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    How about a "letter", signed by all participants here, directed to the appropriate executive in the O's organization (with copies to Mike Elias and any other relevant high-level decision-maker) detailing the rationale for the Orioles organization recognition and support of the Orioles Hangout? I'm confident that there is sufficient talent among the readers and posters of OH to formulate a successful appeal.
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    The fact that Luke is the only person I've ever allowed to really affect the rankings and allowed him to have his take on every profile speaks to how highly I think of him. I enjoy the back and forth with him and he's been a great add to the site and hopefully for many years to come!
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    Nobody wonders why attendance is down right now. It was a point of useful discussion in 2016-17. Since then, the equation is simple: losing —> lower attendance. And guess what? It will continue going down until the team starts winning much more often than it is right now. Elias knows that. The Angelos family knows that. We all know that. And if you don’t want to pay to watch the team as they go through the demolition stage of their rebuild, then don’t. Nobody’s going to take your Oriole fan card away if you don’t want to pay to watch this. For me, I’ve decided to trust the process for at least a couple of years. I like going to baseball games too much to stop going. Will I go to fewer games than I would if they were winning? Sure. But it’s not because I feel betrayed. It’s not because I think the team is being greedy, or disloyal. For me, they’re doing what they think they need to do to turn the team around in the most efficient way possible. It’s not pretty. I hope it works.
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    I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone here a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the opportunity I have been afforded by @Tony-OH and @weams to contribute to the Hangout with my writing. I also am thankful for all of you who have checked on and read the work all season long. As all of the responses to Tony's thoughts on his future and the future of OH show, this is a strong and passionate community of Orioles fans who support the team and value the exchange of opinions and thoughts this site provides and that is something we all should be thankful for. I thank all of you for your support and wish you all a wonderful day spent with family and friends. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
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    Didn’t see this posted yet, O’s with the 31st pick in the 1st round https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/2020-competitive-balance-draft-pick-order.html
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    What does Davis have to do with Villar? Trading Villar means saving about $10M. Releasing Davis doesn't do anything besides keeping people from talking about him. You'll still owe him over $60M. It's all style over substance.
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    https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/2019-20-mlb-international-reviews-baltimore-orioles/ Really good piece highlighting 11 of this year’s J2 signings. Includes first mention of some bonus amounts (although Venezuelan bonus amounts are not advertised because of the turmoil in that country). Besides Luis Ortiz, who looks like a stud, the most interesting guy for me is Raul Rangel. Venezuelan RHP up to 93 despite being super skinny, arm action needs to get cleaned up a little bit, but it’s a sit upper 90s guy if development goes right.
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    If we can't work out a trade for Villar it means every single team didn't think he is worth his projected arbitration salary either, so let's not act like it is just the O's being cheap.
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    I was very wrong, and depressed that I was. I would have been happy to trade him for something of real value, but if nobody was willing to do that, I’d rather have kept him. He was an entertaining player IMO and we are less watchable without him.
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    I understand the complicated decisions you’re facing, Tony. And just to throw another two cents into the pot, this is the main site that I turn to for the only team I care about in the only sport I follow. So this message board is something I deeply appreciate. And obviously a lot of others do too. As others have said, if the money makes a difference, I’m willing to pay more. But I know it’s not just about the money. Either way, it’s important that you know how much gratitude many of us have for the OH, an oasis on the Internet where I don’t have to read through ignorant or outright hateful comments, where politics are put aside, and it’s just about our beloved Birds and not much else...as it should be. I have always disliked posthumous tributes... if you like someone, celebrate them while they’re here. So thank you, and I hope you find the energy and motivation to keep this site going for many more years.
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    Also, Gausman wasn't released by the Orioles, he was traded. And Gausman and Bundy had the 6th and 8th highest rWARs of all #4 overall picks of the last 30 years, so they weren't even failures. You can be disappointed that they didn't do more, but they were not close to failures. They were both legit Major League starters for several years.
