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    • Two way players are mostly valued more than one way players.
    • Honestly, I think people fell a little too far in love with Santander’s 2020 performance over 37 games.   I seriously doubt he’s going to post a .314 ISO on a regular basis as he did in his short stint this year.    It is probably fair to suggest that he and Nunez are similar offensive players.     Still, I think you underestimate the difference between being a solid defensive corner OF and being a DH who is a very poor defender at 1B/3B.      
    • Exactly..they are similar offensive players. Santander plays a decent defense but nothing great.  Neither provide much on the bases.  Neither has a good OBP although Nunez will likely walk more.   However, you have people on here acting like Nunez has very little offensive value and Santander is some really good player. He’s fine..he’s good value for his salary but he’s oft injured and doesn’t walk.  Availability is a skill and Santander struggles with that. Thank you for proving my point.    
    • https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/n/nunezre01.shtml https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/s/santaan02.shtml   I find it hilarious that you're unhappy about Nunez getting DFA'dand then so indifferent for Santander.  Neither are world beaters, but they offensively are fairly similar and defensively Santander has a place.  If nothing else the view should be at minimum similar.
    • Yes that’s exactly my point. There’s no reason not to try someone else.  BTW, I remain a fan of Martin and I’m happy to let him have a chance to earn a spot in ST.  
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