket holders did the same.  My first year was 2014, and I got similar seats in the field box for my friends.  The next year, they were all down to the foul poles and stayed there for a few years until 2017/18.  As an orange (13) member, you were guaranteed the number of tickets that you had, but not the same seat.   It's a pretty sad state of affairs that OD tickets are part of a five game plan right now.  
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