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    He kept Martin and has benefited from Santander. I wouldn't read anything into what he did last year. Just depends on who is available, what the needs are, and roster capacity.
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    Was he older than you when he was playing and you've somehow passed him?
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    You have called Mike Elias a liar several times in your posts in the past few days. You have repeatedly said this was a bad decision. You are entitled to your opinion, as we all are. Despite several posters trying to explain the logic to you intelligently, you remain steadfast in your criticism and that any opinion you do not share is not legitimate. The opinion of 30 major league teams is that he is not worth his projected arbitration salary. Is that legitimate? I am done. We have beat this to death. Down arrow me again, I dig it. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I think we should argue with other people for a while. I need space. 😂
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    Mayo says "If you told me (Adley) would be in Baltimore by the All Star break, I would have no trouble believing that." And Steve Melewski says Elias has indicated that Adley will begin the season at AA. I have not heard either of this things before. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2020/11/talking-os-farm-with-mlbpipelinecoms-jonathan-mayo.html
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    If no one is going to pay him 2+ million than he isn't worth 2+ million.
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    No team was willing to pay that, so I guess he isn't worth that, not right now anyway. 🤷‍♂️
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    As much as I hate to see Davis on the roster, it makes sense to keep him until the O's find out if the season will be shortened. It probably will be if fans will not be allowed in the stand for part or all of the season.
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    31 and 90 for Nunez in 2019. 55 guys hit at least 31 homers that year. 44 had at least 90 RBI. I like homers and RBI as much as the next guy. But I also like guys who can get on base more than Nunez, who can run the bases and who can field respectably. He’s basically a 1 WAR player. That’s not garbage, but it’s not something to worry about either.
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    “Stupid move” was not exactly an in depth analysis either. Elias makes a good point, Nunez is not a good fit on this roster. That’s true even if Davis weren’t on it. He’s got one tool
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    Someone mentioned poking the bear in another thread, you're newer here so a word of advice... SG is RARELY wrong. And even when he is, he will argue til forever. He's like a terminator. He can't be bargained with, he can't be reasoned with, he doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop... EVER.
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    I don’t think so. I have a college degree and a law degree. My wife has a college degree and two masters’ degrees. All three of my kids have college degrees, from pricey private colleges that we paid for in full. One of them has a graduate degree as well. I totally understand the value of a good education (which is different than “intelligence”). But Kjerstad is a guy who chose to enter the draft before he’d finished college and take a pile of money to play professional athletics. In my mind (and probably by contract), he’s obligated to give his employer priority over completing his degree, which plenty of players do without declining their professional obligations. Now understand, I don’t think Kjerstad did this. I believe he was unable to participate for medical reasons and decided to use the time to continue his education, which is great. But I wouldn’t agree with it if he had simply chosen to blow off Fall Instructs to take classes.
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    Wow. I’d hate to see what you’d predict if you did mean to be a downer.
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    I continue to insist that the organization would not make stupid moves over such an insignificant amount of money. It is not hyperbole so say that the savings are negligible, and if Nunez had value, he would have been retained. The team gave Iglesias ~3.5 million because-wait for it-he has value, being the best SS in the system and being essentially irreplaceable at the moment. Again, same song second verse, Nunez offers nothing we don’t already have, and his roster spot is best use for someone more versatile.
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    I don’t get why Lopez is some definite to be on the 40 man. I mean, I know he will be but he’s not good. I wouldn’t keep him over a lot of the you get players we are talking about.
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    Figure Mountcastle is up all year so that makes him the strongest ROY candidate. Rutschman comes up in the second half sometime and is more of an impact player but arrives too late for ROY consideration. Personally, I’m not sure we’ll see Rutschman in 2021. But perhaps we will.
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    I was a Sisco fan as he was coming up through the minors, but I’m pretty disappointed with him. He walks a lot, but has a 33% K rate and his BA is probably 60-80 points lower than I would have hoped. I don’t blame it on inconsistent playing time, his bat just seems a bit slow. As to his defense, I don’t put him in the “not a major league catcher” category, but I do put him in the “needs to be an above average hitter to justify playing him at catcher” category. And so far, he’s not. As to Severino, he has the potential to be far superior to Sisco defensively, but he’s just horrendous at pitch blocking. Terrible habits. And, his cold streaks at the plate are very unproductive, even though he looks good at other times. Overall, I doubt either has much trade value. But I’d keep them both until Adley is ready.
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    There will be plenty of players available for minimum this offseason. Those names.