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    Tony, Thanks for this thoughtful update. What you’ve done here is amazing and you should be extremely proud. I’ve spent 16 years around here, even wrote game stories for a short time, and it has never been lost on me how much work has to be involved in something this extensive. I don’t post nearly as much as I once did, but I still read the board a lot and I’ve read every one of the new scouting reports the same day they came out just like I have for many years. It is just great stuff and the time spent, knowledge, heart, and passion come through in every report. You and I are basically the same age so I can completely relate to how you’re feeling from an energy perspective. I’m not sure how you feel, but I find myself wanting to focus my efforts more these days because I know my energy isn’t nearly as boundless as it used to be and there is less time to waste. Regardless of your decision, thanks so much for being so open and for all you’ve done over the years. Orioles Hangout has been a significant part of my life and that won’t ever change. If I can do anything to assist you, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you again.
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    If he never gets another hit.... If he never gets another Home Run.... Chris Davis just did something that will be remembered, and impactful for decades... and will be far more memorable and impactful for human lives than any feat he could or couldn't accomplish on the playing field.Chris Davis is giving back in not just a single gesture...but a gesture that will echo and affect the lives of ultimately thousands of lives. This gesture will actually help save lives. All Oriole fans have grown frustrated and perhaps angry about Chris' production on the field.His contribution OFF the field is truly awe inspiring, and TRULY impactful. I always liked Chris. He's an easy guy to like.Like most of us, I tired of his failings...who knows if he'll even return next year? But the point is this, what he and his wife did is one of the greatest moments in Oriole history.You heard me right...Oriole history. Because wins, and statistics, and even championships pale in comparison to this philanthropic contribution. In the end it doesn't matter WHAT you did in life in terms of getting, and spending. To me the measure of real success, a REAL champion...is what you did for your fellow human beings. Its called MAN-KIND folks...Chris Davis is a MAN because he is kind....Stand up and cheer Chris Davis....
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    You come at the king, you best not miss.
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    I picked the wrong day to not keep checking in on Orioleshangout.com and to quit sniffing glue.
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    1. Gennett 2B L 2. Hays CF R 3. Mancini 1B R 4. Santander S RF 5. Nunez R DH 6. Ruiz L 3B 7. Davis L LF 8. Sisco L C 9. Russell R SS
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    I posted some time ago that the most obvious way to lower the 2019 payroll is to move Villar. I support this decision by Elias with the following thoughts: - arbitration is about figuring out a player's value under that system and then comparing that number to the one provided by the team and the one provided by the player. Villar was probably going to be paid between $8M-$10M under that process. Not a big incremental jump. The incremental Ws provided by Villar to this team would improve our w-l record and hinder our ability to have a poor record and top 2020 draft position. - Someone posted that Villar's 4 WAR season was impacted by a very large number of at-bats. I doubt teams valued Villar at 4 WAR. Probably they valued him somewhere around 1-1.5 incremental WAR over their best internal option. - I trust that Elias has been trying to trade Villar since last year's trade deadline or before with no takers so far. Holding onto Villar with the intention of dealing him during the season is too big a risk IMO. - I don't know if there are other internal investments to make or if the savings from losing/dealing Villar will be reinvested in the team, but it would not surprise me if the value of a Rule V pick plus the saved $ has more value to the post 2020 Os than Villar's production. - there will be plenty to enjoy next year at the major league level including the 2019 performers plus Hays and the expected early promotion of Mountcastle, possibly Diaz and hopefully a couple of pitchers. This is what a cold-blooded (soul-less) front office decision looks like.
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    I'm not sure why this move is such a surprise to you. This is the modal that Elias used in Houston. You burn it to the ground then rebuild with a strong foundation. The idea is build the team for sustained success. Whether or not we have Villar on the team next season isn't going to matter and it's not going to move the win/loss needed. He a complementary player, not a difference maker. Right now I'm operating under the assumption that the money saved by releasing Villar will be reinvested into other facets of the organization. The Orioles, even under Angelos, Sr., never had a problem spending; they had a problem spending the "right" way. Now if all this turns out to be a mandate to strip payroll before they move the team to Nashville then I'll be the first to say I was wrong.
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    If Villar is ultimately traded, I’ll change my mind. Until then, I hate it. And if they lose him for nothing, I’ll hate it more.
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    2014 for me. Delmon's double was the most memorable great play of my Orioles lifetime fandom. Loved 2012, of course. Honorable mention to...2019. Yeah, I said it. First time I've seen this team with a smart, coherent, plan since Pat Gillick was GM. If he's good, ten years from now we'll all be saying how important the Elias hire was (which happened in 2018, but you get the point).
