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    Jon Shepherd in Camden Depot insinuates in a Tweet that Surhoff has expressed "old-school" opposition to analytics dating back to when Duquette first started an anlytics department. And in the Athletic article today, when asked if he thought he would be able to complexities of advanced, analytical approach to baseball, Surhoff said: "Well, I"m not Bill Gates. But I think I can pick up on stuff, when it comes to baseball, fairly quickly". His choice of Bill Gates, a "computer guy" with no connection to baseball, probably gives an indication of his attitude towards some of the things that Elias is doing. Bottom line is when someone is fired, they often can tell their side of the story to garner sympathy. The team that fires them, however, often can't comment on a personnel decision for legal reasons, or they won't because even though Surhoff is criticizing them for the firing, they are too polite to publicly list what they believe Surhoff's shortcomings are. So you will only ever hear one side of the story. The other interesting thing is, the two players they quote in the article to defend Surhoff (Mancini and Hays) both note how they first disliked Surhoff the first year they worked with him, but they grew to appreciate the advice and guidance he gave. Basically his two biggest character witnesses led with the fact that they initially didn't like him before they move on to defend him.
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    Yesterday, I attended the Surprise Saguaros vs. Scottsdale Scorpions game at the Scorpions home base , Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Four Orioles started for the Saguaros -- Rylan Bannon at 3rd, Mason McCoy at 2nd, T.J. Nichting at DH and Alex Wells pitching. Dean Kremer relieved Wells to start the 4th inning. Overall, the game featured strong pitching and some of the worst fielding gaffs that I've witnessed at an AFL game -- including a run scoring from second base while the Scorpions' pitcher, catcher and first baseman surrounded a pop fly and watched it plop safely fair about 20 feet up the first base line. Bannon -- hitless in 4 at-bats; one hard hit ball, liner to medium center field; weak grounder to 3rd for a force out; pop fly to second baseman; struck out missing a low outside fastball strike; my impression remains that he is a patient hitter with good plate awareness and coverage McCoy -- notable batting stance, sort of leans back with knees strongly bent forward; no hard hit balls, a couple of infield grounders, foul tip fastball 3rd strike, and a walk on a 3-2 fastball well outside; started a 4-6-3 double play. Nichting -- switch hitter, batted left 4 times; looked a bit overmatched; a couple of weak grounders to first, late on a 3rd strike fast ball, drew an easy walk. Wells -- impressive; simple windup, rocks from the waist; pitched ahead; 3 pitches for strikes; fastball - 89 and 90, breaking ball 72 - 74, change (excellent) 83-85; a few hard hit balls, line drives for hits; 4 strikeouts no walks; 2 swinging K's 2 looking (completely fooled on fastballs); struck out the side in the 2nd; multiple moves to hold runners at first; step off throw and picked off runner at first who had taken an average lead. Kremer -- looked good; pitched 1 inning; basic windup, rocks from the waist; 3 pitches around the plate - fastball 91-92, breaking pitch 74, change 84; 3 up and down; struck out 2, 1 swinging and a weak fly to center. So that's 2 AFL games that I have attended so far; each breezed along: Time of games -- 8 1/2 innings 2:34; 9 innings 2:21
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    I would rather switch the Yankees with the Nationals.
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    It is new stuff, very new, but this isn’t being ahead of the curve yet, 22 teams will be using k-motion in 2020. So no longer behind would be appropriate. I think the winners and losers will be determined less by who has the best or newest technology, but by who best optimizes the technology (along with coaching personnel) for achieving measurable player development outcomes.
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    Little Yaz was never protected in the Rule 5 Draft and never drafted by another team. He was not protected in the MiLB phase of the draft and not selected by another team, he was not coveted by any of the other 29 teams or their Minor League teams. He was not a commodity worth a whole lot to the Orioles or any of the other twenty-nine teams.
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    86 OPS+, -10 outs above average by Statcast in a little over half-time play. About to turn 27. And a very large part of what value he had came from 10 homers in April and May. I have my doubts that he makes it through the winter on the roster. He just doesn't do anything above-average.
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    Hey Weamsy I'm gonna meet you in real life and buy you all of the drinks you want.
