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    • Can't pick against the hottest team in football.    The Rams' defense worries me a bit, but I think Lamar will fare better than Goff battling the Ravens' D.  Goff seems to throw a lot of picks and I like our secondary.  Peters will be motivated.  
    • You don’t not make moves for the future so you can cover innings in a 100+ loss season. That doesn’t even sound right.  We’re not good, and we’re not going to sniff being good realistically until 2022. So we might as well trade any assets that won’t be here in 2022.  At this point I don’t even buy the theory of him having a “good” first half and selling him at the deadline. Teams haven’t been mortgaging their future for the wildcard spots. Actually, how many “bullpen” games did we see pitched last playoffs?  The time to trade him is now, when there’s more teams that think they have a chance. If his value could be higher, oh well big deal. It is what it is. 
    • He's free to say that to my face - so long as he brings a step stool to help him.  😉
    • 90's.   Camden Yards opens in 1992, 89-73 third place finish.   Averaged well over 3m in attendance throughout the decade, leading  MLB.  Highest payroll with top players wanting to play in OPACY.  Ripken Sep 6 1995.  Playoffs 96-97. Five of the ten years winning record but should have been more if it weren't for two pitching coaches - Phil Regan and Ray Miller managing the team - 95, 98, 99 + run differentials (95 +64!) and managed to finish 71-73, 79-83 and 78-84 respectively.   Strike impacted 1994 and 1995, Ripken "saved" baseball.   Amazing crowds every night, the newest and best stadium in baseball, in sports, so much was lost in the 2000-2010 decade that followed.  
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