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    Back when he was on Sportscenter, early on, I could put up with Kenny Mayne. After awhile I got sick of him and now that he's on Progressive Commericals, every commerical break on ESPNews I get blessed with his wry sarcastic wit about car insurance. Other commericals I hate... Taylor Hicks for Ford Jared for Subway...those Jon Lovitz ones aren't great either. Head-on Headache relief Dr.Z for Dodge Those are the ones that come to mind...I'm glad I forgot the others.
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    I wish Penn were up here with 10 starts already under his belt and 10 more to come, just so we could have something to work with this offseason. That appendix of his owes our organization an apology. My not so bold prediction - this offseason is going to stink from the pitching point of view, because so many of our pitchers will have too little experience to use for predictions. We'll have endless debate going nowhere, and the O's muddled actions will leave the door open about their intentions.
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    I predict if they again try to acquire Oswalt in trade, it will be a very short conversation with the Astros.
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    Of course is matters, his point was a good one. They didn't plan on basing an entire season on some rookie. It's desperation fill-in duty. And "a big reason why" it a bit overdoing it. Saunders has started all of 3 games. Look nobody's saying it's impossible to win games with rookies, but it's nuts to plan a season around them if you want to win. If you just want to breeze through 2007 without caring about the results, then by all means go ahead with the unproven kids. That may be your plan, but that doesn't make it the organization's plan. If they come out and tell me that 2007 will be the stepping stone towards really competing in 2008, then I'm on board with you.
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    You are confusing the issue. The Angels are contending. But they are starting two rookie pitchers because they have to. Jered's older brother bombed with the club, Colon is hurt, and Carrasco was needed in the bullpen. Saunders and Weaver were fall back options, NOT planned from spring training. The Tigers are shockingly contending (I'd say maybe 10% of people even thought they'd be in wild card contention). Detroit has a habit of throwing rookie pitchers to the wolves (see Jeremy Bonderman, Nate Robertson). That being said, their initial rotation included veteran Mike Maroth who was injured. NO contending team begins a season with 2 rookie starting pitchers (that I can remember). If the team is contending, it is totally unexpected. That being said, OF COURSE the Orioles have to start Bedard, Cabrera, Penn,and Loewen. Any other option is foolish and wastes time. However expecting the team to contend for post-season next year is overly optimistic at best. Penn and Loewen will be great. But expect a few 2-4 inning outings here and there as they learn the way. Heck, given a solid remainder of the year and a good spring training, I don't see why Garrett Olson shouldn't make the team too next year.
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    So in other words, you say... Why Not?!
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