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    For what it's worth, I gave it a good laugh.
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    I'd leave Jeter off my ballot and vote B-Rob.
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    That's a good question. Defensively I'd go with McKenna because Mullins' arm is so poor that runners clearly takes extra bases on him that they wouldn't if even an average arm was out there. They both can go get the ball side to side well, Mullins goes back a little better for me but not significantly. Offensively, I like to try and look at how they performed at the same levels at the same age if I can. Both were at AA at Bowie at 22 years of age: Name slash WOBA wRC+ BB% K% ISO Mullins .265/.319/.460/.778 .342 109 7.7% 16.6% .194 McKenna .232/.321/.365/.686 .315 104 10.4% 21.3% .133 Both had decent platoon differences, but Mullins gets the edge there because he hits right-handers better. and there are more right-handers (Mckenna slashed .215/.313/.345/.658 against righties this year.) At 23-years old, Mullins had a decent year at AAA and ended up in the big leagues where he hit well for a few weeks before major league pitchers found his holes and he's struggled since. They have similar tools outside of the arm where McKenna gets a big nod, but Mullins brings a little better hit tool and a little more game power. In my mind they are both close as players so it's hard to say. The arm is so weak for Mullins that it makes him a problem in CF, so his versatility in the outfield is a question where as I could put McKenna anywhere out there and feel ok. I think they both could end up 4th/5th outfielders but neither will be starters on a good team. Basically it's what's your preference. Does the team need a platoon guy? Which side of the platoon? Are you looking for an outfielder that can fill in on all three? Depending on your answers would be the guy Id' want.
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    I get the impression that Rob Manfred doesn't even like baseball. He should go become the commissioner of an e-sports league.
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    Yep, that's who to blame. I blame the guy who left his car unlocked for my uncle getting charged with grand theft auto. My uncle never got charged with Grand Theft Auto, sorry I don't know a lot of criminals, I'd apologize to him but I was thinking about the one that was dead.
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    Maybe you should dedicate yourself to starting a website with lists and opinions that nobody would care about.
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    For me it wasn't about the expectations, those went out the window the second he had TJ. It was all about the amount of dingers he gave up. And when he was bad, he was BAD. Sure, he turned in some nice starts and had a great slider but a 4.67 career ERA....I'm not upset.
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    Don't know if there's more than Mattson, don't really care. If we're talking about enjoying watching Villar playing and how the team is less interesting without him...well, I never really liked watching Bundy pitch that much and won't miss him. Pretty sure the Orioles HR rate just got a little bit better.
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    The Shorebirds had 15 pitchers (over half) that were age 23-26 this year. Seems like a virtual lock that Easton will start out there.
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    I always feel that a left handed college pitcher has a puncher's chance to make a ML bullpen for a season or two.
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    Also an overlooked name, IMO is Cody Thomas. Big power, big arm, above average runner. Respectable in CF. He’s got the Cody Bellinger swing without the Cody Bellinger bat control. Multi sport athlete until he was drafted, not as much baseball experience as his age implies. He’s basically hit the same the last three years while moving up a level (line drive rates and therefore BABIP is variable, but line drive rate is a noisy stat and probably doesn’t reflect true talent in a one year sample.
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    The Padres have arguably the best farm system in baseball, but the White Sox do have a very good system as well. Edit: It's probably debatable now that I remember how many prospects the Padres graduated this year. But yeah, both have good systems. The White Sox are top heavy while the Padres have a ton of depth.
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    Framing. Some teams (read: Orioles) just don't get the calls on the edges. Easier to blame the catchers than the umps, I guess. Sometimes innocent men get "framed."
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    We Are Family. The absolute worst. Unlistenable.
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    I still don't get the outrage.
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    I'm generally opposed to these sorts of things but I like this one for now. I've hated these one-batter pitchers since I was a kid. But still, in the interest of speeding up the games, ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO DO IS MAKE GUYS STAY IN THE BOX. I don't understand why this is so hard. Quit re-adjusting your batting gloves and taking a stroll after every pitch. The game would flow so much better.
