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    His “spin” rate isn’t very good...
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    I don't think I'll be breaking any rules to say that Bedard had a "difficult" personality. Probably more true with the media, but didn't seem to make a lot of friends in the clubhouse either. Think he started a presser by saying he'd only answer three questions. When a reporter asked why, he said, "two questions to go" or something like that. But, it could have been someone else.
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    But they have a locked in price of 550K or so for the first three years. So it's 15M a year for the last three which is way more than he is likely to make in arbitration.
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    I spent a little time putting together a spreadsheet of some of the income/expense numbers published by Forbes for 2018, so I could compare the O’s to other teams. I note, up front, that I don’t consider their revenue and operating income numbers to be that reliable, as I believe they omit equity payments from team-owned RSN’s, obviously a huge factor for the Orioles. But, I worked with what I had. I added one line item for each team: non-player expenses. That is derived from a simple formula: Revenue - Operating Income - Player Expenses = Non-Player Expenses. This should include all the front office expenses, scouting, development, analytics, Latin American operations and other “infrastructure.” Here is where the O’s ranked in various categories, with some commentary. Keep in mind this is 2018. Revenue: $251 mm, 26th in MLB, ahead of only Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Miami and Oakland. It is only 38% of the revenue earned by the Yankees and 49% of the revenue earned by Boston. The league-wide mean in this category was $330 mm and the median was $289.5 mm. Operating income: -$6.5 mm. The O’s were one of only three teams operating in the red in 2018, the others being Toronto and Miami. The mean operating income was $39.6 mm and the median was $32 mm. Player expenses: $161 mm, 13th in MLB in 2018. Forbes’ figures include not only salaries, but benefits, so they run higher than the payroll figures you read elsewhere. In any event, $161 mm in player expenses for 47 wins is laughably bad. The mean player expenses were $156 mm and the median was $157.5. Non-player expenses: this is the category I calculated as explained above. The Orioles were dead last in this category in all MLB, at $96.5 mm. The mean was $133.8 mm and the median was $113 mm. So if you want proof that the Orioles weren’t spending enough on infrastructure, there it is. It will be interesting to see how much this figure is increased when Forbes publishes its 2019 figures. I will make a separate post getting into this topic in a little more detail. Gate receipts: $42 mm, 26th in MLB, ahead of only Cincinnati, Oakland, Tampa Bay and Miami. By comparison, the Yankees had gate receipts of $284 mm and the Red Sox $221 mm. The mean in this category was $94.1 mm and the median was $71.5 mm. I have a number of thoughts and comments on this data that I’ll post later. These include some thoughts on how MASN impacts these numbers, and some of the “noise” in the revenue and non-player expense figures league-wide. But the raw numbers are pretty interesting in and of themselves.
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    Title could have ended after the first three words probably.
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    You don't need any looks. Just listen to milb radio and wait for the sound of the bat.
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    You can do both. I have faith in you.
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    Could not ask for a better opportunity for you. Your absence here will be a huge loss. Congratulations.
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    When the Astros trashcan beating scandal broke, I took the absolute silence from other teams (not players, teams) as an admission of guilt that they were doing illegal things, too.
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    Needs more Darell Hernaiz.
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    Zimmerman seems to be one of those guys who you can almost like despite going to UVA. Ben Olsen, a handful of others. But if Mancini starts taking classes in Charlottesville I'm done with him.
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    Buried at the end of his Givens arbitration article was the note that the O's are close to getting a catcher on a MiLB deal. https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/01/orioles-agree-to-terms-with-givens.html I know. I don't even really know why I'm creating the thread. It really doesn't need a thread. I'm making the thread anyway. Caleb fans, gird your loins.
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    The slight nuance separating the two things is that gambling on baseball has been explicitly called out as a banning offense since the 1800s, while the rules are totally and completely silent on losing today to win more tomorrow. Your position is that you should get the death penalty for murder because the law allows for that, but the death penalty should also apply to things that are currently legal but that you don't like.
