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    • The idea of having Mancini come back to potentially get value for him is something that crossed my mind.  However, will anyone trade for him (or at least give up value for him) even if he is having a good 2021 season?     If I was a team, I would be very wary about trading for him, at least trading real value for him.
    • If you want to get rid of him, you've gotta let him play some next year to show that he's playing at a good level before shipping him off.  WHICH I KNOW YOU WANNA DO, SG!!! YOU LOVE THE TRADES!!!!!11 Like I said before, I think this team has had a harder time cutting bait with Davis and I won't believe it until I see it.  I felt at this time last year that there was no way Davis would be back for 2020.  And here we are.   So Davis obviously has to go.  I'd look to move Nunez and Rio Ruiz, too.  They're both a bit redundant.  And I'd have Mountcastle/Mancini between 1B/DH with an outfield of Hays/Mullins/Santander.  I don't think Mullins is a long term CF solution by any stretch and it's only a matter of time before Hays goes down with an injury.  
    • At high school graduation I was surprised to note that seemingly 1/10th of my class had the middle name Aloysius.  Maybe a local SoMd thing?  A Catholic thing?  I don't know, but it was a lot. On strangely spelled names, I'm just confused by the many, many people who use alternate spellings for seemingly normal(ish) names.  It's unclear if the parents just spelled it incorrectly, or prioritized uniqueness over their child having to deal with being named Jayzz'myine instead of Jasmine.  The next chicken I get for the backyard coop will be named something Icelandic, but also involving semi-colons.
    • Lol. I already said I wouldn’t let PR be the reason I keep him. Im only keeping him if other moves are made and you feel like he will play come back and play at a high level.  
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