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    From an article when he was hired by the Rangers: This is an intriguing hire, as not only have the Rangers gone outside the organization for this hire, but they’ve gone a non-traditional route, as Blood had been the director for the USA Baseball U18 National Team. Blood was named to that position in January, 2016, after seven years of being an area scout for the St. Louis Cardinals — which means he worked for current g.m. of the Houston Astros, Jeff Luhnow, for a while. So he would have worked with Elias and Mejdal in StL.
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    Harvey definitely has not graduated. Pitchers exceed rookie eligibility with 50 innings or 45 days on the active roster excluding the period of roster expansion following September 1st. Harvey pitched 6 and a third innings and was called up in mid-August, accruing around 15 days prior to September 1st.
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    Did you realize he never gave up a grand slam over his entire career. Ask him about it some time.
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    @OFFNY I was talking about Game 6 '86 with a buddy recently. We both commented on that the game was already tied and how people seem to overlook that. Also wildly overlooked in that inning is the passed ball/wild pitch that allowed Mitchell to score the tying run. Bob Stanley and Rich Gedman should have been buying Buckner beers (say that 10 times fast) for years after that. But what's never mentioned is that even if Buckner cleanly fields that ball there's no guarantee that he makes an out. If you look at the replay, Stanley breaks towards first to cover but when the camera pans towards Buckner for the famous moment, he's not anywhere close. And there's also no guarantee that Buckner beats the speedy Mookie Wilson to the bag, too. I've always felt that there's a very good chance that Wilson either beats Stanley to first or beats Buckner to first if Stanley doesn't cover. Anyway...I liked Chris Ray. I liked the wild, violent delivery. It was a bummer he didn't last long.
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    I don’t think I have the stamina for him to start either.
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    Stewart struggled in his first 10 games, but over his last 31 games, he batted .280/.370/.473. Smith's OPS was decent in mid-May, but it was driven by power that he had never shown at any level of professional baseball. From May 15th onward, Smith hit .210/.272/.343 in 233 plate appearances (44 more plate appearances than Stewart has had in his career). Smith had a stretch worse than Stewart's first 34 plate appearances of .121/.147/.121, it just didn't stand out as much because it was in the middle of the season instead of his first 10 games. From July 1 to July 20, Smith batted .031/.113/.063 over 35 plate appearances. That is crashing through the earth's core. Their wOBA was identical (.299) Smith's wRC+ and OPS+ were both a single point better. Hardly fair to say Smith made more of his opportunities when he had nearly 3 times as many plate appearances and they batted basically the same. Stewart hasn't gotten the same opportunities that Smith got this year.
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    Also, an interesting fact about Vera is that his father was the winning pitcher in the May 3, 1999 Exhibition game against the Orioles in Camden Yards, pitching for the Cuban national team.
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    They also had this graph: Most Good Fielding Plays Per 100 Innings by Shortstop Player Good Plays Per 100 Misplays Per 100 Carlos Correa 3.9 1.4* Richie Martin 3.1 4.1 Jonathan Villar 2.9 5.5 Trevor Story 2.9 2.6 Andrelton Simmons 2.8 2.7 *lowest rate among shortstops Minimum 500 innings
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    I say about 13,000 or 14,000. Their season attendance is 1,307,807 with an aeverage of 16,348. It's a drop of about 257,000 fans this seaon. Since 2017 ,a drop of around 720,000. That Thank the Fan video was terrible. Just spliced together footage.No personal thank you by any player or coach.Very lame.Used to be much better
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    1) You say this as if it is a counter to @Tony-OH's point. So, we're now supposed to buy into yet another attempt to fix Davis? It's not entirely impossible that Davis turns things around, but ask Vegas what the odds of this are. 2) Mountcastle's spot is yet to be determined, yet you put him in LF without noting he may be just as likely to handle 1B/DH. Davis is not a bench player, but rather put's us at a disadvantage over virtually any other team we play, who carry a more useful player than we would. 3) One player that is reminder of the mistakes made before this new regime was brought in. While we can work around him, why should we? 4) I don't mean to seem, well, mean, but... this is one of the worst arguments I've ever seen on the Hangout. Let's not ditch the worst player in baseball because we don't want to fork out a whole additional 555k? Wow. You're sticking to your guns... but you ran out of bullets. 😁
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    No idea whether Blood was part of the thinking or implementation, but I know one recent Rangers innovation was their "de-load" program for high school pitcher draft picks. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/rangers/2018/08/12/the-future-of-the-texas-rangers-depends-on-a-seemingly-illogical-approach-but-it-could-also-be-brilliantly-innovative/ Grayson Rodriguez has a "he's still pitching - can you believe it" reference in this article about it from August 2018. Obviously Grayson and Drew Rom pitched successfully this year without a redshirt year. Texas didn't get the results they were hoping for, with Daniels taking a mea culpa this summer. http://www.rangersrounding3rd.com/de-load-is-dea/
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    You are going at this backwards. They are not going to look at the 2020 team that is not expected to win, and notice that it has a deficit of talent in the middle infield, and use that as a reason to try Mountcastle there (which would be about his 5th position to try in the last 5 or 6 years). They are going to look at Mountcastle as a player, determine what is best for his development and what position he has the best chance to perform well and have a good major league career at, and that is where he will play. The fact that the 2020 major league team has a need somewhere will have absolutely zero impact on that decision. The only way he would play 2nd is if they decided that was the best place for him to have a quality major league career.