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    Ok, I'll explain. You have 3 posts here, total. The only thread you posted in is this one. Gary Williams won a National Championship and had other deep runs in the tournament. Turgeon has not. Gary beat numerous Big 5 Conference teams in his career in the Tournament.. Turgeon has not. Gary got the most out of his talent. Turgeon does not. If you can't see the difference I don't know what to tell you.
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    The coaches panicked and totally abandoned the running game way too soon. Edwards should have gotten 20+ carries last night and the Ravens went away from everything they did right this year.
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    Mancini was a ROY candidate. He came in third in the AL. So if Mountcastle turns out to be better than Mancini, how does that not make him a ROY candidate?
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    It's a good sign when an organization recognizes and takes talent from its community. Pretty cool to think we got to see the evolution of a pro scout in real time. Obviously huge congrats to Luke.
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    That's awesome. I sorta wonder if that Shawn Armstrong tweet had something to do with it. You nailed his entire offseason plan just based on pure scouting/analysis. If something like that did raise some eyebrows at the Warehouse, then we should feel very good about the direction the Warehouse is going.
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    Cant say I'm thrilled with the offseason "upgrades" but it is what it is, I guess...Instead of lamenting though...I thought I'd share a little holiday cheer with a medley of my favorite singing impressions I performed on LA morning TV. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday!
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    Fairly certain it is possible in this day and age to watch a movie without your wife around. But I could be mistaken!
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    Did not see that. Understood. But I think most teams are probably suspicious of other teams cheating. Players talk, of course. I'm players were suspicious of the Yankees too. After all, they're the Evil Empire I agree, doing nothing is terrible. If you're going to punish the ringleaders and the franchises, not punishing the players isn't a good look, either. Hard to prove who did what but there certainly seems to be players that without a doubt benefitted. Also hard to prove that Houston doesn't win the title in '17 without benefitting from this but I am inclined to agree with you. I'd like to see Cora get a lifetime ban because...well, I already hated him to begin with.
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    It's a joke and it's very called for. Lighten up, butter cup. Again, I believe that severance is something that's agreed upon. And the Mets punished Beltran by firing him.
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    Mountcastle Age 22 season - AAA .871 OPS Trey Mancini Age 22 season - A/A+ .735 OPS
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    These are independent contractor jobs. Pay will be determined by the amount of time/effort job entails. Word Press Expert/Developer - Position includes helping to freshen up the current site with content ideas. Invision Message board Expert - Position includes maintenance/upgrades and adding new ideas to the message board to make our interactive experience the best. Minor League Scouting analysts - Position entails watching Orioles minor League games either live or through video, making scouting contributions on the message board and occasional articles. Online Ad Sales Rep - Position entails increasing revenue of the site through local ad campaigns. If interested, either DM my or send e-mail with resume to publisher-oh[at]orioleshangout.com.
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    https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2020-mlb-draft/summary?sort=-1,1&type=0&pageitems=10000000000000&pagenum=0&team= I don't know when they update, but I was looking more for who might be there at 30/39. Interestingly Blaze is listed at 29. I wonder if people would like him better as a Comp A pick. Only a few other names even rang a bell, so clearly it wasn't a super useful exercise for me. Haha.
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    Wow, multiple Tweets including Rosenthal that Jim Crane has fired both Luhnow and Hinch. https://twitter.com/Ken_Rosenthal/status/1216813978988490752
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    Especially since Hyde, Cossins and now Fredi Gonzalez all have a catching background.
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    The main reason to give him more time in the minors is that he’s played only 83 games at 1B and 26 in LF. If his future is at one of those positions it might be good to give him more time to focus on that without simultaneously having to adjust his offense to major league pitching. I don’t believe he needs more AAA time to work on his hitting. He could use more patience, but could work on that at the major league level if it there were no defensive issues to address. Having said all that, I expect him to be in the majors relatively quickly in 2020.
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    Well Elias was talking about him getting reps at second and third.
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    And I have no doubt this is true (and kinda clever). Congrats to Luke, and even more-so to the Orioles organization - and also to the Hangout for giving him the forum to show his skills. This is such great news and obviously deserved.
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    Nice, I just read this article and came to post these exact quotes basically. It's great to hear that Elias was in there telling him exactly how they'd help when trying to sign him.