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    I don't notice, no. And I wouldn't really care if I had noticed. I don't believe certain writers are biased against the Orioles, people here just happen to gripe when they see something written unfavorably about the franchise and think it's only the Orioles that are getting picked on. They don't care to take notice if anything unflattering is written/said about other franchises because they're not on the lookout for slights on franchises like the Angels. We spend a good chunk of our days on here analyzing things to death...and over the past few years, we've all done our steady share of bashing this franchise in one way or another. So why would anyone care if someone outside of the family takes a shot? It's not like it hasn't been unwarranted.
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    Holt on Rodriguez: “Leo made some really nice improvements, both with his delivery and strike-throwing. It was really no surprise, to be honest with you, to see him perform the way he did. He largely was a fastball-slider mix and at the New York-Penn League level that was certainly effective. “He was a guy that, on certain days, really tallied up some strikeouts. But he also got some early weak contact and got some ground balls. Performance-wise, there were so many good things about his year compared to where we saw him come in, even in spring training. He did a lot of good quality work down in extended spring with Rob Aviles and then was able to carry that into the Penn League.” Rodriguez gives the Orioles a pitcher to dream on a bit due his size at 6-foot-7 and 215 pounds. Maybe he grows more into his frame, adds strength and velocity and becomes a top prospect over the next season or two. “It’s tough to say this early,” Holt said. “You never really know who’s going to be a starter and a reliever in the big leagues until they can prove their durability over the long haul, so right now, with Leo, could he start in the big leagues? Perhaps. Could he be a reliever, a multi-inning reliever in the big leagues? Perhaps. It’s tough to say. But certainly, you like the frame, you like the ability to move well overall with a guy like him. So, there’s a lot to like.” https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2019/11/chris-holts-take-on-a-few-minor-league-pitchers.html
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    I thought the social experience was getting up from your seat during the inning and getting on your cell phone and waving here I am to someone on the other side of the stadium. Also getting up and talking about what concessions you want and getting money and blocking peoples view. Very social experience.
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    That would be fun. Loved those videos you shot with Terry Ford last year. Getting you and Luke together to debate the pros and cons of some of the prospects would be awesome.
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    Hays will be 25 in July. Diaz JUST turned 23. Baumann is 24. Kremer is 23.
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    Here's how you save money on Davis: you sell him to the Pecos League. That's the lowest level of all the Indy Leagues. And they average 7.5 runs a game. Davis could probably OPS 1.000 in a league where he's facing the equivalent of 66th-round draft picks in a stadium that sits at 6000 ft altitude. The Santa Fe Fuego would love to have him. Last season they had a guy named Sherman Graves who they converted to the field after being a mediocre pitcher at Savannah State, and he hit .432 and OPS'd 1.287. I'm guessing the going salary in the Pecos League is about $800 a month. Davis has three years left, six months of the season... 800 times six times three... carry the one... If the O's eat all but $14,400 of Davis' deal I bet someone would bite. That's $14,400 that could go to hire a roving area scout, or to help build the locker room in the new Dominican complex.
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    I'm still not thrilled about Mountcastle. That said, I understand why some are and the increased walk rate he's shown towards the end of last year gives me some hope. Also, if he's one guy in a lineup that doesn't have a patient approach/on base skills, that's not such a huge deal. It's a lineup full of those guys that's annoying. At this point, I'd just like to say I'm really pleased with the type of talent we've got at the top of the list. Too many times over the years I feel like we've been trying to talk ourselves into guys that we probably - if we're being truthful with ourselves - know won't pan out or don't have a high ceiling and wouldn't be in the Top 5 ranking of a Top 10 ranked team. With AR, Gray-Rod, Hall, and even Mountcastle I feel like we've got 4 guys that any franchise would appreciate, even the top ranked systems.
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    If anyone would like a FRAMED, MATTED,SIGNED , Orange Chris Davis authentic jersey and wants to honor what Chris did....I will sell this jersey and donate a large % the proceeds to the Children's Hospital....I would need to start the bidding at $400....and above to cover shipping costs...The framed jersey is worth at least $450...its a beautiful jersey...for a beautiful gesture....contact me at Personal Message or addroy@aol.com if you want to see photos....but trust me...this is a beautiful jersey...
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