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    Even the guys on the MASN blogs don't say this cliche anymore.
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    Schoop became a part-time player because Luis Arraez came up and hit .334. He's the reason the Twins wouldn't be interested in Villar.
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    Five days after the World Series is over the 6 year minor league free agents become available. Starting pitching probably will be Elias focus. Elias has said he will be active in signing some of these players. He has a couple of spots on the major league roster to use and he can offer minor league spots with an invitation to ST. I look for at least a couple a Wojo/Brooks types to be signed. Guys in their late 20s or early 30s who can add length to the pitching staff. Early November for the 6 year free agents and early December for the Rule 5 draft may be as busy as any time this off season for player acquisition. The rest of the winter will probably be watching the waiver wire and see if who is available is better than who the O's have on the 40 man roster. Other dateS of interest: November 20th Roster set for the Rule 5 draft December 2nd Non tender deadline December 12th Rule 5 draft Here is an article with more dates: https://www.brewcrewball.com/2019/10/9/20906317/mlb-offseason-important-dates-milwaukee-brewers
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    Your friends must've hated you! I was one of the older kids on my block so dominated as well. We used to play in our one friend's yard that had a fence that ran diagonally in the outfielder from left to deep right. That meant the younger kid on the other team that hit left-handed had a home run advantage and evened it out a bit. Of course I would switch hit so I could hit it out left-handed as well. They would usually throw the lefty though and forced my Ken Singleton to bat right handed so I would try and go the other way for homers! I hit a number of home runs as Joe Nolan though because when I would announce the lineups, I would make sure it was full of lefties to take advantage of the short porch. Nolan, Dwyer, Lowenstein, Crowley and of course Eddie and Singleton were my guys at that field.
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    I like Stauffer and have been a big proponent, but he’s only that high if he’s a starter and we don’t know that yet. He was 91-94 t95 in short outings but he needs to hold that over 100 pitches if he’s going to profile in a rotation and he hasn’t shown that yet, there was a lot of 88-90 in longer outings. He’s more around 30 for me at this point with potential to rise further.
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    I've been hoping for Lord Mountcastle since they drafted him.
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    And if you're going to judge a trade shouldn't the baseline be "what was the consensus of the deal at the time, given what we knew then?" For these deals it was that the O's were trading a few months of a couple guys, they'll be lucky to get any kind of real value in return. If someone like Diaz has 2-3 good MLB seasons that's more than I would have expected for three months of anybody.
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    I would be shocked if Zimmermann is not in the Norfolk rotation next year. They'll give him every chance to remain as a starter.
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    Nope, I actually agree with you about trading for Trout. I just don't like you.
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    Is there any practical difference between a guy with options, and a guy who will probably pass through waivers and you don't really care if he doesn't?