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    Yea, it was much better when you had no baseline to put different types of contributions on, or common context, so all value arguments were largely subjective. If you wanted to say that Omar Vizquel was more valuable than Mike Schmidt you could do it with a straight face. You just say that shortstop defense is 10 times more valuable than slugging and third base defense and... well... there you go. If you thought Rollie Fingers should win the Cy Young award, go for it, it's all guessing anyway. All things are possible when you're eyeballing it. If you think more definitive, contextualized, rigorous data is boring I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you should move to a primitve area off the grid. Most of the rest of the world is moving ahead.
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    I don't know why we are trying to compare SS Iglesias to SS on contending teams. The O's are not contenders. Elias saw a way to improve the O's defense to help the young pitchers who will be coming to the O's in the next two years and took that path. That decision is to be applauded. If we want to talk offense then let's talk about Hays, Mancini, Mountcastle, Santander and Nunez. Even the 1983 O's World Series Champs had the "three stooges" - Dauer, Dempsey and Cruz - that were good defense/marginal hitting players. Elias is trying to build a team here. Not a bunch of androids that all have the same skills.
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    You know who had a great cutter? Bedard. He’d throw a few 95-96 mph true fastballs and then throw a 90-91 mph cutter and the batters didn’t know what to do with it. And of course, he had that ridiculous curve. Really a devastating three-pitch combo, when he was healthy.
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    It is impossible to underscore the significance of where we are today and what we are building toward … and the impact on our minor league talent. I know there were a couple of times in the last 10 years when we thought we might be at a similar crossroads with additional scouts and funding coming down the road with AM contemplating guys like Sano and DD's background and FredF's recommended big $ signing bonuses. I don't mean to disparage those efforts and the promise they once held because I believe it was largely PA who held us back from being a league average effort internationally. This time, we have appear to have real experts with real relationships, the build out of a quality scouting group, a reduction in top $ investments made by MLB, and a real commitment by ownership. Even now, it is encouraging that the right people in right international markets know that we are players NOW with real $ to spend if they have the prospects. Perez lays down the gauntlet/line in the sand: our J2 2021 class as one where we will get at least our fair share of guys at the top of the market (IMO, that means 1 top 30 guy and another guy in the next 30). It doesn't seem to require too much hope that we appear to be a year and a half away from that reality! By far, the most encouraging article of the offseason IMO and a significant development for our next competitive team.
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    Be sure to visit the Amish part of Sarasota and get some fried chicken at Yoder's. It's fantastic . You can done in or walk up to a takeout window and take it to the ballpark. Warning: if you think that, say, 6 pieces might be enough for your group, order 4. They apparently have giant mutant chickens. We had 4 people in our group and got chicken for our pregame tailgate, and our host who lives in Tampa was dining on leftovers 4 or 5 days after we left
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    This reminded me of an "Edna Ferber?" poem I had to memorize in Elementary school: "Roll roll you creaking high wheeled wagons Roll across these furrows where my strength was shed This field of corn-knees is a written scroll to show that we have toiled for our daily bread" These players mentioned by @wildcard and referred to by others must definitely all shed some sweat and "burn the midnight oil" going over the analytics to reach the heights we seek. I am loving all of the give and take here by all of you "savants" above. This hot stove brings me much delight! Carry on! ⚾
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    Bigger name then talent. He's been a bleh sinker/slider guy most of his time in the majors (62 IP). Guessing the plan will be to have him to focus on his 4-seamer and try a go improving on a secondary offering Edit: Didn't see Luke's post's above mine, so...what he said
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    Some people say we have no plan. If you are in that group, what specifically would you do? It seems like some prefer the model we adopted for more than a decade - spend money on mediocre at best free agents in hopes to win 70 games. I for one would rather suffer through more years of horrible teams if it means we are finally doing things the right way. Free agent spending is important to supplement when the time is right. We’ve also had few trading blocks lately, so meaningful trades are hard to come by. I can guarantee you that no one is paying a ticket at Camden yards just to see Jonathan Villar. They may however get excited over young players like Hays/Mountcastle/etc. Also, the possibility of another Means situation becomes less and less of a possibility the more mediocre talent you bring in that will have no place on the team’s future.
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