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    • What a horrific article.  If you want to call it that.  If you clicked all the way to the end you deserve some kind of perverse medal for enduring pain for no apparent reason. And it's interesting to note that there were no terrible defenders prior to about 1995.  Or at least not among the catchers and a few first basemen, which is as far as I got. (In reality almost all of the worst MLB defenders of all time would have played over 100 years ago.) Also, with any list of worst Major Leaguers there should be a huge caveat: these are the worst defensive players who were allowed to play this position in the major leagues after having been selected as one of the very best overall players in youth baseball, high school, college and the minors.  Except for maybe the guys at first and left field, they were all chosen by their teams to play this position despite the option of moving them down to an easier position or DHing them, meaning that their team's assessment of their abilities was that playing them there was better for the team than doing something else.  The teams that played Ed Taubensee or Ryan Doumit at catcher were doing so because they believed that was the most productive alignment of their teams. For example, Jason Giambi would have been dozens of runs worse than the worst actual shortstop per season, if he'd been allowed to play shortstop.  Jim Palmer would likely have been the worst fielding second baseman in baseball, far below anyone on this list.  Mark Trumbo is probably a -60 CFer.
    • Did not know that. At one time, their extended family also had a sub shop in Gambrills, but sold off a few years ago and has gone out of business. I think my family in florida would disagree with you about taste, but its all good. On a positive note, Im hearing from friends that the crabbing coming out of the bay here, is looking pretty good. very good size and flavor.
    • The Olive Grove is owned by the same family as G&M. I believe the guys are brothers. Most of their menu is Italian so they really dont compete for the same dollar.   The Maryland way of cooking crabs with Old Bay is certainly unique and I agree that there is really nothing close. But, there is no difference between Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab and Louisiana or Texas blue crab. Except the crabs coming up from there tend to be larger than what is being harvested here and mainly because they are more plentiful in the gulf. Another thought is they probably have a different sluff cycle than Maryland due to the water temperature. The Lousiana fishery is actually a bay thats attached to the gulf but a bit further north and likely cooler water than the gulf itself.
    • Not a grammar specialist but shouldn't you have used "whom"?  😉. I'm here for being reprimanded by "TEECHUR".
    • The Olive Grove is just down the road from G&M, and I hear they are as good, but cant say, as we never ventured there. My family is from here and well versed in cooking crabs the "Maryland" way, and like you said, its not the same thing.  
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