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    Quote: Max Power: Well it's clear that these teams also see great value in how players do on this stage which is why they get the money. But one tourney or a couple games is indeed too small a sample size but continued greatness at the international level from someone like Nedved or Zidane does more for their reps than a similar performance at Juventus or Real Madrid. You do realise you have been saying that a player's ability is reflected by their performance in the World Cup right? How can you suddenly chance tact and claim that a small sample size isn't a true gauge on talent? I've been saying all along that a player's career defines them as a player, not a penalty miss or a stupid dive. You've just admitted continued greatness does more for their rep, so how can you still be arguing? You've basically used my argument, but twisted it around to suit you. Rivaldo's career did not tailspin away. It took its natural course. He was in his 30's. It is irrational to assume that he would have continued if that had not happened. Maybe he and Baggio will be remembered for the wrong reasons, but only by a football fan who only watches the World Cup
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    Thanks dude! I don't believe at all that US people don't care about soccer. I know that there are alot of guys like you and Max out there who are very knowledgeable about the game. I just think that some of your beliefs about how good the US players are might be slightly misguided is all. I definitely don't lightly regard Keller. He has been a really good goalkeeper who has had a great career. You don't play in the Premiership unless you are a top player. But top 10 in the world is an insane achievement. I don't really have a top 10 as such, although there are alot of good keepers out there. Van Der Sar for Man U and Holland , Petr Cech of Chelsea and Czech, Paul Robinson of Spurs and England, Buffon of Juventus and Italy, Dida of AC Milan and Brazil, Cassilas of Real Madrid and Spain....these are some of the top guys off the top of my head. Keller is a good player but he is not in the same class as any of these guys. Brad Friedel is actually an excellent goalkeeper. He has played really, really well for Blackburn this last season and was probably one of the better keepers in the Prem. It's a pity he's retired for the US because I would rank him as better than Keller at this point.
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    And Luis Matos is having somewhat of a tough season.
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    At the risk of getting yelled at:rolleyes: , count me in the group believing that Bedard should be traded for an impact bat, either on his own or as part of a package. It's time to sell while his value is still relatively high. If he can't bring an impact bat in a trade, then I'd be open to all possibilites, including a switch to the 'pen, although I'd like to point out that it's been said Bedard has some attitude issues, so I wonder how he'd take a "demotion" to the 'pen. He may just go in the tank, which would be counterproductive to say the least. Now, to address all this petty bickering...without naming names...in all the time I've been reading this board and others, OH seemed to always have intelligent and civil discussion, and didn't have the flaming and boorishness, or at least it was kept to a minimum as compared to other boards like MLB, ESPN, and The Sun. Please, don't let that change. That's all I have to say on that.
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    No one was bullied, stop crying. It's people like you who can't seem to stay on subject and start making it out to be personal instead of staying on subject. Trust me, you want to end the crying and end the sarcastic posts. This was a great thread with two poor posts that derailed it from the good give and take it was supposed to be about. Instead, we've got these derailed portions with people openly crying for support because big, bad Tony bullied them. Don't bother to reply to this thread unless it's about Bedard. This crying crap is over.
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