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    • I don't remember that.  I remember him pulling a lot of foul line drives.  Not that my memory is always accurate.
    • I think last straws are irrelevant.  I think it is all down to if ownership will OK cutting Davis with the money owed and I don't think things like that are going to influence their decision.  The evidence has been overwhelming for some time that the Davis contract is a total loss.
    • I have a feeling you’re reading the tea leaves correctly.  Also, as much as I have no disdain for Davis I do think that he’ll be elsewhere somehow some way at the season’s outset and the fans clamoring for that roster weight to be gone can exhale.  It’s difficult to see him having any role in any way with this administration and changing roster.  If true, the refusal to fix the swing could be the nail in his O’s coffin.  I hope it both ends well and opens a door for someone else to excel.  Fingers crossed for another step forward for Trey Mancini!
    • I remember the announcers constantly saying that Rick Dempsey hit more line drives right at fielders than anyone ever.  Today we'd just look at his batting average on line drives and we'd know for sure.  I have my doubts.
    • Yes, I was wondering how much was taken from the playbook of Spock, who once said, “I’m going to guess.” And guessing is great. It makes it so much easier to while away the idle moments between the final out of the World Series and the first pitch of spring training. But it does have its drawbacks…
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