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    While I agree that this tactic is often overrated / overblown in OH discussions, it’s not completely without merit as a concept. A roster spot is more valuable on a contending team. Higher bar for expected contribution for someone to make it. A team like the Orioles is more able to sign a guy with injury or uneven performance concerns who could be +3 WAR or -3 WAR over a full season. If he plays well, that’s information discovery that improves value at mid season. If he plays poorly, it doesn’t harm a rebuilding team as much as it does an aspiring contender.
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    I do think Martin has time to improve. I’m not writing him off completely. But let’s understand that -1.3 rWAR, .581 OPS in 309 PA, 120 games requires a lot of improvement. The average shortstop had a .762 OPS last year, .744 this year (per Fangraphs; BB-ref says .772/.748). I don’t see Martin as a guy who will ever be capable of that. His path is to be a .700ish hitter with better than average defense. If the defense isn’t better than average, .700ish OPS doesn’t cut it.
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    Since Angelos and his family bought the Orioles in October 1993, the Orioles have the fourth worst winning percentage in all of baseball ahead of only the Tigers, Pirates, and Royals. I'll take my chances with new ownership.
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    I’d say maybe yes, maybe no. He spends 4-5 weeks playing with and against other professionals, gets some coaching, gets some eyes on him and they give him a program for what to do over the winter based on that experience and maybe he gets some of his own ideas of what he needs to work on based on that experience. That gives him a leg up on next year compared to not doing it. If they thought Fall Instructs didn’t benefit players, they wouldn’t do them, right?
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    There's no one left that Mike is interested in. He's already traded for every shortstop born from 2002-2004 in the Dominican Republic.
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    The first pick in the draft cost 8m. The 15th pick cost about 3.3m. Spending 12m on that pick is something the Dodgers or Yankee might do. But not a responible mid market team. There are teams that have large markets and more money as a result and the way to beat them in not trying to outspend them. Elias is doing the right thing to beat the big market teams. Better analytics, player development, sensible trades for prospects, international signings are all things that will get the O's there.
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    I'm not excited that the team is making moves because guys are cheap, especially when the other option is around $2 million, which should be chump change for major league organizations. I'm just not sure I get this particular set of skills. Now perhaps Elias is going to DFA him and try to sneak him into the minor league system as depth. I guess there are worse guys to do this with, but I really would like to think this is a transition year where the Orioles are starting to bring up guys that will be contributors to a winning future and not place holders.
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    A good swing is not defined by the results. Also, remember that SF Giants are not know to produce good young hitters through draft and development. If you are the Orioles, you have to believe in your coaches and development staff when compared with other teams. With this much in his tank, you have to take a shot on a big power guy like this. I watched some Spring Training at bats as well. He hit 4-5 HR's in the last few years. One video had him on the same field as Hanser Alberto in February 2019, lol.
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    I do think 3B is one of the harder positions to find a good player unless you develop or trade for one because they rarely are found on the DFA or Rule 5 markets. Thankfully, with Gunnar Henderson, Jordan Westburg and Coby Mayo to a lesser extent in the Organization, there are two-three potential impact players who could end up there. In the meantime, I think they will probably end up giving a guy like Bannon an opportunity at some time next year if they don't find a better alternative to Ruiz this offseason or at the end of next spring through DFAs. Ruiz is a guy that Elias had ties to from his Houston scouting days, and if Ruiz was more athletic and could play other infield positions and outfield he could have value as a utility guy, but he doesn't hit consistently enough to be a good everyday guy at the major league level.
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    I agree. The only counter point I have to this is with regards to Mullins in CF, Hays can take less of a beating and maybe stay healthy for the first time in his career. He needs to do that badly. His all-out style in CF makes him, and it might break him. I think Mullins covers more ground, and more efficiently, but with less arm and less offensive potential. I think Hays is star material, but he has to stay healthy to get there. And I think the DH will be rotated, but perhaps Stewart should get the most consistent at bats there initially.
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    It’s kind of funny how often you say exactly the same thing, when so many people have presented logical rebuttals. I am at the point where it’s not fun anymore, so I’m going to go back to shopping with my wife, we’ll argue about something else tomorrow, and I look forward to it.
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    Sounds like your mind is made up and there is no point in discussing it with you.
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    He knows how other players played at Bowie and data unrelated to injuries. Maybe he's happy with the next man up. There's lots of info we don't know that has nothing to do with injuries and it's silly to only focus on injuries as info we don't know. Maybe he's traded for 100 SS's because he was tired of our effort to corner the 1B/DH market and the roster that has 1B types being tried at 3B, LF and RF at times. Maybe he does want a team that can play solid defense all around. Although he does officially know what Kjerstad had, so that's medical info he knows we don't... I'm sure there is more that isn't disclosed that can provide more then you assume to be true. Maybe he thinks he can just get Nunez back cheaper. All that being said, money is part of it. Which has cause arguments over Villar and other players too. This isn't really a shock based on the expectation when Elias was brought in. It truly blows my mind people are really this worried over Nunez.
