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    • Today's factoid on how to tell you're getting old.
    • There are some red flags with Greinke. Posted the worst FIP (4.71) over any full season in his career including his second season where Greinke struggled mightily. Also the worst SO9 (6.3) since his second season and worst HR9 (1.6) since his rookie season. Greinke is going to be 38 years old and he is less likely to improve on any of those numbers next season, and especially if he's pitching in the AL East. I'm a big Greinke fan and would loved to have gotten him several years back, but unless it's at a bargain, I'd prefer to pass on him at this stage of his career. 
    • Yeah, but the O's profit was better in 2019.
    • Nats “failure”. They got a ring in 2019. 
    • While Urias' range  numbers  at SS did surprise me.   His fielding pcts numbers are poor. He is 27.  There is a small chance he could improve them but its more likely he is a 25 error guy at SS in a full season.  Maybe good for a short term backup but not an everyday regular at SS.   His numbers at 2B are much better. Mateo has a better chance to become a everyday SS.   And Henderson has time to improve and some higher range numbers than I expected for a big man. As far as your comments of the translation for numbers from the minors and the Mexican league, of course you are right.  All they show is that when you compare records, look at age, it gives an indication of who has a chance to do better than than the others players under consideration.
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