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    Factors affecting attendance, at a particular game, in order of precedence, IMO) 1) Overall season tickets sold (this provides the base attendance for all games in a season) 2) Premium opponent or not (NYY, Bos, Wash etc) 3) Team having a 1989 style historic level turnaround to generate unprecedented in-season ticket purchases 4) Weekend vs weeknight 5) Giveaway -- is there one, how "good" is it 6) Summer months vs April/May/Sept 7) How good a season is the team playing and how hot/cold are they recently (but not a historic 1989 style turnaround) -- a good but not historic turnaround season will add a couple thousand per game but you are still pretty much defined by how many season tickets you sold. A good season will help NEXT year's season ticket total a lot though. 8 ) Opponent quality/draw (excluding premium opponents) 9) Tonight's starting pitcher It's way down on the line. I doubt it adds more than a few hundred to have Means going rather than Wojo. I'll bet over half the fans show up at the park not knowing before they set foot in the stadium who is starting tonight.
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    Now have Davis pitch the bottom of the inning, just for laughs.
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    Why not? This isn’t going to be a good team, so I’d prefer to chase upside as the risk of downside doesn’t really hurt. I think an Opening Day (ish) rotation of Means-Bundy-Cobb-Gausman-Akin is at least somewhat interesting
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    Diaz has been hurt a good portion of this year. Even in what was supposed to be his last game at Aberdeen, he was HBP and he looked a bit uncomfortable/hurt by it. The guy has been very injury prone and I would say that it caused him to not go 100% at Aberdeen. During one play, Diaz could have slid and possibly broken up a double-play and perhaps even been safe at second if the defender shied away from contact on a low throw. Instead, Diaz pulled up and veered away from 2B avoiding all potential for contact. The injuries have allowed our front office to slow roll promotions for Diaz and it looks likely that he will start next year in the minors perhaps with Mr. Mountcastle at AAA. Our front office's decisions to slow roll these promotions are an early indicator to me that we are tanking next year as well - it will be another throwaway year IMO. And perhaps in a throwaway year we carry Davis on the roster for a bit longer. Sure, by early June we should have glimpses of Mr. Mountcastle, perhaps Diaz and a bunch of this season's AA pitchers. I find this disappointing in that our guys may not get enough seasoning to be counted on for 2021. Anyway, Hays' development at the major league level is certainly a reason to look forward to next season. He is looking pretty good in CF so far where his offense will definitely play.
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    I wonder how many sources Connolly lost with this shakeup.
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    Didn’t think we’d win this game anyway, but I’m not feeling too bad about it because we saw we can hang if our coaching doesn’t suck so bad and a call or two goes differently.
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    BJ is definitely Old School. But his toughness and dedication were exemplary. I ran into him years ago in a Timonium workout center. He wasn't interested at all in chatting with people or even smiling perfunctorily, but he did a lot as a player for the Orioles and a lot philanthropically for Baltimore. I haven't read the article and probably won't, but I'm glad he had a chance to express himself--and move on. He made some pretty good salaries for the time in his prime and I hope he's managed the wealth well. I feel for him and wish him great blessings in the future.
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    I'm looking forward to a more robust discussion of who the Orioles should select with their first pick this upcoming draft. Rutschman was the pretty strong favorite for most of the run up this year, but there are at least 5-6 solid candidates for pick 1-2 currently and I think it could grow if some of the players progress like I think they will.
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    Perfect Game out with its top college players for the 2020 draft - their top 3 is Austin Martin, Torkelson and Hancock. Only the top10 are viewable, rest behind the paywall: https://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=17591
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    booooo. Loved the pies.
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    Stop trying to be a victim and take the time to research things right. As i said, this is the big league of Orioles talk. Step it up or stop trying to at like your are so right when you don't know how to research and analyze the information at hand. We get more complaints over you then any other poster and more and more people have you on block. Maybe you need to look inward instead of playing victim when I call you out.
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    I think it’s very impressive to watch a guy that’s had to completely learn to pitch and not just throw. Hats off to Bundy. He got lots of GB using his two seamer. I wonder if analytics says that he should ditch the cutter and the two seamer for just a 4 seamer? Would Bundy be open to that?
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    1. Release Davis. I really don't want him to have any influence on the young hitters 2. Start next year with 3 outfielders that can catch & throw (Santander, Hays(?), ?????) 3. Find/sign a plus defensive SS who can hit say .220
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    Isn't that the definition of having emotional ties to a player?
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    Because Mountcastle has more value if he can play left at a decent level.
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