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    I agree with this - flexibility and money are both factors. Let’s say we give Nunez’s at bats to Mancini - are we going to get less production that way? I don’t think so. On the other hand, if Mancini and Nunez both play, whose at bats are being taken away? Are we sacrificing outfield defense to make that happen? I think a good case can be made for dropping Nunez on that basis. SG is right that the situation could change based on health, but with Diaz likely to be ready at some point, we have some insurance there. My biggest reservation about dropping Nunez is whether he has another level of improvement left in him. I’d kick myself if he went from being a .780-.820 guy to an .830-.870 guy. And I do think that’s a possibility. He’s only 27 next season and has about 1100 major league PA — that’s a spot where a lot of players hit their stride. It will be interesting to watch how he does with whichever team picks him up.
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    I suspect they tried and found no takers.
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    Not a surprise in the sense that it is the right move, but it might be a little bit surprising that they actually did the right move. The times they are a changing’...
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    @Wildcard, I agree. Every team picks up waiver claims on occasion. Good teams would do it more often if players they liked were still available when they would have an opportunity to claim them. A piece here and there, even if it is for minor league depth. The Yankees picked up Alberto, for instance, and then waived him before the Orioles picked him up. Although they weren’t waiver claims, Taylor and Muncy were scraps before they got to the Dodgers and made swing changes. There is value out there, and while it may not be exciting for some, it potentially adds to the talent base of this team. As for the Rule 5, Elias kept Martin, but has sent back the other three players taken in his time here. Elias has to take shots like this to acquire talent. Take a look, see what you actually have and if it will stick on your club. We may well get to a point where we do not take a player in the Rule 5, but we’re not there yet. I would be surprised if they do not take at least one R5 player.
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    Elias needs to get his big boy pants on and go get some real major league players for this team. I dont want to hear that the teams finances are in flux. This is year three and a playoff contender isn't built in a year so if you had a five year plan its time to start getting meaningful players in here.
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    I'm fairly certain I never called him a bust, but there was not doubt I rightfully gave up on him as a real prospect. Saying that, Steve was right in this case, players shouldn't worry about where they are ranked and should focus on getting better each and every day. Whether I rank a guy #1 or not ranked has no bearing on whether they make it or not, it's just my evaluation of them. Now, have my evaluations been wrong much, no, but it's not a perfect science and sometimes I don't have all the info or have not seen a guy enough to be make a good enough evaluation until they get higher in the system. It's funny though that after all these years he would remember that as a slight and for Steve to highlight that. Personally, I'm happy for him that he found a way to carve out 211 major league PAs, but yes, you expect more for the 13th overall selection of the draft. Considering Jacoby Ellsbury was selected 10 picks later and Cliff Pennington, Matt Garza and Colby Rasmus were all selected after him in the 1st round as well, I'd say Joe Jordan would like that pick back. Probably not as much as his Matt Hobgood pick, but back all the same.
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    I think I was pretty clear: “I think it’s too soon to judge the sons. I’m not saying they’re great...” I do not think they’ve hamstrung Elias that much. Does he have some financial constraints? Sure. But I think the bigger test of that will come in a year or two when the young talent is more experienced and they are ready to contend if some key pieces are added.
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    o I remember when Moyer pitched a complete-game shutout against the Mets, in June of 1988. The next day, the back page of the NY Daily News read "MOYER DESTROYER." o
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    Don’t know, nor do I know if they had a 40-man roster in 1994 and what the rules were.
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    Well, at least we won’t have to hear SG complaining about the Orioles not pursuing him.
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    That third-place vote for Mountcastle was the only vote cast for a rookie in the AL East. In an earlier era of baseball, Mountcastle might have been given the nickname Rook (castle = rook). Now he'll probably just be Ryan.
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    It has been simmering, but this is mostly a technical/clerical thing For MLB. They like to have the voice, the contact (owner) of the team to be only one person. 30 persons, one vote. The passing of ownership or control has been almost assumed to be passed to the Bros for several years. This just clarifies which one speaks.
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    Perhaps they are thinking that run prevention needs to be improved, so they want defense? Defense is still largely undervalued throughout the league.
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    I'm not going to believe any of these Bauer rumors until he's spotted at a Ravens game.
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    I'm all for education but when he signed the contract he made a commitment to play baseball and in a season where he didn't get to play a lot and with uncertainty looming over next season I would have liked him to have been at the instructs.
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