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    • Winter meetings preview by Trezza, https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/orioles-focused-on-acquiring-more-prospects Whom might they trade? RHP Mychal Givens, 1B/OF Trey Mancini and INF Hanser Alberto. The Orioles will undoubtedly want to gobble up more young talent in any potential deal for Givens or anyone else. The question is how Givens is valued in the midst of seemingly two opposing forces: his down 2019 season and this winter's shallow free-agent market for relievers. The Yankees, Phillies and others had interested at the Trade Deadline last July; both would seemingly be in the business of bolstering their bullpen again, because who isn't? Any team that targets Givens would likely do so for a setup role, rather than the closer/fireman role Givens struggled in last season. As for Mancini, he's coming off an excellent year and is growing into the face of the franchise. Still, the Orioles will listen. But they are less likely to trade him at this point unless they are overwhelmed. "We're not going to alter what we feel are the appropriate levels of return we might seek for any players remaining, especially those who are under longer-term commitments," Elias said. "We will be careful to see the right return if we move anyone else, but there is no guarantee we will be moving anyone else."
    • No worries, we don't have to rehash anything.
    • I was responding to the narrative that teams are no longer interested in " teams just don't pony up prospects " by @Can_of_corn   Yeah, I know and was more speaking of where we are now. I think if you look back most were disappointed in the returns for Schoop and Manny. You can probably blame Villar on the Brewers as its my understanding that he was sent over to get the deal done in regards to salary consideration. I'm not sure if that take is accurate or not so please don't ask me to find a link to confirm it.    
    • @Luke-OH or anyone else’s thoughts, How would you rank the 5 pitchers we’ve just acquired?  
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