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    • The only reason we don't see a fair number of players skip the minors entirely or almost entirely is service time.  If there was a fixed age for free agency, like 28, you'd see the number of teenagers and direct-from-college players in the majors go up by five times overnight.
    • 1) I get it and most people jump into these discussions without reading the prior pages.   2) How would you know if I valued your opinion? Since you rarely post anything In the forum yet you regularly  use the rep button. I guess if that is your thing it is what it is.  But it really bugs me when I’m bombarded with downvotes from a guy (or two) that doesn’t contribute to the conversation. And one downvote really isn’t a big deal but when it’s a bunch of times it gets annoying. As far as “treating someone like a piece of crap”, my response is usually tied to a previous post. Example, being asked the same question that was answered by me a few pages ago, being told that I need to win a conversation or else, and other provoking replies. 3) I really have no interest in going searching for Ron White and I’m guessing it will just provoke another unpopular response. I was probably out of line calling you a troll. But, I get tired of getting downvotes from you and one other guy. And not even contributing to the conversation. You know kinda playing god by sitting in judgement with the rep button. I’d be willing to bet you’ve handed me nearly as many downvotes as I’ve given out total in my lengthy time here. I guess if that’s your thing it is what it is. But, as a regular poster I’d ask that you please post more and remove your finger from the trigger  Thanks 😉  
    • I agree, I’m okay with the service game. I’m not really sure about what can/would be considered use abuse. It would obviously advantageous to have a handful of these guys all ready at one time.
    • REALLY???? You bumped the Nelson f-ing Cruz thread????
    • I'm getting disillusioned by this board. Beating dead horse after dead horse after dead horse. I need a f-ing break. See y'all maybe when an actual Game Thread is active.   Probably post a song every now and again, because... MUSIC! IMPORTANT stuff.
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